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Best Sensitive Teeth Remedy: Treatments, Home Remedies and Pain Relief

Contributors:  Amanda Dexter

If you experience a toothache when consuming hot or cold food and beverages then you may need a sensitive teeth remedy. Even brushing your teeth can cause pain if you have sensitive teeth

Tooth sensitivity is common in many people both young and old, and it can be caused by a number of things. Usually, sensitive teeth are the result of worn or damaged enamel or an exposed tooth root. 

Whatever the reason, tooth sensitivity can be distressing, so finding a remedy is important. This article will discuss how to stop tooth sensitivity pain, and answer the following questions:

  • What are sensitive teeth and what causes them? 
  • How do you deal with sensitive teeth pain?
  • Can you prevent tooth sensitivity?
  • Are there any home remedies? 
  • What are the best sensitive teeth treatments and products available?

The following table is a summary of some of the best remedies for teeth sensitivity that we will discuss in this article:

Best Sensitive Teeth Remedies

Hismile NHpro Enamel Care

  • Main Ingredient: nano-hydroxyapatite (nHAp)

  • High strength remineralising serum 

  • Use once daily after your oral hygiene routine

BioMin F Toothpaste 

  • Main Ingredient: Fluoride 

  • Non fluoride version available - BioMin C

  • Use like a regular toothpaste

  • Protects enamel for up to 12 hours 


REGENERATE™ Advanced Toothpaste

  • Main Ingredient: Fluoride 

  • NR-5 ingredients

  • Remineralises teeth 

  • Use as a regular toothpaste 

SPLAT Biomed Natural Toothpaste for Enamel Strengthening

  •  Main Ingredient: hydroxyapatite and fluoride

  • Red grape exract protects against tooth decay 

  • 99% natural ingredients

  • Protects against tooth sensitivity and strengthens enamel

REGENERATE™ Advanced Foaming Mouthwash 

  • Main Ingredient: Fluoride 

  • Foaming

  • Antibacterial action 

  • Remineralising 

  • Reduces teeth sensitivity 

Let’s get started so you can get rid of that tooth sensitivity and eat and drink without fear of pain. 

What are sensitive teeth and what causes them?

Teeth sensitivity or dentin hypersensitivity is when you feel pain eating or drinking hot and cold foods, when you floss or brush your teeth, or even when you breathe in cold air. 

sensitive teeth remedy
If you have painful teeth when you consume hot or cold food and drink you may need a sensitive teeth remedy

With teeth sensitivity, the pain can come and go at different times or it might be there almost constantly. You may get sensitivity in just one tooth or multiple and it can be anywhere from mild discomfort to intense pain. 

You can have tooth sensitivity for a number of reasons, including : 

This study shows the correlation between gum recession and teeth sensitivity as well as teeth whitening treatments. Some at-home teeth whitening treatments can cause sensitivity because of damage to gums and tooth enamel. 

The following video from a dental hygienist provides a good explanation of teeth sensitivity and the possible causes. 

Treatment for sensitive teeth

Some of the reasons for sensitive teeth are temporary or require a simple fix from your dentist, and others may be chronic or come and go for no apparent reason. 

If you have no underlying issues that need to be addressed by a dentist then you can try teeth sensitivity remedies at home. But, you should always consult with your dentist first to make sure you don’t need any in-office treatment. 

Finding out what is causing your sensitive teeth can also help you decide which product may be best to help stop the pain. Your dentist may be able to pinpoint what is causing your teeth sensitivity so that you can start with preventing it. 

The best sensitive teeth remedies

There are a few ways that you can treat teeth sensitivity, depending on the cause and severity. These can generally be categorised into home remedies, dental products and professional tooth sensitivity treatments.

You don’t have to live with teeth sensitivity, so let’s jump in with natural remedies for sensitive teeth first. 

Dental products for teeth sensitivity

If you would rather buy something to treat your teeth sensitivity, rather than make your own at home you can try some of the following. There are a few different products available on the market, including sensitive toothpaste, mouth rinses and serums. 

The biggest factor to look at when deciding what sensitive teeth remedy to buy is the ingredients. Some of the proven ingredients that you may find in these dental products include: 

  • Fluoride 
  • Hydroxyapatite
  • Theobromine
  • Xylitol
  • Potassium nitrate
  • Potassium citrate

Many sensitive teeth remedies include fluoride as an ingredient, and this study shows that it is effective in reducing sensitivity when used alongside other ingredients like potassium, oxalates and metal ions. 

However, some people don’t like to use products with fluoride, and it can have quite conflicting options. Hydroxyapatite and Hismile's nano-hydroxyapatite are also effective ingredients in teeth sensitivity products that remineralise enamel without using fluoride. 

This study found that Hydroxyapatite has an equal effect to fluoride when it comes to efficacy. So, some of the best remedies have either fluoride or hydroxyapatite as an ingredient.

Here are some of our top picks for the best ways to reduce teeth sensitivity: 

how to fix sensitive teeth
Hismile's NHpro Enamel Care

Hismile NHpro Enamel Care

Hismile is well known for their non-peroxide whitening products that include the ingredient nano-hydroxyapatite (nHAp). Their NHpro Enamel Care serum contains a concentrated dose of the ingredient nHAp, and is also fluoride-free. 

nHAp has been developed in the Hismile research centre and clinically proven to improve your teeth enamel and reduce sensitivity.  It works by remineralising your enamel by depositing synthetic nanoparticle hydroxyapatite to fill dentinal tubules and repair compromised sections of your tooth enamel. 

To use NHpro Enamel Care just pop it on your toothpaste and brush your teeth with it as the last step of your nightly oral hygiene routine. You only need to use it once a day to feel the results. 

BioMin F Toothpaste

how to treat sensitive teeth
BioMin F Toothpaste

This toothpaste helps to remineralise teeth and reduce sensitivity with a fluoride formula. However, for those that want a fluoride-free solution for their sensitive teeth, they have BioMin C, a fluoride-free sensitivity toothpaste. 

BioMin F Toothpaste can help to protect your teeth from sensitivity and acid attacks for up to 12 hours. It does this by slowly releasing calcium, phosphate and the right level of fluoride throughout the day to help remineralise your enamel and protect it! 

If you want to read more about BioMin Toothpaste for sensitive teeth you can read our full review here.

REGENERATE™ Advanced Toothpaste

how to help sensitive teeth
REGENERATE Advanced Toothpaste

This remineralising toothpaste is one of the most advanced on the market. REGENERATE’s NR-5 formula has been clinically proven to reverse early enamel erosion and remineralise teeth. 

This fluoride-based toothpaste helps to stop teeth sensitivity in its tracks by strengthening your teeth enamel.

If you are looking to buy this remineralising toothpaste, you can quite easily find it on the high street or on Amazon. It is more highly-priced than other sensitivity toothpaste like Sensodyne Repair and Protect, but then again, it has been known to have results after just one use.  

SPLAT Biomed Natural Toothpaste for Enamel Strengthening

how to reduce teeth sensitivity
SPLAT Biomed Natural Toothpaste

If you are looking for a budget option for reducing teeth sensitivity, without resorting to the more well-known brands like Colgate or Sensodyne, then check out this toothpaste from SPLAT. 

Their Biomed Natural Toothpaste for Enamel Strengthening uses the main ingredient hydroxyapatite to remineralise teeth and reduce sensitivity. This is not quite the same as the nano-hydroxyapatite that Hismile uses in its products. But, it does have similar results, just not as good!

REGENERATE™ Advanced Foaming Mouthwash 

what to do for sensitive teeth pain
REGENERATE Advanced Foaming Mouthwash

REGENERATE also has their Advanced Foaming Mouthwash which not only helps to clean your mouth, it remineralises your teeth and reduces sensitivity. Like their other products, their mouthwash uses fluoride to strengthen your enamel. 

This mouthwash uses foaming technology to reach all of the areas between teeth and provides a sensory experience. You can use this mouthwash as regular daily mouthwash, or you can combine it with REGENERATE’s Advanced Toothpaste and their Advanced Serum.

Home remedies for sensitive teeth

baking soda for sensitive teeth
Oil pulling with coconut oil is a natural remedy for tooth sensitivity

If you want to use natural remedies for sensitive teeth rather than store-bought products, you can try some of the following at home. They may not be as effective as some of the specially formulated dental products that you can get, but they may work for you. Some natural remedies to try include the following: 

  • Saltwater rinse – reduces inflammation because of the natural antiseptic properties of salt
  • Coconut oil pullinganalgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, put a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil in your mouth and swish for 20 minutes 
  • Honey and warm water rinses – antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can help with teeth sensitivity
  • Vitamins – vitamin B and vitamin E reduce inflammation and promote healthy teeth and gums  
  • Yoghurt – eating yoghurt daily can help to remineralise teeth 
  • Clove oil gel – a proven pain relief solution for toothache

Professional treatments for sensitive teeth

Teeth sensitivity should not last long, and only appear when triggered by an external cause like hot or cold drinks. 

If your teeth sensitivity is intense, lasts for a long period of time or isn’t triggered by anything in particular you should consult your dentist. You could be suffering from a more serious problem that needs professional sensitive teeth treatment

Some examples of professional tooth sensitivity treatment include: 

  • Fluoride application
  • Prescription toothpaste 
  • Bonding 
  • Filling 
  • Surgical gum graft
  • Root canal surgery 

If you think your tooth sensitivity could be something more serious, don’t hesitate to contact your dentist. But, in the meantime until your appointment, you can use over-the-counter sensitive teeth pain relief

Check out our guide to a toothache for more information on treating toothaches at home.

how to cure sensitive teeth
Using a soft-bristled toothbrush can help prevent teeth sensitivity

How do you prevent teeth sensitivity?

The best thing for sensitive teeth is to prevent them altogether. You can’t stop accidents like a cracked tooth from happening, but you can do a few things to avoid sensitivity. Some of these preventative measures include: 

  • Maintaining good oral hygiene 
  • Use a toothbrush with softer bristles to avoid enamel wear and gum recession 
  • Limiting acidic foods and drinks
  • Use a mouthguard if you grind your teeth at night 
  • Take care when using whitening products

If you already have teeth sensitivity then these preventative measures can also help to minimise sensitivity, especially when used with a sensitive teeth home remedy. For help finding the best electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth, check out our article here.


how to stop sensitive teeth pain immediately
Don't live with teeth sensitivity, find a remedy that can help you get back to enjoying your favourite things

Teeth sensitivity can really take a toll on you, especially when it means you can eat or drink some of your favourite things. It may mean that even daily activities like brushing your teeth or breathing in cold air have become painful. If that’s the case, then you definitely need to find a teeth sensitivity remedy that works for you. 

There are a number of different remedies out there that you can try. Some are natural and you can easily make them at home, and some you can buy online or from a shop. 

Hismile’s NHpro Enamel Care is a really effective, clinically-proven product for remineralising your tooth enamel and reducing sensitivity. However, if you are just looking for effective toothpaste, you can try BioMin F Toothpaste, or for a fluoride-free option, BioMin C Toothpaste

For those of you on a budget, some of the better-known brands like Sensodyne or Colgate have products specifically for sensitive teeth. 

You don’t have to live with teeth sensitivity, you can do something about it today. But, if you think your tooth sensitivity is a little more severe, then book an appointment with the dentist to get to the root of the issue. 

Best Sensitive Teeth Remedy: Treatments, Home Remedies and Pain Relief
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