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Instasmile Reviews (UK): Are These Clip-On Veneers Any Good?

Natalie Asmussen
Natalie Asmussen
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Instasmile is a type of clip-on veneer which aims to help you improve the aesthetics of your smile for an affordable price. Sounds great, but is the product any good? Reading instasmile reviews gives you the opportunity to find out more about how clip-on veneers work, what the results are like, and whether it's the right solution for you.

In this article, we've compiled some genuine instasmile reviews to give you a better insight into what real users think of their snap-on veneers. We'll also answer the following questions:

  • What is instasmile?
  • Which problems can it treat?
  • What does instasmile cost in the UK?
  • How long does instasmile last?
  • What do instasmile reviews say about the product?

It's good to be cautious about anything presenting a cheap alternative to tried-and-tested dental treatments. We hope that this information helps you decide if this is the right path for you!

What is instasmile?

Are you looking for an affordable way to enhance your smile?

Instasmile is a company that makes custom clip-on veneers. Unlike traditional veneers, clip-on veneers are designed to clip on over your natural teeth, with no adhesives required. They can be used by people who have stained, missing, crooked, damaged or gappy teeth to achieve a perfect smile look. You don't have to visit the dentist, unlike Snap-On Smile and instasmile is considerably more affordable than other teeth replacement options.

Instasmile may appeal to anyone who is considering veneers but is unable to afford them. Instasmile also has the benefit of preserving your natural teeth, whereas it's usually necessary to remove a thin layer of enamel in order to place traditional veneers.

According to the instasmile website, instasmile clip-on veneers are comfortable and convenient and are created by skilled technicians to look like your natural teeth. They are also durable and difficult to stain, even when drinking coffee, wine or fizzy drinks.

It should be noted that if you are looking to stop the adverse health effects of missing teeth, such as jawbone deterioration, you should consider another option like implants. Clip-on veneers are no substitute for tooth replacements like implants—they are only meant to enhance the superficial aspects of your smile. Implants are most likely the best course of action when it comes to your overall oral health.

How to order

instasmile impressions
Your instasmile impressions are used to craft your veneers

The first step towards getting instasmile is to visit their UK website and complete a short assessment. They begin by checking that you don't have gum disease, oral cancer, or loose teeth – which would render you ineligible.

Then you enter some information about what you want to achieve with instasmile and which of your teeth are currently missing. They calculate your instasmile price based on this, and you can go ahead and pay. This process takes a few minutes and is quite simple to navigate.

After you've submitted your payment, you will be sent a kit to take the moulds of your teeth. This kit includes impression putty and trays which you use to make moulds of one or both arches. Instasmile offer a free video call coaching service for this process, which they recommend using to help you get your impressions right first time.

Next, you have to take a photo of your impressions and send it via email for them to approve. All being well, you can post them off in the bag provided with your kit. Once instasmile receives your impressions and they are approved by a technician, it takes around three weeks for them to make your veneers.

How much does instasmile cost in the UK?

There are currently three types of instasmile available, each costing a different amount. The table below shows a comparison of instasmile prices and features:

instasmile Moment

instasmile Classic

instasmile Platinum


Temporary (e.g. one-off event)

Occasional (a few hours here and there)


Covers missing teeth?




Straightening effect?




Ok to eat?


Only soft foods

Yes, most foods

Average thickness




Manufacturer's warranty

7 days

30 days

30 days

Extended warranty


12 months for £75

12 months included

Cost (single/double arch)




Note that these instasmile costs were correct at the time of writing and may change from time to time. You can often snag an instasmile discount code on their website, so it's worth checking for promotional coupons before you purchase.

If you can't afford the up-front cost, instasmile offers 0% interest payment plans that you can choose from.

Compare these prices to traditional porcelain veneers, which cost £400 – £1,000 per tooth, and you can see why clip-on veneers are appealing as an instant smile makeover option. However, porcelain veneers last for 10-20 years so could work out more cost-effective in the long run.

How long does instasmile take?

instasmile process
The instasmile process takes 3 weeks

According to the website, production time for your instasmile veneers takes around three weeks, beginning from the time that they receive a viable impression from you in the post. Viable in this case means that their technicians approve it for use.

You should allow about 30 days from the day you order instasmile from their UK website, but it will take longer if your impressions are not accepted first time around or there are any delivery delays.

An Express option is available at checkout for an extra £75. This shortens the production process to around 10 days.

Can you eat with instasmile?

You can eat and drink most foods and even hot and cold beverages while wearing instasmile Platinum veneers. However, if you are going to eat especially hard or chewy foods, you should remove them. You can also eat with Classic veneers, but limit yourself to soft foods and don't make a habit of it. And finally, the Moment model should be taken out before eating and drinking, although you can sip on cold drinks with them still in.

Instamile notes on their website that some people may find it difficult to eat with their veneers in.

How long does instasmile last?

This depends on which model you purchase, how much you wear them, and whether you eat with them.

Instasmile Moment is only intended for temporary use, perhaps for a wedding or other special occasion. It has a 7-day manufacturer's warranty, which says a lot about how long it's expected to last.

Instasmile Classic has a 30-day manufacturer's warranty and you can purchase an optional 12-month extended warranty that covers breakage, loss, and accidental damage. You can have up to two arches replaced for free during this time. You can expect them to last longer if you don't eat with them in, or just stick to very soft foods.

Instasmile Platinum is designed to last the longest and comes with a 12-month warranty as standard. The high-grade material is stain-resistant and durable, even with everyday use. On the downside, it is also considerably thicker than the other two options so may feel less natural in your mouth.

Is instasmile safe?

clip-on veneers
Happy customers say they are comfortable and convenient

With instasmile veneers there is a risk of them not fitting properly if your impressions aren't quite perfect. For occasional wear, the risk of harming your teeth is minimal.

The greater risk occurs if you choose the Platinum product for everyday use. Since you can eat with the veneers in, there is a chance of food particles getting trapped inside, which creates a breeding ground for decay-causing bacteria. Ideally you should brush your teeth and veneers after eating, and maintain impeccable oral hygiene.

We don't recommend using clip-on veneers to cover up teeth that are unsightly because of decay. Perhaps you are afraid of the dentist or think you can't afford it, but covering up the problem will only make it worse. A single course of NHS dental treatment, whatever work you need, costs a maximum of £282.80 – cheaper than most of instasmile's options.

Do clip-on veneers look natural?

Keep reading for the instasmile reviews below and you'll find mixed opinions on this. It can depend on what condition your natural teeth are in and which style and shade you choose.

Instasmile shades range from BL1 (Hollywood bleached) to A3 (dark ivory). Bright white teeth don't look natural on very many people (because teeth are naturally slightly yellow), but perhaps that's the look you're going for. While they do offer a slightly darker colour than the similar brand, Secret Veneers, they are not as thin so may look bigger when worn.

Some people have experienced problems with the veneers not meeting the gumline naturally and the teeth not being separated properly, making it obvious they are fake and joined together.

Instasmile Reviews

Now you know how instasmile clip-on veneers work, let's find out what people actually think of them. Here is a selection of UK instasmile reviews where real users share their instasmile experiences.

“It's totally worth it.”

First up is Rachel, she is on her second set of veneers from Instasmile, as she feels the first set didn't clip in and were a little loose to wear (even though she really liked the results). In this vlog, she is trying on the new set and she shows a comparison between the old set and the new set.

Rachel emphasises the need to take your time when making impressions at home so that you can get the fit just right.

She is really happy with her new veneers and says they fit more snugly and better along the gumline. When she tries the new ones on in the video she has a bit of a lisp, but, she is confident it will go away the more she wears them as it did with the last pair.

Watch Rachels's full UK instasmile review here:

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“It's going to be hard to get used to them.”

Next up is an instasmile video review from Elise, who got Classic veneers for both her top and bottom teeth. She wanted to fix some of her top teeth which were making her self-conscious, but got both sets so that they would match.

Here are some of the things she mentions after having them for two days:

  • They come nicely packaged
  • They make her teeth ache if she wears them all day (note that Classic is not intended for all-day use)
  • She's still getting used to talking with them in
  • The top set push her top lip out quite a bit
  • Eating with them is quite a challenge
  • They feel like a good fit over her natural teeth
My review on the classic upper and lower set.

“I'm really happy with them.”

Finally, this review from Elizabeth compares instasmile Classic and Platinum. It sounds like having been a long-term customer with her Classic set, she reached out to instasmile for a set of Platinum to review. So although she may not have paid for them, it seems like she is a genuinely happy instasmile customer.

This review is very helpful if you're trying to decide whether it's worth paying extra for Platinum.

Elizabeth says the Platinum feels a little thicker, but not particularly bulky, and that's to be expected with a more durable material. She's found them more secure when eating, and even her dentist is happy with the condition of her teeth after she's been wearing instasmile for a year.

Check out Elizabeth's channel to see some more of her instasmile videos.


veneers vs implants
Implants are a better way to replace teeth

Thanks to instasmile customers who are willing to share their experience, we know a little bit more about if these veneers work. As you can see, people are generally happy but there are some things that mean they aren't suitable for everybody. If you're tempted to invest in instasmile, but have some reservations, you can always ask your dentist for their feedback and check the alternatives.

As a general rule, clip-on veneers are probably fine to use for an occasional confidence boost. However, we can't stress enough that they are no substitute for proper dental care, especially if you have decay that's damaging your teeth.

Equally, implants are the best way to replace a missing tooth because they prevent the bone loss that occurs when there is no tooth root.

But, we know that some dental treatments are very expensive in the UK. If you want to enhance your smile in the short-term with affordable veneers, clip-on might be the way to go, especially if you can't afford other more expensive ways to do it. If you are set on getting clip-on veneers then consider getting dentist prescribed ones like Snap-On Smile.

Instasmile Reviews (UK): Are These Clip-On Veneers Any Good?
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