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Smile White Pro Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Natalie Asmussen
Natalie Asmussen
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The Smile White Teeth Whitening Kit is the best professional teeth-whitening system that comes in a handy at-home kit. Unlike the DIY whitening kits you can buy online, the Smile White formula is dentist-strength — up to 100x stronger than those other kits.

So how is this possible? Smile White Pro Whitening provides custom whitening with bespoke trays and two in-office visits with a partnering cosmetic dentist. The fact that your treatment is supervised by a licensed dentist means that this system allows you to get safe professional whitening at home.

Keep reading to learn about Smile White, but first, check out our #1 pick for teeth whitening!

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    Smile White Teeth Whitening review summary

    This is a comprehensive review of the SmileWhite teeth whitening system.

    Read about:

    • Our experience using the Smile White Pro Teeth Whitening Kit
    • How Smile White Teeth Whitening works
    • Its level of efficacy is based on a close examination of the research and science behind it
    • The benefits of Smile White's hybrid system of getting custom trays from a professional and whitening at home
    • Smile White teeth whitening cost
    • Where to buy the Smile White Pro Teeth Whitening Kit.

    About Smile White

    Smile White is a UK-based oral care company that provides professional treatments you can use at home. Smile White partners with dentists all across the country to help patients get the treatment they need at an affordable price and without the inconvenience of multiple in-office visits.

    To whiten teeth, the Smile White formula uses a combination of 16% carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. It has gone through rigorous testing and been found to cause absolutely no damage to gums or dental bone structure.

    How does the Smile White Teeth Whitening Kit work?

    Smile White is a dentist-approved professional whitening system that includes a FREE visit with your Smile White dentist, and a carbamide peroxide whitening formula.

    Professional dentist-developed kit

    A lot of DIY whitening kits that you can buy online are certainly affordable, but the results can be underwhelming and short-lived.

    That's because, without professional supervision, the brands of remote treatments can't legally or safely provide customers with a whitening formula that is strong enough to see the results you want.

    Smile White Pro changes the game by offering a kit developed and delivered by dentists, with results that last for up to 3 years.

    Dentist-approved carbamide peroxide formula

    Most kits that are sold online are only allowed to have a very low percentage of Carbamide Peroxide, — the active chemical responsible for teeth whitening — to ensure safety in lieu of professional planning and monitoring.

    Smile White's FreshGel formula is a dental-grade peroxide whitening that is a whopping 100 times stronger than what's typically found in generic DIY kits. More specifically it contains 16% carbamide peroxide, as well as hydrogen peroxide for an extra whitening boost.

    The result? The same glowing results that you woud get from the dentist!

    SuperFit whitening trays

    When whitening with trays, it is essential that they are a custom-fit. If not, the gel is not guaranteed to be in contact with your teeth, and you might not see any results.

    Not the case with Smile White! That's because, after years of closely studying the different manufacturing techniques, they've worked with leading dental labs around the world to develop their proprietary SuperFit trays.

    These trays are made with laser technology for a perfect fit for your teeth and unsurpassed durability, so you can use them to whiten your teeth for years to come.

    Plus, there's no LED mouthpiece, so the entire experience is less bulky and completely discreet — whiten on the go, and nobody will no.

    How do I get started with Smile White teeth whitening?

    Whitening your teeth is easy and safe with a dentist-approved process and professional results!

    1. Order your kit: Get started by ordering your whitening kit online
    2. Book your appointment: Smile White will book you your FREE visit with your local Smile White dentist
    3. Tray fitting: Get fitted for your bespoke trays
    4. Pickup your kit: Your customized trays and professional-strength whitening gel are ready for you to pickup
    5. Get started whitening your teeth!

    Smile White Teeth Whitening Kit before and after

    No edits needed on these Smile White before and after photos — that's because Smile White delivers actual professional results, since it is, after all, a dentist-led professional whitening procedure, only with the convenience of using it at home.

    Smile White teeth whitening reviews

    Here's what customers are saying about the smile whitening teeth kit:

    I used smile white whitening and it’s the best whitening system I’ve used, my teeth were super white after the first use!! I’ve previously used HiSmile and it didn’t work at all, but with SmileWhite pro whitening I got the pearly white smile I was after. Would highly recommend!

    Rehan Jaffery,, 15th September 2022

    Amazing product, my teeth were so much whiter after only a few goes. Highly recommend the product!

    Laura,, 1st June 2023

    Great experience, My teeth are much whiter and look amazing!

    Baraa Elmiari,, 23rd August 2023

    The whitening kit given was clear with instructions and I saw results within 2 days! Best kit I’ve used regarding how quick the results were and how easy it was to use.

    Shannon,, 17th May 2023

    Science-backed teeth whitening


    According to a study in the Dentistry Review, 16% carbamide peroxide gel is the strongest that professional home whitening kits contain, and typically results in a change of 2 to 4 shades. This is the same as reported after an in-office bleaching session with 35% hydrogen peroxide. The conclusion is that both the in-office with hydrogen peroxide and the professional at-home with carbamide peroxide were equally as effective.


    The same study mentioned above notes that a treatment model consisting of carbamide peroxide and customized bleaching trays, supervised by a dentist but administered at the patient's home has many advantages. These include reduced time in the dentist's chair, fewer negative side effects, and a lower cost.


    Studies show that teeth whitening with high concentrations of carbamide peroxide can “produce intense oxidative stress” on gum and pulp cells, causing damage to the integrity of your dental structure, including softer enamel, increased sensitivity, and weaker teeth.

    BUT this is NOT the case with Smile White because they have formulated their teeth whitening gel with highly experienced dental professionals, and only use FDA-approved ingredients, all so you can whiten worry-free!


    Smile White Pro Teeth Whitening is developed by dentists, using potent and safe ingredients, and backed by a network of qualified Smile White dentists. The result? Stunning results that last for up to 3 years.

    With the unique SuperFit™ trays that ensure full coverage, a great price, and local dentist support, this system is our top pick for professional whitening.


    Is the Smile White Pro Teeth Whitening Kit safe?

    The Smile White Pro Teeth Whitening Kit is perfectly safe because the whitening formula is rigorously tested, and treatment is supervised by a dentist. And all of the ingredients are FDA-approved.

    How long does Smile White last?

    Smile White results last up to three years thanks to the high-strength dental-grade 16% carbamide peroxide formula, which is 100x stronger than typical at-home teeth whitening kits.

    Smile White Pro Teeth Whitening Kit Review
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