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Snow LED Toothbrush: Review of Snow’s Blue Light Electric Toothbrush

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You probably know about the Snow home teeth whitening system, but did you know that there's also a Snow LED toothbrush? This electric toothbrush combines sonic technology and blue LED light to leave your teeth cleaner and whiter.

But can an LED toothbrush actually make your teeth whiter? And does it do a better job removing plaque? Or are you better off with a standard electric toothbrush? That's what we're here to find out!

In this article we'll talk about:

  • Whether or not an LED toothbrush actually whitens teeth
  • Other benefits of an LED toothbrush
  • If the Snow LED toothbrush is worth getting

Short on time? The following table highlights the main features of the Snow toothbrush!




Other features

Cleaning modes

Ready to purchase?

Snow LED Toothbrush

$149 (roughly £124)

Sleek and slim with a pretty blue finish

  • Long battery life

  • Blue LED light helps kill bad bacteria

  • Charging dock

  • Clean

  • Polish

  • Whitening

  • Sensitive

For more details, keep on reading. We hope this information helps you decide if the Snow LED toothbrush is the best option for you.

Snow LED toothbrush

The new Snow LED electric toothbrush is designed specially to both remove plaque from teeth and deliver powerful whitening technology. That's because it features an integrated blue LED light, which has been proven in studies to help accelerate the teeth whitening process.

This innovative LED toothbrush also features 4 different cleaning modes — clean, whiten, polish and sensitive — for personalised attention, and sonic technology that has been shown to remove plaque more effectively than a manual toothbrush.

Meet the 2022 NEW BEAUTY® Award Winning toothbrush from Snow!

• Long-lasting battery life with charging base
• Includes (2) LED brush heads ($22 value)
• Industry Leading 2 Year Warranty
• Money-Back Results Guarantee
• Pairs well with our whitening toothpaste to add to your brushing in seconds

Get your Snow LED toothbrush here!

Snow LED toothbrush features

The new Snow electric toothbrush has an impressive list of features that makes it one of the most intriguing new options on the market for those who are interested in the latest in tech development. Let's take a closer look now:

Charges upright on a compact charging dock
  • Sonic technology: Sonic toothbrushes work by delivering tiny and rapid sonic vibrations. They can vibrate around 30,000 times per minute. These vibrations help break up the plaque that builds up on your teeth.
    Not only do they break up plaque, but sonic vibrations work to activate the fluids in your mouth, turning them into powerful cleaning agents that can get into the cracks and crevices between your teeth, as well as below the gum line. So yeah, sonic toothbrushes are very effective at cleaning teeth.
  • Blue LED light: LED light itself doesn't change the colour of teeth or brighten them, but when used along with a whitening agent such as carbamide or hydrogen peroxide, it helps to activate these whitening agents and speeds up the reactions to the whitening process.
    This study, for instance, showed that an LED light when used with carbamide peroxide was successful in activating and speeding up the process. LED light is also safer than UV light when used in teeth whitening.
  • Timer: The Snow LED toothbrush has a 2-minute timer so that after 2 minutes of brushing it will automatically shut off. (2 minutes is the American Dental Association's recommended time for optimal tooth cleaning and plaque removal). In addition to shutting off after 2 minutes, the timer also pulses every 30 seconds so that you know when to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth.
  • 4 brushing modes: The 4 brushing modes of the Snow electric toothbrush mean that you can personalise your brushing experience to meet your oral hygiene needs.
    The Clean mode delivers a dependable scrubbing every time, the Whiten mode provides that extra whitening oompf, Polish makes you feel like you've come straight from the dentist and Sensitive means that even if you have sensitive gums and teeth, you can still get the Snow white results.
  • Long-lasting battery: The battery of the Snow toothbrush lasts for days without charging, but it also charges upright on a compact charging dock — just keep it on the dock on your sink or bathroom counter and you can forget about monitoring the battery life.
  • 2 brush heads: Did you know you should be changing your brush head every 3 months? That means with your purchase of the Snow toothbrush you're all set for 6 months, and then you can order brush head refills. Or, you can share your toothbrush with your partner!

Check out the following unboxing video of the Snow LED toothbrush:

Does an LED toothbrush work to whiten teeth?

The truth is that brushing your teeth won't have a huge effect when it comes to changing the colour of your teeth. But in no way does that mean you shouldn't brush!

Brushing your teeth twice per day is critical to your oral hygiene, as the brushing action removes bad bacteria and plaque. Plaque can be yellow, so when you scrub that off, your teeth may appear whiter.

Whitening toothpaste may help a bit to brighten your teeth, but in reality, the effect will be minimal. So the question is, can a blue LED light, like the one on the Snow toothbrush whiten teeth?

It might whiten a bit, but there is no strong evidence to support it. An LED light toothbrush can certainly be used in conjunction with tooth whitening kits to maximize the whitening effects.

Snow toothbrush review
LED lights have an antimicrobial effect on gingivitis-causing bacteria

Benefits of an LED electric toothbrush

Putting whitening aside for a moment, there is evidence that blue LED lights have other benefits when it comes to oral health.

This study looked at the antimicrobial effect of a toothbrush with LED light on gingivitis-causing bacteria, using three test groups of titanium discs to study the effects. One was brushed with a toothbrush, the other was brushed with an LED toothbrush and the final group was placed in erythrosine, a red colouring agent, and then brushed with an LED toothbrush.

The bacteria was significantly lower on the discs that were placed into the erythrosine and brushed with an LED toothbrush, thus suggesting that LED toothbrushes can be effective in reducing the bacteria that cause gingivitis.

Another study had the aim of finding out if a toothbrush with blue light, when used daily as a part of an oral hygiene routine, can reduce gingival inflammation.

This study involved an 8-week comparison of the effects of toothbrushes with blue LED light against those without. The parameters used to judge the effects were plaque index, gingival index, and bleeding of the gums when probed, as well as markers of inflammation in the saliva.

The findings were that there was a significant reduction in plaque and gum inflammation, that dental plaque was reduced by a whopping 57%, and gingival inflammation decreased by 46%. Bleeding when gums were probed decreased by 15%.

The scientists who conducted the study concluded that the reduction in dental plaque was not significant, but that an antimicrobial blue light incorporated into a toothbrush could be beneficial in conjunction with a 405 nm LED light, and more studies are to come. Too sciency? The point is, plaque reduction wasn't hugely significant, but they will conduct more studies to find out.

So no toothbrush on its own is going to provide significant whitening results, but when used in conjunction with other Snow products this toothbrush could make a huge difference in your oral hygiene routine. If that interests you, you can get your Snow toothbrush now.

Why not pair with one of Snow's Whitening Toothpastes

Snow’s daily whitening toothpaste comes in two unique flavours:
Morning Frost or Midnight Mist
But why choose? You also have the option of trying both!

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Snow whitening toothbrush reviews

Snow toothbrush review
Gentle on sensitive gums

The first of our Snow toothbrush reviews comes from our product tester who has been using the toothbrush along with Snow whitening toothpaste and the Snow LED whitening kit. Here's what they have to say:

“I love how clean my teeth feel after I use this toothbrush. I have sensitive gums and the sensitive setting gives me all the clean I need while soothing my gums with no irritation. It's hard to say if the LED light is helping make my teeth whiter since I'm using it with the other Snow whitening products! But either way — I'd definitely recommend it.” Product Tester

“I was very satisfied with this toothbrush. I can actually feel my teeth getting clean since the bristles fit right in between my teeth. The vibration is powerful and the 4 modes you can change are a plus. It feels like a perfect size and I can get in all the hard to reach spots without an issue. I won’t be using any other toothbrush again!”

Verified Amazon customer

“Love the toothpaste and the new electric toothbrush”

Verified Snow cust


The Snow LED toothbrush is a sonic toothbrush that delivers 30,000 sonic vibrations per minute to effectively eliminate plaque from your teeth and gums. It also features a blue LED light that may help to whiten teeth as well.

There isn't much evidence that LED lights work to whiten teeth on their own, but when used in conjunction with whitening gel, they can activate the whitening agents and accelerate the tooth bleaching process.

One thing's for sure — the Snow toothbrush can be a great addition to your oral hygiene routine, especially if you are interested in whitening your teeth with Snow's tooth whitening kit, strips, and other products.


Does the Snow whitening toothbrush work?

The Snow whitening toothbrush system uses sonic vibrations to remove plaque from teeth. Toothbrushes on their own don't whiten teeth, but they can brighten teeth by removing plaque.

How much does the Snow sonic toothbrush cost?

The Snow sonic toothbrush costs $149 (roughly £124). This makes it a bit more expensive than some other electric toothbrushes on the market, but cheaper than other luxury models.

Snow LED Toothbrush: Review of Snow’s Blue Light Electric Toothbrush
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