Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding: The Best Products for Bruxism in the UK

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Bruxism is a common condition in the UK that can often be treated with a mouth guard for teeth grinding.

A mouth guard, also known as a dental night guard, is a removable device made from soft, flexible plastic. It fits over your teeth to protect your top and bottom teeth from grinding and clenching, especially while you sleep.

This is important because bruxism can wear your teeth down, making them smaller and causing permanent sensitivity. Your enamel becomes irreversibly damaged, making your teeth more susceptible to cavities. Other symptoms include pain, headaches, earaches, jaw stiffness, and sleep disruption.

In this article, we'll go over some of the best dental mouth guards available in the UK so you can stop grinding your teeth at night and, as a result, enjoy a better night's sleep.

The following table summarises the products that are discussed in this article:

Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding 

Sova Aero Dental Mouth Guard

  • Ultra light and durable 

  • Made from non-compressible, non-toxic material with crumple ones to withstand forces from chewing and grinding teeth 

  • 1.6 mm thick with a perforated surface to promote airflow

  •  Boil and bite moulding and fitting system

  • Remouldable up to 20 times

DenTek Professional-Fit Night Guard

  • Cushioned upper layer for comfort with a grind shield on the bottom layer

  • Comes with a forming tray to aid in custom-fitting it to your teeth

  •  Boil and bite moulding and fitting system

Time2Sleep Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth

  • Designed in the UK

  • Comes with a mouth guard case, wooden tweezers and a total of 4 mouthguards

  • Made from 100% EVA material

  •  Boil and bite moulding and fitting system

Best mouth guard for teeth grinding in the UK

sleep mouth guards
What is the best mouth guard for teeth grinding?

There is a wide range of mouthguards available in the UK—some require dentist prescriptions — these night guards cost between £200 and £300; others can be purchased over the counter or online for much less. Night guards for bruxism from your dentist are custom-made, while others can be used right out of the box or require a ‘boil and bite' approach.

All of these kinds of teeth grinding guards have their advantages and disadvantages, which you can read more about further down. In short, we'd recommend visiting your dentist to get a custom night guard if you can afford it, but we also realise that you may not have this kind of budget.

If you'd prefer to try a cheaper alternative first, here are some of the best mouth guards for teeth grinding available to buy online:

night guard for teeth clenching
The Sova Aero Dental Mouth Guard

Sova Aero

The Sova Aero mouth guard for teeth grinding, made by Swedish physician Jan Akervall, is one of the best options overall for protecting your teeth from grinding and clenching while you sleep. These bruxism night guards are ultralight and more durable than other mouth guards for bruxism.

They are made from non-compressible, non-toxic materials that help to distribute forces from clenching and grinding teeth over the entire surface of the device. They also include crumple zones which add maximum protection for your teeth and enamel from these forces.

Designed for maximum comfort they are just 1.6 mm thick and have a perforated surface to promote airflow so it doesn't hinder breathing when worn. The fact that they are mouldable up to 20 times ensures a perfect fit so you can talk and speak without difficulty.

This study from the University of Michigan shows that the SOVA Aero teeth guard is just as effective as a prescription splint or mouthguard from your dentist. And, it has been named the Dental Advisor’s Best Product Award for 3 years running, so it must be pretty effective!

Each night guard package includes:

  • 1 x SOVA Aero mouthguard
  • 1 x mouthguard case

The process for moulding your sleep guard for teeth is simple:

  1. Start by washing your hands and the mouthguard
  2. Fill a bowl with hot water (make sure the bowl isn't made from plastic)
  3. Wait untill the mouthguard is soft and then remove it carefully with a fork
  4. Hold the material so that it doesn't fold in on itself and place it on your teeth
  5. Bite down gently and use your tongue to hold it against your teeth
  6. Press gently to help mould the mouthguard against your teeth
  7. Create suction against the mouthguard and leave it in your mouth to cool

The following video takes you through the exact steps for moulding and fitting your mouthguard correctly:

Learn how to fit the SOVA Nightguard. SOVA Nightguards are perfect for grinding and clenching at night.

Another pro of the SOVA Aero system is that you can even wear it with braces, but consult your dentist before wearing it to make sure you have the proper fit.

If you're ready to stop grinding your teeth, take better care of your oral health, and sleep through the night, you can purchase your SOVA Aero teeth guard right now.

DenTek Professional-Fit Night Guard

The Dentek Professional-Fit Dental Guard features a cushioned upper layer for comfort, a grind shield on the bottom layer, and a forming tray to aid in custom-fitting it to your teeth.

mouth guard to stop grinding teeth
DenTek Professional-Fit Dental Guard

Your purchase comes with:

  • 1 x Fitting tray
  • 1 x Dental guard
  • 1 x Antimicrobial case

The instructions are easy to follow:

  1. Rinse your dental guard in warm water
  2. Place it over your lower teeth and bite down
  3. Continue to adjust as needed

One set should last for 6 months with proper care.

Time2Sleep Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth

The Time2Sleep Dental Mouth Guard is specifically designed to protect your teeth at night from bruxism, teeth grinding and clenching while sleeping. There are two sizes in every pack, the bigger ones for your upper teeth and the smaller ones are for bottom teeth.

sleep teeth guard

Time2Sleep Dental Mouth Guards are designed in the UK

Time2Sleep mouthguards are made from 100% EVA material which is is an elastomer polymer that is not only soft and flexible but it also helps to dissipate the forces from chewing and grinding. Designed in the UK, these mouthguards are EU standards as a (class 1) accredited medical device and CE approved.

Each purchase comes with a mouth guard case, wooden tweezers and a total of 4 mouthguards—2 smaller for the lower teeth and 2 larger for the top teeth. It's important to note that it is not recommended to wear both simultaneously.

These teeth grinding mouthguards are intended to be customised by you following these steps:

  1. Boil: Boil water and soak for 18 seconds
  2. Remove: Using the wooden tweezers provided, carefully remove the guard from the water
  3. Bite: Let it cool for about 5 seconds, then put in your mouth on your top teeth and bite down

The following video shows you how to best use your Time2Sleep night guard for teeth grinding:

For those struggling with any aspect of Bruxism or TMJ, our custom fit Mouth Guard will provide maximum protection and ultimate comfort against clenching and grinding teeth. Want to try it? Click Want to learn more about how this dental mouth guard can help you?

This ‘boil and bite' treatment won't be as comfortable or durable as professionally-made mouthguards for sleeping, but they're cheap and worth a try if you need an instant solution. And if you find it difficult to get the moulding right the first time, at least you have enough for a couple more attempts.

How to choose your mouth guard

There's a lot to keep in mind when you're considering which teeth grinding guard to purchase. You'll need to think about the materials, comfort, instructions for use, durability, and of course, value for the price. Let's have a look at some of the main factors in this decision:

  • Fit: A precise fit is extremely important, considering that you'll need to be able to wear your mouth guard at night without noticing it or feeling bothered by it. That's why many people opt for custom-made guards instead of one-size-fits-all or the type that you need to fit at home.
  • Comfort: This will depend on the materials used, the fit, and the mouthguard style. Mouthguards that are professionally made to fit your teeth will be the most comfortable.
  • Style: There are various styles of night guards for teeth. These include some that are fitted to your teeth at a dental lab, one-size-fits-all models, or models that you fit at home either by boiling and biting or by adjusting a soft, flexible mold.
  • Durability: The best quality mouth guard for teeth grinding will also be the most durable. But keep in mind that this doesn't necessarily mean the length of time they last before breaking, nor the thickness, but rather how long they can effectively protect your teeth from grinding.
  • Price: Purchasing your dental guard on Amazon will be cheaper than buying it from your dentist or ordering custom-fitted night guards from a professional dental lab. However, for many people, the better fit, increased comfort, and higher level of efficacy are well worth a higher price tag.

Different types of night guard

Each person will have different treatment needs when it comes to protecting teeth from grinding at night, so what may work for one person may not be the best option for another.

best night mouth guard UK
Pain could be a sign you need sleep mouth guards

Custom-made perscription mouth guards

Your dentist can do impressions of your teeth and then send them into a dental lab to be custom made. Once they are made, your dentist will make sure they fit correctly and make any last-minute adjustments. Then you can take them home and wear them!


These are made of a more flexible material, and after warming them up in warm (not hot or boiling) water, you can continue to adjust them to your mouth as needed.


These require you to boil them in water and then bite down on them to fit them to your mouth. Once you bite down and the guard has cooled, you won't be able to adjust them any further.


This is the least ideal style of night guard, as it's much more likely that they won't fit your teeth, and they will cause discomfort when you wear them, potentially affecting your sleep, along with other dental night guard side effects. For some people these do work, and they certainly have a cheaper price tag.

Do I need a mouthguard for grinding teeth?

If you're unsure whether you need a mouth guard, a great place to start is by visiting your dentist so they can check your teeth for signs like enamel erosion, chips, or worn-down teeth. Chronic neck and lower jaw stiffness, pain in your teeth or gums, or waking constantly may also be indicators that you grind your teeth at night.

If you do suffer from night bruxism, then it's important to find a solution, as tooth grinding can cause serious, irreversible damage to your teeth. Even clenching your teeth can cause them to chip and fracture.

The root cause of bruxism is often stress-related, but certain neurological conditions and other medications may also contribute to the grinding and clenching of teeth. Smoking and alcohol consumption won't help, either.

If bruxism is affecting you, a mouth guard for teeth grinding will help reduce the negative impact on your teeth, but you may still experience lower jaw pain. Your doctor or dentist can help you get to the root cause and suggest a treatment so you stop grinding your teeth altogether.

If you suffer from TMJ, we also have a review of mouthguards for TMJ.


Dental mouth guards are plastic devices that you fit over your top or bottom teeth to protect your teeth from grinding against each other while you sleep. Bruxism can be a serious, albeit a common problem that affects 10 million UK adults.

If you grind your teeth at night, it's important to speak with your dentist to find a solution, such as wearing a night mouth guard. There are various types of mouth guard, the most effective being those that you can get from your dentist.

If you want to purchase a device to protect your teeth from nighttime grinding, you may want to consider teeth grinding guards by Sova Aero.

They are just 1.6mm thick, comfortable and durable with perforations to make breathing and drinking easier when you wear them. Just mould them to your teeth and if you don't quite get the fit right you can remould them up to 20 times!


Can a mouth guard shift your teeth?

best teeth grinding guard
You shouldn't feel jaw pain after wearing your
mouthguard at night

The purpose of a mouth guard is not to move your teeth but rather to protect your teeth from grinding and clenching while you sleep. A mouth guard shouldn't cause any movement in your teeth at all.

If you suspect that your mouthguard is shifting your teeth, you should discontinue use immediately. You may be able to tell if a mouth guard is moving your teeth if you experience tightness or discomfort when wearing it or right after putting it in.

The best way to avoid this problem is by purchasing custom bruxism mouthguards instead of cheaper, one-size-fits-all options.

How do you clean a mouth guard?

There are a variety of ways to clean your mouthguard. You can gently brush it with your toothbrush and toothpaste, rinse it with soap and water, clean it with vinegar, or use a denture cleaner. Make sure to read the instructions on your specific mouthguard so that you don't damage it by cleaning it the wrong way.

Why do my teeth hurt after wearing mouth guards?

If your teeth hurt after wearing a night teeth guard, this could be an indication that they aren't working, or that they are shifting your teeth while you sleep, which they aren't supposed to do. This is most common in one-size-fits-all mouth guards since they aren't designed specifically for your teeth.

If you experience tooth or jaw pain after wearing this type of night guard, discontinue use immediately and talk to your dentist about getting bruxism mouthguards that are custom-fitted for you. Your dentist should also check for other oral health problems that may be causing the pain.

Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding: The Best Products for Bruxism in the UK
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