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Smile White Clear Aligners Review 2024 — Everything you Need to Know

Natalie Asmussen
Natalie Asmussen
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Smile White aligners offer the best of both worlds — remote treatment and just three in-office dental visits. They follow a similar model to Invisalign, meaning that you can get orthodontic treatment for everything from minor aesthetic adjustments to severe bite misalignment. Plus they are also more affordable.

Keep reading to learn about the SmileWhite, but first, check out our top recommendation for clear aligners!

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Smile White Aligners Treat 90% of Cases

Smile White treats most alignement problems, thanks to in-person monitoring by a dentist. However, unlike other brands and treatments, you only have 3 in-office visits — the rest of your treatment is done at home.

From mild adjustments to complex bite misalignment, Smile White can help.
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Smile White Aligners review

smile white review
Smilewhite aligners work for all cases

SmileWhite aligner technology

The SmileWhite UK aligner system uses groundbreaking Zendura® FLX technology. This cutting-edge technology is better at moving teeth than other aligners, and ensures optimal results while safeguarding the health of your bone structure.

SmileWhite aligner materials

Say goodbye to bad breath woes! These aligners are crafted with OdourBlock™ materials, making sure your breath stays fresh throughout your treatment. The material used for the aligners is rigorously tested, to ensure optimal hygiene.

Dental attachments

Aligners that have completely remote treatment don't allow the use of attachments, and can only treat mild cases. And with invisible braces like SmileWhite, attachments are essential in the treatment of more severe cases. Dental attachments gradually shift your teeth, a feature only available with dentist-based services. The team of highly qualified dentists from the extensive Smile White network will ensure that your treatment is not only safe but also super effective.

Smilewhite review
SmileWhite guarantee means risk-free

Scallop contoured trays

Nobody likes bleeding gums or bruised teeth. Thankfully, these aligners come with scallop contoured trays designed to protect your gums and teeth during the alignment process. This helps to ensure a comfortable and pain-free teeth-straightening journey.

The Smile White Straighter Smile Guarantee

The folks at Smile White are so confident in their dentist-approved system that they offer a unique Straighter Smile Guarantee. They promise you straight teeth not just when you finish treatment but also for years to come. If you're unsatisfied with your results, you'll get a full refund, no questions asked. No Hidden Costs: All-Inclusive Package for Your Convenience.

Plus SmileWhite offers completely transparent pricing that includes everything you need for your smile transformation. With your aligners, you'll also get three local dentist appointments: one to scan your teeth and show you the SmileCheck video simulation plan, one to fit your attachments and aligners, and a final one to remove them and provide you with complimentary SmileLock retainers.

smile white aligners review
Smile White offers flexible payment options

Extra perks

When you choose these aligners, you'll receive a Dental Grade Whitening Package, SmileLock Retainers, a Top-up Syringe Kit, and the lab-developed Deeper White whitening toothpaste – all worth a total of £960. All products are FDA-approved and completely safe, so you can smile with confidence.

Easy online ordering with flexible payment options

Getting Smile White aligners couldn't be easier thanks to the seamless online ordering process in the Smilewhite portal. You can pay in full, or in monthly instalments with Klarna — interest-free! We've got your flexibility covered.

Aftercare included

After your teeth-straightening process, you'll get three sets of SmileLock retainers worth £395 to ensure your teeth remain beautifully aligned. Plus, you'll receive the Deeper White whitening toothpaste and a handy top-up syringe kit worth £150, so your smile stays shining bright.

Smilewhite before and after

Smilewhite has already treatment thousands of patients with overwhelmingly positive results. On their website you can see plenty of happy customer testimonials as well as before and after photos and real case studies. We also encourage you to check out our article that takes a deeper dive into Smilewhite before and after treatment for more information.

SmileWhite treatment options

Treatment type

Teeth Correction

Bite Correction


Monthly Payment

Single Arch (Top/Bottom Teeth) Mild

1 to 3 Teeth

No Bite Correction


from £70.62

Single Arch (Top/Bottom Teeth) Moderate

4 to 6 Teeth

Minor Bite Correction


from £83.12

Single Arch (Top/Bottom Teeth) Complex

10+ Teeth

Major Bite Correction


from £116.46

Dual Arch (Top and Bottom Teeth) Mild

4 to 6 Teeth

No Bite Correction


from £91.46

Dual Arch (Top and Bottom Teeth) Moderate

5 to 10 Teeth

Minor Bite Correction


from £112.29

Dual Arch (Top and Bottom Teeth) Complex

10+ TeethBite Correction

Major Bite Correction


from £153.96

Smile White aligners pros and cons



  • Treatment for aesthetics and major bite misalignment

  • Fewer office visits

  • More affordable than other hybrid aligner brands

  • More expensive than 100% remote aligners


Smile White clear aligners offer the ideal mix of at-home remote treatment and in-person professional monitoring. Thanks to the in-person professional monitoring, even if you have severe bite problems, you can still get treatment with Smile White. The model is very similar to Invisalign, but it's the preferred option for those looking for more affordable treatment.

Before/after results with our #1 recommended teeth aligners

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Is Smile White like Invisalign?

Smile White is like Invisalign — the treatment model is very similar. There are a few in-office visits, but treatment is mostly remote. That means that they can treat a wide range of cases.

How much does SmileWhite aligners cost?

SmileWhite aligners cost from £1,695 for the cheapest treatment to £3,695 for the most expensive treatment, which is for very complex cases of bite misalignment.

Smile White Clear Aligners Review 2024 — Everything you Need to Know
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