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Does Turmeric Stain Your Teeth? Here’s How to Avoid Permanent Stains

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While turmeric has long been used in medicine, new research reveals that it may also benefit dental health, including gum health. But does turmeric stain your teeth?

You're probably already aware of the yellow pigments in turmeric. Many of us have had the misfortune of spilling curry down our fronts and being unable to remove those stubborn yellow stains from our clothes. So, you're probably wondering if turmeric can stain your teeth as it does your favourite white t-shirt.

In this article, we will go over the pros and cons of using turmeric for your oral health care, including:

  • The benefits of turmeric for your oral health
  • Does turmeric stain teeth?
  • Can you whiten your teeth with turmeric?

If you're interested in incorporating turmeric into your oral health routine (or if you just enjoy a good turmeric-spiced curry) and want to learn how to avoid turmeric stains on your teeth, read on.

Does Turmeric Stain Teeth?

Turmeric gives a yellow-orange hue to everything. However, if you properly clean your teeth with a toothbrush and waterflosser after consuming turmeric, there is little to no risk that it will cause permanent stains.

Turmeric has several benefits for your oral health. But, if you consider trying out turmeric for teeth whitening, you might rather look at a professional teeth whitening kit like Smile White that brings you faster and longer-lasting results.

Why does turmeric stain your teeth?

does turmeric stain teeth
Does turmeric stain your teeth?

This spice's powerful yellow pigments may stain your teeth the same colour over time. Turmeric has the potential to stain anything it comes into contact with, so be cautious when using it.

However, when searching for answers to will turmeric stain teeth and why, there’s some more to consider:

It’s not the colour of drinks/food that stain teeth, but the acidity that opens the pores in the tooth enamel which allows staining. Strong enamel does not stain!

Dr Ellie Phillips
turmeric stains teeth
Does turmeric stain your teeth yellow? Or is it suitable for your oral health and teeth whitening?

In other words:

Consuming a lot of acidic foods and drinks will weaken your tooth enamel and allow turmeric to stain your teeth yellow. According to Dr Ellie Phillips, the issue isn't the turmeric but the condition of your tooth enamel.

Oral health benefits of consuming turmeric

While turmeric will stain your teeth if not used correctly, it also provides several health advantages.

  • Preventing plaque: Turmeric can help prevent and remove plaque when combined with correct brushing and flossing practices.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects: Research on turmeric's benefits on gingivitis sufferers have shown it to be effective in lowering inflammation.

Curcumin, found in turmeric, was found to be effective in preventing gingivitis, or gum disease, according to 2012 research. When used appropriately, it removes plaque and germs and decreases inflammation just as effectively as a standard mouthwash.

Can turmeric help whiten teeth?

There is currently no scientific evidence that turmeric may help whiten your teeth. However, some people claim that the spice has helped them achieve whiter teeth.

Watch this video from the Raw Recovery YouTube channel to see what this YouTuber thinks about using turmeric.

He says that turmeric gave him good results with his teeth whitening and claims it is brilliant for his oral health. However, he does strongly advise you are careful not to get any on your clothes or around the outside of your mouth.

How can you consume turmeric without staining your teeth?

Turmeric is not the leading cause of stains on your teeth; the acids in the food you consume weaken tooth enamel. Reduce your consumption of acidic foods and beverages to avoid stains from turmeric.

If the tooth enamel is in healthy condition, it will have a sleek and smooth structure. However, consuming acid-containing foods damages the enamel and causes pores to open. As a result, foods with powerful colour pigments like turmeric discolour the teeth.

Keeping your tooth enamel in excellent condition is the best way to fight turmeric tooth stains. Rinse your mouth immediately after consuming turmeric and brush your teeth thoroughly.

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The bottom line is that turmeric has been linked to oral health benefits. It's a natural way to boost your immune system and prevent plaque buildup and gingivitis in your mouth.

It does not, however, aid in teeth whitening or removing stains. If you are considering using turmeric as a natural teeth whitener, you should use it with careful consideration. You may see results if you have a small number of surface stains, but ingesting turmeric regularly may cause yellow or brown stains on teeth.

Don't worry about staining your teeth if you love curry and other turmeric-rich foods. Turmeric won't impact their shade or strength—as long as you practice dental hygiene regularly.

So, just make sure you brush and floss your teeth after you're done with your snacks or meals. And, if you want whiter teeth, consider using proven whitening treatments, or check out our article's on natural whitening solutions such as charcoal, banana peel and lemon.

If you're not keen on hydrogen peroxide in whitening treatments, there are also peroxide-free whitening products available!

Always talk to your health care professional about the risks of taking turmeric for therapeutic purposes.


Can turmeric stain your teeth?

Turmeric leaves a yellow-orange tint on everything. However, there is no or little chance of turmeric causing permanent stains if you brush your teeth properly after consuming it.

Will drinking turmeric stain my teeth?

Yes, it does stain. Because turmeric causes a yellow-orange tinge in your mouth, make sure to water floss and brush properly after consuming it to avoid permanent stains on your teeth.

Does turmeric stain crowns?

There have been many individuals claiming that turmeric stains their crowns. Turmeric can give your mouth a yellow-orange tint, so be sure to water floss and brush properly afterwards.

Does Turmeric Stain Your Teeth? Here’s How to Avoid Permanent Stains
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