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Invisalign Comprehensive: Costs, Treatment & Eligibility

Contributors:  Amanda Dexter

If you're considering getting your teeth straightened using Invisalign removable aligners, you may have heard about their different treatment options like Invisalign Comprehensive, Lite and Express. But it can be difficult to get clear information about what these terms mean, what they cost, and how to know which one is right for you.

In this article, we will concentrate on Invisalign Comprehensive, which is Invisalign’s clear aligner system for moderate to severe orthodontic cases. We'll cover the following topics so you can make an informed decision about your treatment:

  • How Invisalign Comprehensive works
  • Invisalign Comprehensive cost in the UK
  • What can these aligners treat?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Alternatives to Invisalign Comprehensive

So, if you are considering Invisalign treatment or your dentist has already recommended Invisalign Comprehensive, we hope this article helps you understand more about the treatment.

What is Invisalign Comprehensive?

The Invisalign Comprehensive package is Invisalign’s top-tier invisible braces system. It is used when an orthodontic case is moderate to complex, and even some severe cases can be treated. If you are not already familiar with what Invisalign is, you can read our article to find out more.

invisalign comprehensive
What is the Invisalign Comprehensive package and is it right for you?

However, to summarise, Invisalign aligners are clear plastic removable aligners that are custom-made to fit your teeth snugly. They work by applying pressure to your teeth and gradually moving them into the desired position. 

As you may already know, treatment with clear aligners includes more than one set of aligners. Invisalign aligners are actually a series of aligners that you change every couple of weeks to continue your treatment as your teeth move position. You will also check in with a dentist or orthodontist both in person and via the Invisalign app to monitor your progress.

The following video is an Invisalign Comprehensive review from a patient whose treatment lasted 15 months.

The Invisalign system combines clear aligners with other elements like attachments, buttons and elastic bands to create the required tooth movement.

These elements are most likely to be needed with Invisalign Comprehensive treatment for more complex cases. According to a lot of Invisalign reviews, the attachments and buttons are the most noticeable parts of this aligner system.

Who is eligible for Invisalign Comprehensive?

Invisalign Comprehensive is designed to treat a wide range of orthodontic cases from moderate to complex. This treatment is suitable for almost anyone looking to straighten their teeth with clear aligners. Depending on your case, this aligner system may be able to treat the following:

invisalign comprehensive cost
Invisalign Comprehensive can treat a wide range of orthodontic cases
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Overjets 
  • Overcrowding
  • Gaps between teeth (diastema) 

There is no limit to the number of aligners used in Invisalign Comprehensive treatment. Once you have had a consultation with an Invisalign provider, they will create a personalised treatment plan for you.

This will let you know how many sets of aligners you'll need, and how long your treatment will take. If you have any dental restorations, you will be able to see how this may affect your treatment. And, it will also give you an idea of the number of face-to-face check-ups you will need with your dentist or orthodontist to ensure your treatment is going smoothly. 

While Invisalign Comprehensive can treat a wide range of orthodontic cases, not everyone is a good candidate for clear aligners. However, up to 90% of orthodontic patients can benefit from this treatment so it's worth checking if you’re eligible. 

How does Invisalign Comprehensive work?

If you are ready to start the process and want to know how to get Invisalign Comprehensive treatment then your first step is to have a consultation with an Invisalign provider.

During your initial consultation, you will get a 3D scan of your teeth and discuss your eligibility and options with the dentist or orthodontist. The Invisalign system uses state-of-the-art technology to do a 3D scan your teeth and bite and create your whole treatment plan digitally. 

comprehensive invisalign
Your first step to getting Invisalign Comprehensive is to have an initial consultation with a provider

A computer-generated image will be created to show you your projected results before you even decide to go ahead with your treatment. You will also get an idea of how long your treatment might take and how many sets of aligners you will need.

Once you have decided to go ahead, Invisalign Comprehensive works like this: 

  1. Receive and begin wearing your first set of aligners
  2. Regular check-ups in person with a dentist, and online monitoring via an app 
  3. You will change your aligners roughly every 2 weeks, or when told to by your dentist 
  4. Full treatment duration will depend on your individual case 

If you are undecided, you may want to consider some other brands of clear aligner too. You can read about alternatives to Invisalign to discover some other options.

What are the benefits of Invisalign aligners?

The main benefits of having orthodontic treatment with clear aligners is that they are almost unnoticeable when worn, and they are removable and more comfortable than fixed braces. Although clear aligners can't treat all cases, those who are eligible tend to find them more convenient than traditional braces.

The fact that they are removable means they are easily taken out for important meetings, or even just to take a nice photograph. You do, however, have to wear them for 20-22 hours per day, still taking them out to clean them and your teeth, and to eat and drink anything other than water.

For more information on why you should remove your aligners to eat and drink, check out our article: Can you drink with Invisalign?

The following table is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of Invisalign aligners:



 Almost unnoticeable  

Requires patient compliance 

 More comfortable than traditional braces

Treatment may cost more than fixed braces


They may alter your speech at first

 Works for 90% of orthodontic cases

You must be eligible for treatment

 No pain from braces adjustments

 Easy to clean teeth and aligners 

If you already have braces but are wondering if you can switch to Invisalign from braces, the answer is yes, in some cases.

How much does Invisalign Comprehensive cost in the UK?

As you will know, many private dental costs range between dentists and from practice to practice. However, as a rough guide, Invisalign Comprehensive costs between £3,500 and £5,500. 

The cost will depend on the complexity of your orthodontic case, and how long your treatment will take. It is a good idea to shop around and get quotes from a few Invisalign providers in your area to find the best price for your treatment. 

Invisalign aligners are not available on the NHS, so you will have to go to a private dentist to get this treatment. Only metal braces are available on the NHS and only under 18’s can get orthodontic treatment for free. Adults will most likely have to go privately for orthodontic treatment as it is rarely an option with the NHS unless medically needed. 

invisalign comprehensive cost uk
Invisalign has aligner packages to suit almost everyone

Other types of Invisalign treatment

As we have already mentioned, the Comprehensive Invisalign system is just one of several treatment options from Align Technology. They all use the same type of aligner, but the difference is in the kinds of cases they can treat:

Invisalign First: This treatment is designed for young children between the ages of 6 and 10. It can be used as an early intervention to prevent developmental problems when the child is older. 

Invisalign Express: This system of aligners is used to treat aesthetic cases including mild cases of crowding and spacing. It is also a good option for some patients that have relapsed from not wearing their retainer after orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign Lite: Similar to Invisalign comprehensive, except this system is for mild to moderate cases for both adults and teenagers. Invisalign Lite takes an average of 6-8 months to complete treatment. 

Invisalign Comprehensive vs Lite

When it comes to Invisalign Comprehensive vs Lite, it's important to note that you don't get to choose between the two. Instead, your dentist or orthodontist will decide which is most suitable based on the complexity of your case.

Invisalign Lite treatment may be more appealing because of the shorter treatment time and lower cost, but it will only be offered if you need simple tooth movement. Comprehensive treatment can treat more complex issues and give more refined results. Very mild cases that only need Invisalign on the top or bottom teeth may be eligible for single-arch treatment, but this isn't an option for those that need Invisalign Comprehensive.

The best way to know your treatment options is to search for Invisalign providers near you and book an appointment. After a full assessment, you should have answers to all your questions.

Alternatives to Invisalign

SmileDirectClub is a very popular at-home aligner brand in the UK. Priced at £1,639, it's a cheaper alternative to Invisalign Comprehensive and includes support from Customer Care and Dental teams through email, chat, and video call.

The reason the price is so low is because SmileDirectClub and other at-home aligner brands carry out your treatment via remote monitoring. Since you don't have regular visits to a dentist's office, the cost is lower.

This type of aligner is only suitable for mild and some moderate cases, but you can check whether you're a good candidate with a free online assessment.

NewSmile is a similar brand whose aligners cost just £1,295. The main difference is that SmileDirectClub have some clinics around the UK that you can visit for a 3D scan to plan your treatment. NewSmile don't have these, so you'll have to take your own teeth impressions at home (an option that is also available from SmileDirectClub).

Here's an overview of these brands:

Find the right clear aligners for you
Are at-home clear aligners a good option for you? Learn more about our top picks.
  • Free scans at 17 UK SmileShop locations
  • Nighttime aligners available
  • Lifetime Smile Guarantee™
  • £1,639 or £69.43/month + free teeth whitening
Check current offers
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SmileDirectClub has been offering aligner treatment at home for over 8 years, making them one of the most experienced companies in this market.

Treatment takes 4-6 months on average, or 10 months for nighttime-only aligners. Their UK-based customer care is available 24/7 should you need to reach out at any time.

There are several ways you can get started:

Every aligner package comes with free bright on™ teeth whitening, so you can whiten your teeth while you straighten them!

  • Free retainers and whitening
  • Nighttime aligners available
  • 0% interest finance options
  • £1,395 £1,295 or £83.33/month
Save £100 on NewSmile
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NewSmile is a Canadian company that brought its clear aligners to the UK market in 2022. NewSmile aligners are made from the clearest material and the company offers excellent service at the best price.

They don't have any physical locations, so you'll need to purchase an aligner kit to get started. One of their Impression Specialists will guide you through the process on a video call when you're ready.

NewSmile aligners are very affordable, costing just £1,395 (currently discounted to £1,295). But even better, this price includes whitening foam to use in your aligners, plus your first set of retainers!

Choose their daytime package for treatment in 4-6 months, or nighttime aligners for a more discreet treatment that takes 8-10 months. Both options come with 0% interest payment plans available.

Quick Straight Teeth is another aligner brand available in the UK. This one focuses on straightening just the 6-8 teeth at the front of the mouth (those most visible when you smile). You'll find them affordable compared to Invisalign Comprehensive, especially if you need treatment on both arches.

invisalign comprehensive vs lite
Invisalign Comprehensive is for moderate to complex cases that generally have a longer treatment time


Invisalign Comprehensive is Invisalign’s full treatment system for moderate and some complex orthodontic cases. Thanks to Invisalign's advanced research and technology, these removable clear aligners can treat up to 90% of cases. 

While the Invisalign system does have other options available, this one can treat the most cases and get the most refined results if you are eligible. Invisalign Comprehensive can treat a wide variety of orthodontic problems including overbites, underbites, overjets, overcrowding and gaps. 

Keep in mind that before you opt for any aligner treatment, you should visit your dentist for a general check-up to ensure there aren't any untreated cavities or gum problems. Your dentist can also assess your overall suitability for any aligner treatment.

Invisalign Comprehensive: Costs, Treatment & Eligibility
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