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Best Soft Night Guards for Teeth Grinding, Clenching, and TMJ

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Are you looking for a soft night guard to stop teeth from grinding? Hard night guards can provide good protection and are very durable, but soft night guards are more comfortable to wear.

Even though soft night guards are less durable, they can be a good solution for many people who are suffering from bruxism.

Stress, anxiety, sleep problems, snoring, excessive alcohol use, smoking, and certain antidepressant medications may all contribute to teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism).

When it happens every now and again, it's typically not a huge problem. If, on the other hand, grinding or clenching becomes a behaviour problem, it is necessary to take care to protect your teeth. Soft night guards may help in this situation.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What are soft night guards?
  • What are soft night guards made of?
  • What are the best soft night guards for clenching and teeth grinding?
  • Soft night guards vs. hard night guards

Read our in-depth guide to dental night guards to learn about the best products for preventing teeth grinding.

What are soft night guards?

soft night guard
What are the best soft night guards to stop teeth grinding?

A soft dental night guard is a plastic tray that slips over your upper teeth and keeps your teeth from grinding and clenching as you sleep. It forms a barrier between your lower and upper teeth.

When you clench your jaw, these night guards help reduce stress and cushion the muscles in your jaw. Soft night guards, unlike hard night guards, are formed of pliable rubber that is more flexible than the other types. This kind of night guard is often used by those who have moderate bruxism or who clench their teeth without grinding them.

Is a soft night guard a good choice?

Before making a choice if you want to go with soft night guards, carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages. Soft dental night guards have benefits and drawbacks and are not recommended to everyone.

Here's what you should know about soft night guards:



  • Comfortable to wear

  • Feels less hefty or noticeable

  • Cheaper than hard night guards

  • Short lifespan

Dental work and veneers

For people with dental work or veneers, a soft night guard is often advised, especially if it's more of a protective measure and you don't have a history of excessive clenching or grinding.

A soft night guard could benefit you if you often require dental treatment or are planning dental work in the future. Although it will still be made from an impression of your teeth, the flexible material will give you a bit more wiggle room if your mouth changes. Even filling a cavity, which is a reasonably routine and straightforward treatment, might result in minor changes in your mouth.

soft night guard vs hard
Are soft night guards good for stopping bruxism?

However, if you’re a heavy grinder, you’ll be at a disadvantage in wearing a soft night guard. You'll bite through them quickly! And there are also other risks of using a soft night guard as a heavy grinder. A firm night guard may cost more than a soft night guard, but it will be far less costly than replacing your veneers.

Missing teeth

When a person has missing teeth, a firm night guard enables a dental lab technician to fill in the gaps, allowing your teeth to be supported and aligned. Without such support, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth are more susceptible to moving or shifting. Soft night guards do not give this support because they are more flexible.


If you need to wear a nighttime retainer, you can still purchase a night guard. You may be tempted to keep wearing your retainer in the hopes that it will protect your teeth like a dental night guard, but a retainer is not meant to cushion and protect your teeth like a night guard.

However, if you're going to replace your retainer with a dental night guard, don’t go with a soft night guard, as they will not hold the teeth in place and are not made for this purpose.

Soft night guards vs. hard night guards

When it comes to comparing soft night guards vs hard night guards, you’ll find advantages and disadvantages on both sides. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks you should consider before making a purchase.

Soft night guard

Hard night guard

More comfortable to wear

More durable

Sufficient for moderate grinders

Longer lifespan

Shorter lifespan

Good for heavy grinders

Cannot be used as a retainer

More expensive

May lead to increased grinding, clenching or chewing

Some people find it uncomfortable

Soft night guard cost

If you've been diagnosed with bruxism or TMJ disorder, your dentist will almost certainly suggest a night guard as a treatment option. But how much does a soft night guard cost?

soft night guard for clenching
What are the top-recommended soft night guards to stop clenching and teeth grinding?

The price of a soft night guard for teeth varies greatly. Custom night guards from online retailers typically cost £50 to £100 and an over-the-counter night guard costs £10 to £20. If you get a night guard from a dentist it could cost you anywhere from £65.20 to £400 depending on if you go to an NHS dentist or a private dentist.

Where you get the soft night guard and the severity of your bruxism decide the price.

Recommended soft night guards

It can be difficult to choose whether soft night guards or hard night guards are the best for you. There are some benefits and drawbacks to both types. While hard night guards provide more durability, soft night guards are more comfortable to wear.

Don't overlook the disadvantages of using a soft night guard for clenching. Because humans have a natural desire to chew on objects, some patients' bruxism might worsen.

Therefore, we recommend the SleepPro nightguards as they provide the best of both types. They start at just 1.5 mm thickness, are super durable, and are developed for optimal comfort. These bruxism night guards are custom-made in the UK by dental lab technicians and are recommended by many NHS and private practices.

You may customise your SleepPro night guard package depending on the severity of your bruxism. There are several different types of night guard to choose from:

The following items are included in each night guard package:

  • Custom-fitted night guards: Smile Brilliant's bruxism night guards are ultra-thin, ultra-durable, soft and pleasant to wear while sleeping.
  • Professional lab services: Your night guards are handcrafted in a professional dental lab in the United Kingdom.
  • One tray for impressions: You'll make moulds of your upper or lower teeth using special impression material.
  • Pre-paid postage: You will not be charged anything for shipping to and from the lab!
  • Lifetime reorders: SleepPro maintains your teeth impressions on file so that reordering is simple and quick.


Both hard and soft night guards have benefits and downsides, so it's difficult to choose between them. If you’re a heavy grinder or you usually wear a retainer, you should always choose a night guard with maximum durability. If you’re just a moderate grinder, a soft night guard might be sufficient.

If you're looking for maximum comfort, but you also need maximum durability because you’re a heavy grinder, we recommend the SleepPro night guards, as they provide the best of both worlds.

Best Soft Night Guards for Teeth Grinding, Clenching, and TMJ
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