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SmileDirectClub Reviews (UK): Real Opinions & Experiences

Contributors:  Amanda Napitu

So, you're interested in at-home teeth straightening with SmileDirectClub? Lots of companies have started offering remote orthodontics in the UK in a relatively short space of time, so it's understandable that you want to know more before you take the plunge.

Checking some SmileDirectClub reviews will hopefully help you understand more about this brand and what the treatment involves.

To save you having to spend ages trawling the internet for SmileDirectClub reviews from the UK (because they can be hard to find among all the American ones), we have compiled this collection for you.

We hope this helps you get better informed about what to expect from at-home aligners and whether SmileDirectClub is the right choice.


At £1,639, SmileDirectClub is an affordable option for at-home clear aligner treatment. With 17+ SmileShop locations in the UK, you can track your progress and check in with a dentist using their mobile app.

Book an appointment at a SmileShop near you, or order your at-home impression kit and have it delivered to your front door.

SmileDirectClub overview

In case you're not too familiar with how SmileDirectClub (SDC) works, we'll quickly explain before we jump into our SmileDirectClub reviews. They provide clear aligners to straighten your teeth, a bit like the Invisalign system.

The big difference is that at-home aligners don't require visits to a dentist's office; instead, a dentist prescribes and monitors your treatment remotely and your aligners are sent in the post

smile direct club reviews aligners
Your scans or impressions are used to plan your treatment

You have two options to get started with your SDC treatment. One is to order your impression kit online. You'll get your kit delivered to you at home, so you can take the impressions of your teeth on your own and send them back, making treatment 100% remote.

Your other option is to go to a physical Smile Direct location, known as a SmileShop, where a trained representative will take 3D scans of your teeth. There are currently 21 SmileShop locations in the UK.

Whichever option you choose, a dentist or orthodontist will then analyse your teeth and prescribe a treatment plan. All your aligners are posted to you at once, and you can begin your treatment, switching to a new set of aligners every week or two as instructed.

Your dentist or orthodontist will monitor your treatment remotely and check in periodically to make sure your teeth are moving as planned.

The result, in theory, is straighter teeth that have cost you a lot less than if you visited the dentist for braces. However, we do recommend you visit a dentist for a general check-up before starting any at-home treatment, as it's important to deal with any untreated cavities, gum disease, and other issues before wearing aligners.

If you're interested in finding out whether you're eligible for SDC aligners, you can take their online assessment and find out right now! Just answer a few questions and within minutes, you will have your answer.

SmileDirectClub UK reviews

Now let's look at some SmileDirectClub reviews from the UK. It's easy to find reviews from American users because the brand has been operating there for so much longer.

smile direct club reviews uk
Which kind of aligner is right for you?

In the UK, where the brand is still quite new, there is a smaller pool of reviews to choose from since not so many people have undergone treatment yet.

Review sites

TrustPilot is one place you can look, where SDC has 4.2 stars from over 4,500 reviews.

One reviewer named Carina was especially pleased with not only the customer service but her treatment as well, saying:

“I am blown away by the positive customer service experiences I have had with SmileDirectClub.

I took my policy out last year and due to unforeseen circumstances was unable to maintain the schedule set out for me. I've had numerous conversations with SDC over the phone and more recently in-store at the Leeds branch with Sobiya.

The compassion I have received from all members of staff I have encountered has been amazing and really helped me with my mental health struggles. I can not recommend this company enough.

I also have seen such a drastic improvement in my teeth, even though I haven't managed to maintain the intended schedule. I am still on my SDC journey but with the progress I've already seen, I am fully positive that my smile will feel perfect for me by the end of my treatment.”

– Carina, TrustPilot SDC reviewer

Here are a few more which give an idea of what the process is like, from having a scan to wearing your first aligners to completing treatment:

“Currently a month into my treatment and very impressed with the results so far. Amy was very helpful and professional.”

“I received my box in 3 weeks so that was great and within the time period they gave me. Initially my teeth felt weird when I put the aligners in but by day 3 they were fine. I am now on Week 2 and can feel a slight pressure on the teeth so they must be working. I wear mine all day apart from when I eat which is approx 3 times a day, breakfast lunch and dinner. I can't snack when the aligners are in so its great to stop me from snacking.”

“I finished my treatment with SmileDirectClub and was not happy with a few of my teeth. I rang up and the lady was lovely and very accommodating, explaining I could come in for another appointment and get a new set of aligners made and sent out for free. I have now had my appointment with the new Manchester store which was very fancy and very welcoming. The ladies here truly are lovely and will definitely put a smile on your face! Thank you so much for helping me to achieve the smile I want. Highly recommend SmileDirectClub to anyone who wants their teeth straightening and is looking for a flexible and very affordable plan.”

“Alot of fake reviews and misconceptions on this company. I finished my treatment 6 months ago and the whole process has been brilliant. My teeth are 10 times better and they even gave me 3 retainers free of charge. The whole process was so easy and smooth, even after treatment I said I think I needed a few more trays to get them as straight as I wanted and they were very happy to, and my case was accepted. I really could not recommend them enough.”

While most patients have seen great results from remote aligner treatment, some people experienced complications and wish they had seen a dentist face-to-face. Read more about the differences between Smile Direct and Invisalign.

Video reviews of SmileDirectClub

Let's move on to look at some people who have documented their SmileDirectClub experience online.

Lorelei's SmileDirectClub review

“I feel so much more confident in front of the camera, I feel more confident smiling and showing my teeth”

At the end of her treatment, Lorelei shares this SmileDirectClub video review to show what her teeth look like before and after her treatment. Overall, she says, she is really shocked with the big difference in her smile and is excited to share the results with viewers.

Finally we are here and i am doing my whole Smile Direct Club Journey Review video! I show you so much detail in this video the before and after pictures, the computer simulation of my teeth and more! If you have any questions at all then please leave them below and I will be happy to answer them! I would love it if you subscribed to my channel so you don't miss a new video! I upload every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 5pm! NEW APARTMENT TOUR = MOVING VLOG #1 = MOVING VLOG #2 = Check out my website = FOLLOW ME ↓ INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: BUY A YOUTUBE AND INSTAGRAM PLANNER: Equipment I use: Ring Light – Canon M50 – Rode Video Micro – Canon g7x – Vlog Tripod – Camera Tripod – Car Tripod – Voice over Mic – Business enquiries/ PR please email me at [email protected] As a disclaimer, some links above are affiliate links Thank you for watching, I will see you in my next video! #smiledirectclub #smiledirectclubjourney #smiledirectclubreview

Lorelei mentions that the woman she saw in the consultation was lovely and she has had no problems at all with her treatment. However, she does say that the process is painful, and cuts to a clip of her putting on a set of new aligners. Overall, Lorelei says that even though the aligners were painful at times, the overall process was simple and easy to go through.

SmileDirectClub unboxing and first impressions

This video from Georgia is not a review as such, because she has only just received her box of aligners. But it's interesting to see her opening the box, talking us through what's inside, and then fitting her first set. You can see how you need to use the “chewies” provided to get the aligners to click into place.

#smiledirect #braces #unboxing Hi guys! If your'e looking to get braces I really hope this video helped and gave you a better idea of everything. Any questions just ask, like I said I am going to be making a series and keep you updated a long the way. GET £75 OFF YOUR ALIGNERS *THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED I JUST GOT THIS LINK AS I HAVE PURCHASED MINE* Discount Codes GEORGIA10 – SOCIALS INSTA – @GEORGIAURMSON TIKTOK – @THEURMSONSISTERS

One thing Georgia has struggled with is the limitations with eating and drinking. She thinks it's unrealistic to take them out every time she drinks something other than water, and instead she uses a straw. Note that this is not recommended with SDC or any other brand of aligner, since sugar from the drinks can get trapped under the aligners and damage your teeth.

If you're going to wear clear aligners, be prepared to follow the instructions and only drink water while wearing them.

Smile Direct review after 1 week

“I was in agony for two days”

Molly's 1-week update mentions some difficulty getting the aligners in and out, as well as a slight delay with receiving her aligners, although this was sorted out after she contacted customer service.

This video is not a paid promotion, this is my true experience. Thankyou for watching, hit that like and subscribe button. link for me completing the impressions kit : Follow my socials: Insta: Molly_._Moore

Aisha's 2-month update

“It's a really simple process… I don't have a bad thing to say about it.”

Aisha is two months into her treatment and is really noticing the results now. Watch the video review below to find out how she is getting on.

I’m back after two weeks and have a small update on my journey so far!! My teeth are really moving and I can say I feel a lot more confident smiling — uploaded my very first picture on IG of me smiling (not my whole mouth but for someone who never smiles in photos this is big for me!!) 🤗 When I uploaded this video I actually received a survey from Smile Direct to fill in about my process so far, so I might have a video on that next or maybe an in depth how I clean my aligners tutorial? Let me know in the comments what you wanna see next guys!? Thanks again for being a part of the journey Feb is right around the corner!! 🥳 Post your comments or questions below if you have any!! I look forward to hearing from you. ☺️✨ ——————————————————————————— MY SOCIALS: IG/TWITTER – @ItsUrGrlAisha_ SNAPCHAT – phuckitsaisha i’m 23, from Essex, Nigerian and loveeee taking selfies, so follow up my gram. 😉 INTRO/BACKGROUND SONG: It's Gonna Be Rih – Brayton Bowman (

Aisha's treatment has been very straightforward, and she is happy with the results so far. The only thing she would like to see is a more thorough check-in process with SDC.

SmileDirectClub review and tips

Finally, we have this five-month update from an American reviewer – Ameryca shares her experience with us using Smile Direct Club's nighttime clear aligners that you only need to wear at night, for a minimum of 10 hours of continuous wear.

She chose the nighttime option because she didn't want to have to speak with people all day long with aligners in her mouth. She went to a SmileShop to get scans of her teeth done and reports that she had a pleasant experience with the Smile Direct rep.

We meet Ameryca on her five-month update, when she's on her tenth set of aligners. She only needed some very minor teeth straightening and has overall had a good experience, except for pain when she begins each new set of aligners.

I’m now 5 months in of my 8 months Smile Direct Club journey. I wanted to give an honest review of my experience. If you want to be more discreet about it they have Nighttime Aligners! Be advised it may take longer with the Nighttime option. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe! ♡ Get $100 off ♡ click the link: #smiledirectclub #clearaligners #smile ______________________ 🎶 Music Info: Title: Nomad Artist: Saiko Genre: Aesthetic "Me 2 (Feat. Julian Avila) by LAKEY INSPIRED" is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-SA 3.0) Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: ⁠—⁠— Youtube Intro template by: Taylor Layman Summer Templates


We hope this collection of SmileDirectClub reviews from the UK (and one from the US!) has been helpful. You can read more about these aligners in our full article, or if you're ready to start, book an appointment at a SmileShop near you, or order your at-home impression kit and have it delivered to your front door.

SmileDirectClub Reviews (UK): Real Opinions & Experiences
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