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Best Water Flossers in the UK: Oral Irrigator Reviews and Comparisons

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Are you wondering which is the best water flosser in the UK right now? Our guide is here to help you decide.

Maintaining good oral hygiene means you should floss every day. Statistics show, however, that only a quarter of British adults floss regularly. If this is something you struggle with, have you tried an electric water flosser?

While Waterpik and Philips are some of the biggest names in water flossing (also known as oral irrigators) our trusted testers recommend the simple yet effective Oclean W10.

In this article, we compare features and reviews of some of the best electric flossers available in the UK for 2024 so you can decide which one is right for you.

Our Top Pick: Oclean W10 Water Flosser ★★★★✩

This flosser has up to 1400 Pulses Per Minute Frequency. It comes with four nozzles to meet any dental needs and has 5 Distinctive Flossing Modes. It has a carry strap making it completely portable and perfect for travel.

You can read our full review of the e Oclean W10 here.

Best Water Flossers

Oclean W10 

  • Number of tips: 4 

  • Number of settings: 5 power settings

  • Cordless: Yes

  • Ergonomic grip 

The Snow Water Flosser 

  • Number of settings: 3 (Pulse, Normal, and Soft)

  • Cordless: Yes

  • Collapsable

  • Antibacterial-treated plastic

  • Order from the USA

Waterpik WP-660UK Ultra

  • Number of tips: 5 different (7 in total)

  • Number of settings: 10 power settings

  • Cordless: No


Waterpik Cordless Plus

  • Number of tips: 4 different

  • 2 power settings

  • Cordless: Yes

Panasonic EW-DJ11 Compact & Portable Water Flossers

  • Number of tips: 1

  • Number of settings: 2

  • Cordless: Yes

  • Battery powered with 2 AA batteries

  • 150ml reservoir

  • Water reservoir doubles up as a travel case

Oral irrigator features to consider

Once you decide to purchase a dental water jet flosser, you still have to work out which brand and model will suit you best. This choice can be quite overwhelming, particularly if it is your first time purchasing one. Here are some of the main things you should consider:

water flosser reviews by dentists uk
There are pros and cons to cordless flossers
  • Mains operated or rechargeable: You may be used to having a cordless electric toothbrush, but some flossers are connected to a mains-powered base that holds the water reservoir. This unit is quite large, so not ideal for travelling. On the plus side, the larger reservoir means less frequent re-filling, and the flossers themselves are more powerful than cordless versions.
  • Budget: You can spend up to £100 on a top-of-the-range electric dental flosser from brands like Waterpik and Oral-B, but some lesser-known brands have basic models, which work just as well, for around £30.
  • Settings: Some flossers have just one or two power settings, while others have up to 10. Few people will make use of all 10, but it's good to have options – especially if over one person in your household will use the device.
  • Tips: As well as the standard water jet tips, some models come with special tips for different purposes. These include tips for cleaning teeth implants, flossing around braces, and cleaning your tongue.
  • Electric toothbrush compatibility: If you're short on bathroom shelf space or plug sockets, there are a couple of options. Firstly, you could buy a cordless water flosser that is compatible with the charging base you already have for your electric toothbrush. Second, you could purchase an all-in-one unit which incorporates both a toothbrush and flosser.
  • Plug type: Like electric toothbrushes, most flossers come with a two-pin plug that fits standard bathroom sockets in the UK. However, some have a 3-pin plug which makes them less convenient for bathroom use, so this is something to check before you buy.

Best water flossers in the UK

So, now you understand what to look out for. Here are some of the best water flossers in the UK for you to consider. These brands have different pros and cons, and you'll find a handy comparison table later on which summarises all of this information.

Oclean W10 water flosser

The Oclean W10 is the newest water flosser on the market from the Chinese brand Oclean. This brand has become well-known and popular when it comes to oral hygiene because of its electric toothbrushes and other dental care accessories.

Oclean's W10 water flosser's elegant design is a different take on the more classic water flosser designs. And, with its portable, compact design and ergonomic grip, it is not just a pretty accessory for the bathroom, it's comfortable to use as well.

water flossers uk
The Oclean W10 has an elegant, compact and ergonomic design

Some features of the Oclean W10 water flosser include:

  • Delivers 80-160 PSI of pressure
  • 200ml water tank that is simple to fill
  • 4 high-performance nozzles – Standard, orthodontics, periodontal and tongue scraping
  • 5 modes – powerful normal, standard normal, sensitive normal, pulse mode, direct shooting mode
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 4 hour recharge time
  • 30 day battery life
  • Cordless, compact and rechargeable

As you can see, this water flosser has many of the same features that some top-end water flossers boast. However, it is much more affordable, without losing any of the high-performance technology. It is mid-range in price for water flossers, but keep an eye out for sales and promos if you're looking for a bargain.

If you want to learn more about this water flosser, you can read our full review of the Oclean W10 here. And, if you're ready to make a purchase, be sure to use code Dentaly10 for 10% off your order.

Waterpik WP-660UK Ultra Professional Water Flosser

The name Waterpik is synonymous with oral irrigators and they have a range of products to suit different needs and budgets. Using a combination of water pressure and pulse technology, their flossers remove up to 99.9% of plaque when applied to an area for just 3 seconds. We have a separate guide to the Waterpik flosser range with some detailed reviews. Check that out if you want to know more, but for now, here are a couple of the most popular models.

waterpik ultra water flosser ,  best water flosser for implants
This Waterpik flosser is a market leader

The Waterpik Ultra water flosser has 10 power settings which range from 10 to 100 PSI. Its four different tips let you clean your teeth and mouth thoroughly even if you have braces, dental prostheses or gum problems.

This most recent model, the WP-660UK, has a compact design and is less noisy than previous versions. Because of its size, the water tank is smaller than some others on the market. However, its 650ml capacity is enough for 90 seconds or more of water flossing, depending on the setting you use.

“This Waterpik is highly rated by many product reviews and I'll also give it the thumbs up. It is certainly quieter than the previous make I used and comes with a variety of piks to cover most teeth/gum situations. Overall, very pleased.” is the feedback from one Waterpik review.

The Waterpik Ultra is not the cheapest water flosser out there, but you're getting technology from the market leader in oral irrigators, plus it comes with a 3-year warranty for peace of mind. And besides cleaning between your teeth, find out why this is our top pick as a Waterpik for tonsil stones.

You can find out more about this type of flosser in our Waterpik Ultra review here.

Waterpik Cordless WP-450UK Plus

best water flosser 2024 uk
This Waterpik Cordless Plus flosser comes in black or white designs

If you want an electric flosser, that's easy to take with you when you travel, you'll need a cordless model with a built-in water reservoir. Waterpik's Cordless Plus has three different pressure settings, which are lower than the full-sized units but still enough to deliver an efficient clean.

It comes with four different tips including a tongue cleaner, and its easy-fill reservoir holds enough water for 45 seconds of use.

Some reviewers found it quite messy to use – at least at first. It can also be quite noisy.

Waterpik has also released the Waterpik WP-563UK Cordless Advanced. This has three pressure settings rather than two, it's shower-safe, and has been designed to be ultra-quiet. The rapid-charge system means it will charge in just 4 hours. Whether these features make it worth around 40% more than the Cordless Plus… you'll have to decide.

In this short video clip, you can see the Cordless Plus Waterpik in use. The user says he loves using it (and it only made that much of a mess because he was trying to talk while using it!).

Quite a few people have had an issue with the battery in their Waterpiks, especially with the Cordless Plus, but have been able to get a replacement product quite easily if the fault occurs within the 2-year warranty period.

Philips Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser 3000

The other big name in the electric flossing market is Philips Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser 3000. These flossers use a different technology that combines bursts of air and water. Since they don't have a continuous flow of water, they use much less, and so don't require a bulky reservoir. This design also makes the Philips water flosser less messy to use, as you don't have to lean over a sink while water dribbles out of your mouth. Its tips have a thin nozzle which makes it easier to find the correct position between each tooth.

water flosser reviews
The Sonicare AirFloss Ultra

These flossers come in a range of colour options. A single tap of the button delivers one burst, but both models have an auto-burst feature that delivers a burst every second when you hold the button down.

The Sonicare Power Flosser costs around £105 however you can often find discounts bringing that price down. Some of the other beneficial features of this flosser include:

  • Larger reservoir
  • Single, double and triple burst settings
  • A high-performance nozzle which delivers extra power

This model is available to buy in high street stores like Argos and Boots, but you may find more competitive prices online.

When it comes to the Waterpik vs Sonicare debate, the Sonicare doesn't have as many bells and whistles (no adjustable power settings and only one kind of tip). However, some people find the AirFloss easier and less messy to use because of the way it emits water.

Panasonic EW1411 rechargeable oral irrigator

Another brand of oral irrigator stocked in many high street shops and online outlets is Panasonic.

best water flosser uk
Panasonic water flosser

Panasonic has two rechargeable models which both have variable pressure settings, the newer one being the EW1411. You can choose between a water jet or water mixed with air, which is recommended for periodontal cleaning. Neither models have pulse action though, which sets them back from Waterpik and Philips cordless models.

The compact design is handy if you're short on space, but it comes with one big downside: the 130ml tank only provides a 35 second capacity during normal cleaning. This means you'll have to refill it at least once – if not more – during each use. Although this is not a big hassle, it's something that many reviewers found annoying, with one calling it an “oral irritator”.

The price of the basic model is similar to some other water flossers with more features, so might feel you're getting less for your money than with other brands.

Oral-B Aquacare 4 water flosser

Oral-B, a big name in powered toothbrushes, also have a range of electric teeth flossers. Their countertop model, the Oral-B Oral Health Center Water Flosser, has come under criticism for quality issues, with some users complaining about low water pressure. With a retail price similar to the Waterpik Ultra, it doesn't have a lot going for it unless you particularly like the technology that Oral-B use in their water flossers.

Oral-B also makes two cordless water flossers which are worth a mention although they aren't without their faults.

water flosser uk reviews

The Oral-B Aquacare 4 electric flosser is a cordless flosser that uses Oxyjet technology to insert micro-fine air bubbles into the water jet. The rotational setting emits spiralling water jets to dislodge plaque all around the teeth, and it also has a more traditional straight jet mode. The basic model has two power settings but a more premium model, the Aquacare 6, has three power modes.

Some users comment that the water jet slants slightly upwards, and this takes some getting used to. But the biggest criticism is that it just doesn't feel that strong compared to other brands of water flosser.

“Anyone who has used a Philips Sonicare Airflosser will be disappointed, the Braun waterjet is feeble but fills your mouth with a huge volume of water – definitely neither effective nor pleasant,” comments one user, with another adding, “The pressure even on the intense settings is worse than my old flosser while the directional jet delivers the flow at an angle upwards not straight out as shown in the photos; I tried the other head but this was the same.”

With the Aquacare 6 costing upwards of £100, making it one of the most expensive oral irrigators available, it doesn't seem to justify the price tag.

Find out more in our full Oral-B water flosser review.

The Snow Water Flosser

water flosser uk reviews
The Snow Water Flosser

The Snow Water Flosser is a travel-friendly and efficient product that could be a great addition to your oral care routine. This collapsible flosser is designed to be easily packed in your luggage, making it a perfect companion for those always on the go.

The flosser has three power modes (Pulse, Normal, and Soft), allowing you to adjust the water pressure to your preference. Additionally, the antibacterial-treated plastic ensures that the flosser stays germ-free.

One downside is that the Snow Water Flosser needs to be ordered from the USA to the UK, which might be a hassle for some. However, if you're already ordering other Snow whitening products from the USA, it might be worth considering adding the flosser to your cart.

In summary, the Snow Water Flosser is a great product for anyone looking for a compact and effective way to maintain their oral hygiene. It's easy to use, travel-friendly, and provides excellent results. If you're ordering from the UK, be patient as it may take some time to arrive.

UK water flosser comparison

That was a lot of information to take in! If you're still undecided, this comparison table may help. Keep reading below to see our top water flosser picks for specific needs.







Oclean W10 

Waterpik WP-660UK Ultra

Waterpik Cordless Plus

Panasonic EW-DJ10

Philips Sonicare AirFloss

Price range






Number of tips

4 different 

5 different (7 in total)

4 different


2 x standard

Average cost of replacement tips





Number of settings

4 power settings

4 power settings

10 power settings

2 power settings

1 power setting


200m, 45+ seconds

650ml, 90+ seconds

200ml, 45+ seconds

165ml, 40 seconds

60ml, 60 seconds







Other features

Ergonomic design comes in 2 colours - pink and green 

Compact design takes up minimal space

Water reservoir doubles up as a travel case

Auto-burst feature; low water usage


2 years

3 years

1 year 

2 years 

Best for

Elegant, compact and portable design 

Use with braces, implants, etc.

Value: low price for the features


Water saving and less messy

The best oral irrigator for your needs

If you're searching for the best water flosser for specific needs, take a look below at our recommendations.

Best for families

best water flosser uk 2024

If several people will be using the same electric flosser, you'll want enough tips for everyone – plus a place to store them all neatly. A water jet flosser with a good range of power settings will ensure that each family member can use it comfortably.

The Waterpik Ultra WP-120, a slightly older version of the model reviewed above, meets both criteria. There is a handy storage area in the lid, big enough to hold the six tips it comes with. And its 10 power settings mean it should be suitable for whoever wants to use it.

This is also, by the way, our top pick for the best Waterpik for braces.

Best for cleaning braces

It can be hard to clean teeth properly while wearing braces, but a water flosser makes the job a lot quicker and less fiddly. Although you can clean braces with any dental water flosser, you may get more effective cleaning with one that has a specially designed orthodontic tip, such as the one that comes with the Waterpik models (cordless and countertop).

You can read more about water flossers for braces in our full guide here.

Best for gum care

Again, the Waterpik flosser models come out on top with their special PikPocket nozzles. These have a soft rubber tip to gently clean periodontal pockets and contribute to better gum health. However, you could use any model of flosser for gum disease and direct the jet towards the gumline, provided it's not too strong.

To further combat gum disease, check out our guide to putting hydrogen peroxide in Waterpiks.

panasonic water flosser
This Panasonic model tasks up minimal space while travelling

Best for travelling

If you're looking for a compact water flosser that takes up minimal space while travelling, the Panasonic EW1411 is a good option from a well-known brand. The 165ml water tank doubles up as a case, saving space and offering protection at the same time. 

Another option at a similar price point is the Hangsun Cordless Water Flosser. It has a similar compact design to the Panasonic but a slightly larger 180ml capacity, offering 60 seconds of continuous usage. It's also rechargeable, via USB, so a good alternative if you'd rather not use batteries. You get six nozzles and a travel pouch, making it arguably better value for money than the Panasonic.

Best for saving bathroom space

If you're short on space in the bathroom, consider a model that can be wall-mounted to save space. Otherwise, opt for a countertop water jet flosser with a compact design, such as the Waterpik Ultra.

Best for water saving

The Microburst technology used in the range of Philips Sonicare flossers means they use much less water than other designs. Whether you're concerned with conserving water or simply having a slimmer design that holds enough for two uses, one of the Philips water flosser models would suit you.

Best value for money

Taking into account price, features, strength and reliability, the Oclean W10 water flosser delivers great value for money. This budget water flosser has 4 high-performance nozzles and 4 modes included and comes with a 2-year warranty.

If you prefer to stick with a name you know then we recommend Waterpik and Sonicare AirFloss over Oral-B or Panasonic.

Water flossers work as well as regular floss?

Are water flossers any good? There is more than one answer to this question. One 2013 study showed that water flossing removed 29% more plaque than string floss. Other research trials have shown a greater reduction in gingivitis (gum disease) from using a water jet flosser.

In addition, oral care manufacturers usually conduct their own tests to show their product is the most effective at X, Y and Z.

Many people are put off using conventional string dental floss for a variety of reasons:

  • It hurts their gums
  • It gets stuck in their teeth
  • They find it too fiddly
  • It takes too long
  • They don't know how to floss properly

Fortunately, dental water jet flossers address all of these issues by making the process quicker, easier, and gentler on teeth and gums.

best water flosser uk
This may still be the best way to remove plaque

Despite this, most dental professionals still advise patients to use string floss or interdental brushes – as well as an oral irrigator if they wish. The reason for this is that flossing and interproximal brushing physically scrapes dental plaque off the surface of the tooth, whereas a water jet flosser just rinses it.

Ask a hygienist: Why is interdental cleaning important?

When you are staring at yourself in the bathroom mirror while brushing your teeth, you can see the front surfaces of most teeth and maybe the molars–if you choose to look! But what about the tiny gaps between your teeth where pieces of food get stuck? 

Now you know the place that the bacteria like to live and interdental spaces are practically the nook and corner of your teeth where microbes can flourish. It is not practically possible for a toothbrush to access these areas even though proclaimed on adverts, so interdental cleaning along with tooth brushing is the best practice for your oral hygiene. 

Interdental cleaning aids include your dental floss, interdental brushes, dental tape, and oral irrigators. Make sure to grab one of the above and incorporate interdental cleaning in your daily oral hygiene routine. 

Dr Asha Ramesh

Not what you wanted to hear?

Well, a dental water flosser may still be more effective for people who:

  • Have dexterity problems which make it difficult to use normal floss
  • Have very sensitive gums that bleed easily and find traditional dental floss painful to use
  • Are wearing braces
  • Have dental bridges, crowns or implants
  • Have gaps between teeth too small for interdental brushes
  • Just really dislike string floss and are never going to use it!

You may also be concerned about the amount of plastic waste produced by traditional floss, although there are several kinds of plastic-free dental floss. These are made with natural materials like corn, silk and bamboo, which are more eco-friendly.

If you're serious about good oral hygiene, you could use string floss or interdental brushes first to loosen any food particles and then rinse your teeth with an electric flosser. But if you can't use string floss for whatever reason (or just don't want to), a water flosser is definitely better than not flossing at all!

Traditional string floss

Electric flosser


  • Cheap

  • Scrapes plaque off teeth

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Gentle on gums


  • Fiddly and time-consuming

  • May damage sensitive gums

  • Costs more

  • Uses electricity

  • May not be as effective

How to use a water flosser

You might be familiar with using an electric toothbrush, but a water flosser is quite different. If you're unsure how to use a water flosser, these steps should help:

most powerful water flosser uk
Let the water flow out of your mouth as you floss
  1. Make sure your water jet flosser is charged.
  2. Fill the reservoir with water.
  3. Select the correct nozzle and ensure it is firmly attached.
  4. Place the nozzle between two teeth at the gumline. You might find it easiest to start at the back on one side and work your way all the way around to the other side.
  5. Tilt your head down over a sink (or in the shower if you have a waterproof oral irrigator).
  6. Turn the water flosser on to the desired strength. Some find it less messy to close their mouth around the tip while using the water flosser.
  7. Hold the jet in position for several seconds, then move on to the next gap between your teeth.
  8. As your mouth fills with water, let it freely flow out and keep working all the way around your teeth.
  9. Repeat for all teeth on the top and bottom, and don't forget the very back surfaces.

Depending on the capacity of your flosser, you might need to re-fill it part way through.

If you have braces, implants, or periodontal pockets that require special cleaning, it's best to check with your dentist about the best way to clean them without risking any damage.

Should you use a water flosser before or after brushing?

You can use regular dental floss before or after you brush. When it comes to an oral irrigator, though, there is one important consideration: if you use a fluoride toothpaste. Water flossing afterwards will wash a lot of the fluoride off. Just as it's best not to rinse your mouth with water after brushing, it's best not to use a water flosser straight after, either. 

You can use your water flosser before brushing or – if you have time – wait 30 minutes to let the toothpaste ingredients have their full effect.

Read more about how to brush correctly here, and we have a separate article that addresses whether you should water floss before or after brushing more thoroughly.

Water flossing tips

Follow these additional tips to get an even more effective clean.

  • Don't turn your electric flosser on until it's positioned correctly in your mouth. The water jet shoots a long way if you turn it on before it's in your mouth, and it could injure your eyes or other parts of your body, not to mention the mess! Similarly, switch off before removing it from your mouth.
  • Use lukewarm water, especially if you have sensitive teeth, crowns or bridges. Cold water is likely to trigger sensitivity and even pain as it shoots around near the gums.
  • Don't use salt water. Even if you dissolve it carefully, some small particles could get stuck inside and clog up your oral irrigator over time.
  • Mix in some mouthwash for an extra burst of freshness. Don't use it neat, because you'll get through far too much. But mix a little in with the water and you'll have an even fresher feeling after using your electric flosser.

Summary of the best water flossers in the UK

Waterpik is still the biggest name in electric flossers, with their range of countertop and cordless models offering effective cleaning with variable power settings. People with braces, implants, bridges, etc. may benefit from the different tips designed for these purposes.

However, in some water flosser reviews, people say they prefer the simple function of the Philips Sonicare range, which uses much less water.

The Oclean W10 offers very similar features to the Waterpik and the Philips Sonicare, but at a much more affordable price. And, as a plus, they offer this elegantly designed water flosser in both pastel pink and green.

If you're looking for a simple yet effective water flosser, this one is a great one to check out. Our testers picked it out as one of the best cordless water flossers, thanks to its compact ergonomic design and powerful motor.

Oral-B and Panasonic are other big-name brands that produce water jet flossers, although on balance they offer less value than Waterpik and Philips.

If you're unsure whether an electric flosser will suit you or you need advice on any specific features, speak to your dentist for their recommendations.


Is a water flosser as good as flossing?

Some studies have shown greater plaque removal with a water flosser over string floss however most dental professionals advise the use of string floss or interdental brushes – as well as a water flosser.

Can water flossing damage teeth?

Water flossing doesn't damage teeth and also lessens the bleeding people often suffer when they use floss. This is especially possible if you use the water irrigator in the way the manufacturer recommends.

Should you use a water flosser before or after brushing?

You can use regular dental floss before or after you brush. When it comes to an oral irrigator, though, there is one important consideration: if you use a fluoride toothpaste.

Best Water Flossers in the UK: Oral Irrigator Reviews and Comparisons
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