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How to Remove Braces, and Why You Should Not Try This At Home

how to remove braces
Your orthodontist should remove your braces

Are you wondering how to remove braces at home? You should never take your braces brackets off at home. Getting braces removed is a complex process that only a dental provider should do.

The only time you might need to know the process for removing braces is if you have an absolute emergency — and it's difficult to even imagine what kind of emergency that would be.

In this article we're going to talk about the following:

  • The risks to your teeth and mouth of removing braces at home
  • The braces removal process
  • Alternatives to removing your own braces

Why your braces shouldn't be removed at home

Removing braces from your teeth on your own is dangerous. You can cause permanent damage to your teeth by applying too much pressure, and you could even lose a tooth entirely. Not to mention the pain you are bound to experience.

You might also be successful in getting your braces off, but experience side effects later on. This could include sensitive teeth, especially if you scratch off the enamel on your tooth's surface.

Some patients with braces also have a metal band around their molars, and this could be even more difficult to remove if you don't have the proper tools.

If you keep your braces on your teeth a bit longer than your original treatment time, either because you can't get to the orthodontist, or you don't have enough money to pay, make sure you stay up on your oral hygiene because the greatest risk is plaque buildup on your teeth around the brackets.

If you keep your braces on your teeth for an extended period of time after your treatment was supposed to end, then it's possible that your teeth will move in unintended ways.

braces removal
For safe removal, call your dentist

To avoid this, go back to your original orthodontist who helped you when getting your braces and ask about your options for braces removal. You can also look for a dental school, where you can receive low-cost but quality treatment.

How much does it cost to get braces removed?

The cost of the removal for the standard patient is included in the price of your braces, so you shouldn't have to pay anything extra. Separately, it could cost between $60 and $250.

How to Remove Your Braces at Home

We cannot emphasize enough: your orthodontist should be the one to complete the braces removal. They have all of the tools needed to complete the process and can easily remove the adhesive without any damage. Your enamel is very fragile, but they know how to maintain it.

They remove your braces using a special metal tool that loosens your brackets. An orthodontist can usually do this all at once, lowering the amount of discomfort that you feel. After that, they will give you a thorough dental cleaning.

Finally, your orthodontist may also take an x-ray of your teeth. The entire process can take an hour or two, depending on what needs to be done.

And if you want to get your braces off early, chances are your orthodontist would much rather remove them for you — even if you haven't finished treatment — rather than you doing it by yourself.

Contact the orthodontist who put your braces on if you need to get your braces off. Whether it's the right time or not, and whether you can pay the full cost or not, chances are they'll take your brackets off before allowing you to do it yourself.

How do you remove braces glue from your teeth at home?

During the braces removal procedure, the orthodontist should handle most of the remaining glue for you. However, it's possible that some glue could get left behind.

Brush your teeth like normal, taking care to get all of the adhesive spots. Then, carefully use a dental pick to slowly scrub off the leftover glue. Rinse with warm water, then brush again. This time, the rest of the adhesive should come off.

Emergency braces removal

We do not recommend that you remove your braces yourself, but if you are in an emergency that absolutely requires it, the process would go something like this:

  • Collect your materials: You will need a pair of small pliers, which you should sterilize in boiling water.
  • Use the pliers: Use the pliers to grab on the bracket, then gently twist it to pop them off. Many people say it doesn't hurt to do this to their back teeth, but removing the bracket from the front teeth is very painful.
  • Brush your teeth: Next, you should gently brush your teeth. After the removal process, there is likely a lot of adhesive left behind on your teeth. You don't need to scrub them forcefully, as you could damage a tooth.
  • Visit the dentist: Schedule an appointment with a professional ASAP so they can check to make everything is OK and remove any remaining adhesive.


Don't remove your braces by yourself at home. Your orthodontist has special tools and training that ensure the process is safe.

If there is an emergency that requires you to remove your braces, mention it to your orthodontist, as they would much rather take your braces off for you than have you try it.

If you can't pay for an orthodontist appointment to get your braces off, try consulting the orthodontist who originally put them on for you, or look for a dental school that offers low-cost or free services.

How to Remove Braces, and Why You Should Not Try This At Home
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