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Invisalign Before and After: Results from Real Patients


Are you looking for some Invisalign before and after pictures before committing to your orthodontic treatment? Well, you've come to the right place.

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What will your teeth look like after Invisalign?

Invisible braces like Invisalign are becoming more and more popular in the UK, especially among adults and teens. They provide an effective yet discreet way to straighten teeth, and they work for around 90% of people. We understand it's a big decision though, especially as the price of Invisalign and braces can be a significant investment.

So if you're leaning towards this treatment but want to see some other people's Invisalign results first, keep reading. Here we feature cases from four patients with different alignment problems, as well as some time-lapse videos showing Invisalign before and after transformations.

Invisalign before and after: Gaps and Underbite

This 23-year-old male patient had an underbite malocclusion, meaning his upper teeth sat behind his lower teeth. He also had noticeable gaps between several of his teeth (diastema). But if you saw his teeth after Invisalign treatment, you would never guess what they looked like before.



This was quite a severe Invisalign case and took 24 months to correct, involving 55 aligners for the upper teeth and 60 for the lower.

Even if you have an underbite or large gaps between your teeth, you may still be a suitable candidate for Invisalign treatment. You can take a quick assessment to check your eligibility.

As you can see from these pictures of teeth gaps before and after Invisalign, the aesthetics of the smile were much improved. Closing gaps in teeth can also make them easier to clean, since it reduces the chances of bits of food getting trapped between them.

Would you like to see what your teeth could look like after Invisalign treatment? It's easy to find out right now! Invisalign's SmileView tool lets you see your very own before and after photos to give you an idea of what a difference this treatment could make. Click below to give it a try!

Invisalign before and after: Overcrowding

The next case was much more straightforward to treat, taking just 12 months and using 32 upper trays and 33 lower. The patient required a small amount of IPR (interproximal reduction), which involves the dentist filing down the tooth enamel in certain places. This creates more space for the teeth to fit into alignment better.



Looking at the before and after photos, the overcrowding is not immediately obvious from the front view. However, the open mouth view shows more clearly how several of the teeth were out of alignment, and you can also see this from the side.

If you are conscious of how your teeth look, even if all your friends think they are fine, Invisalign aligners could be a great solution. Having metal braces fitted might feel a little extreme to you, but clear aligners let you straighten your teeth much more subtly. And if you only need slight tooth movement, you might be a good candidate for Invisalign Lite, a treatment designed for milder cases.

Invisalign open bite treatment results

In this next case, the patient had a significant open bite as well as a posterior crossbite. In plain terms, this means:

  • There is a gap between the top and bottom front teeth when biting
  • The top teeth at the back sit inside the bottom teeth, when they should be outside
  • The upper arch is quite narrow

Having an overbite can lead to problems with eating and speech, as well as poor facial aesthetics. But it's reassuring to know that cases like this don't always require traditional braces.



Despite the amount of correction needed, this case took just 13 months to treat, using 27 sets of aligners. The patient needed Invisalign attachments and had to wear elastics with his aligners throughout the treatment to aid tooth movement. The elastics hook onto the top and bottom aligners to encourage greater tooth movement. They're usually attached to molar teeth so are not too visible.

Although this patient's treatment was successful, some cases of overbite which require vertical tooth movement may not be treatable with the Invisalign system. Instead, clear fixed braces are a good alternative to metal braces for patients who want a less noticeable treatment.

You can take Invisalign's free Smile Assessment to find out whether you're a suitable candidate for aligners. Alternatively, find an Invisalign provider in your area and book an initial consultation to discuss your treatment.

Invisalign have numerous providers in London and the rest of the UK, so finding one near you to discuss treatment shouldn't be hard.

Overbite before and after Invisalign

At the opposite extreme to an open bite, an overbite (or deep bite) means the upper front teeth sit too far down in relation to the lower teeth. Look at this patient's before and after pictures, and you'll see that her bottom teeth were hardly visible when she smiled. She also had some quite significant crowding.



This treatment took 18 months, which is about the average time for Invisalign. It's also worth noting that this patient was 49 years old when she began her treatment, so it's really never too late to get your teeth straightened if you're unhappy with how they look.

Invisalign results time lapse video

This patient, who had treatment with Invisalign Comprehensive for overcrowding, has published a fascinating Invisalign time lapse video documenting his treatment. The video shows the front view first, then the view from the top. You can see that there was significant movement to one of his premolar teeth which was positioned too far into his mouth.

This is one of the benefits of choosing Invisalign over some other removable aligner brands; Invisalign have been operating for the longest and have been developing their technology for over 20 years, meaning they can perform more complex tooth movement and treat up to 90% of cases.

Full Invisalign time-lapse Total length of treatment before retainer = 80 weeks Feel free to ask anything in comments 0:00 – Front view 0:34 – Bottom view 1:04 – Office visit pics #invisalign #timelapse

Not had enough of looking in other people's mouths yet?

We have one more video for you, from an Invisalign Elite provider in Canada. These before and after images show that the Invisalign system can be effective in even some of the worst cases of crowding, diastema and crossbite. and Check out what Dr. Tam has done for some of his patients using Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. You should not be able to tell whether these patients had Invisalign or braces. The keys to successful Invisalign treatment are: 1. An experienced Invisalign doctor. 2. Compliance with wearing the aligners. Keep in mind that your Invisalign results will differ depending on how the doctor plans your treatment, just as it would with braces. Be careful not to waste your time and money trying to save money on Invisalign treatment with inexperienced doctors. Offices in Oshawa, Markham, and Stouffville, also serving Whitby, Pickering, Ajax, Bowmanville, Courtice, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Scarborough, and Uxbridge.


Not only are Invisalign aligners comfortable and discreet, but these aligners are also effective on 90% of orthodontic cases – even some of the most severe and extreme – as these before and after pictures have shown. Invisalign treatment results show a noticeable improvement in smile aesthetics, as well as in bite function.

If you're still undecided, why not read some Invisalign reviews which we have compiled. These give a better idea of what it's actually like to wear clear aligners.

We also recommend you make an appointment with your nearest Invisalign provider. At this consultation, your dentist or orthodontist will assess your suitability for Invisalign and also give you a personalised treatment plan, so you'll know how long your treatment will take and what it will cost.

Please do keep in mind that individual quotes will vary — you can call 866-383-0748 to find an Invisalign dentist near you who can give you a detailed price quote.

Many providers offer a consultation for free, and there's absolutely no obligation to go ahead with treatment, so why not find an Invisalign provider near you now?

And if you haven't yet tried on your own Invisalign before and after smile, you can do it now with their free SmileView tool. Just upload a selfie and wait a minute for your result.

If you still have questions about the best orthodontic treatment for you, or you have been told your case is too severe for good Invisalign results, check out our detailed guide to braces for adults for information about other options.

Invisalign Before and After: Results from Real Patients
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