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Do you struggle to keep all of the different dental terms straight? If so, we’ve got just the thing for you: A glossary full of all the dental terminology you could possibly want to know—and then some! Search for a specific term below, or scroll down to see our full list of dental terms. From dental procedures to parts of the mouth and the tools dentists use, read on to get down with some dentistry vocabulary.  



A type of localized lesion that is usually associated with pus, swelling, and discomfort; this type of infection can affect the tooth, bone, or soft tissues. | Read more…


1) Teeth that support fixed or partial bridges; 2) The metal or porcelain piece that connects the implant post to the crown


A pain-relieving medication that you can purchase over the counter. Both Tylenol and Anacin are acetaminophen.

acid etching

A dental material used to prepare/roughen surface of the tooth for bonding materials

activated charcoal

A black powder that is used for natural tooth whitening | Read more…


A sudden illness, potentially requiring immediate treatment.

ADA Seal of Acceptance

An award from the American Dental Association given to products deemed safe, effective, and supported by science


A substance or material that bonds surfaces or materials together

adult-onset diabetes

An adult health condition, wherein those affected can’t control their blood sugar levels


Related to appearance and beauty


An alternative to wire-and-bracket braces; a plastic tray fitted to the teeth to correct alignment problems | Read more…


A type of tissue graft from one human donor to another recipient


A synthetic material used to replicate/replace human tissue (e.g., bone)


A bone that keeps the tooth anchored at the tooth base


A common alloy used for fillings, sometimes known as silver fillings; contains tin, silver, copper, zinc, and mercury


A process for pain management; anesthesia is administered before dental procedures to promote relaxation and lessen feelings of pain and discomfort.

antibiotic prophylaxis

The use of antibiotics before potential exposure to bacteria in order to prevent infection.


A group of medications used to treat bacterial infections, such as abscesses | Read more…

anticoagulant medication

A type of medicine that keeps blood clots from forming, reducing the risk of stroke or heart attack

antiviral medications

Medication that fights against viruses.


The tip of the tooth root


A removable orthodontic device or dental restoration


The curved anatomy of upper and lower teeth alignment


Bone or tissue that is surgically transferred from one part of the body to another


bacterial endocarditis

A rare infection involving the heart.

baking soda

A chemical compound sometimes used in natural dentistry to clean teeth; also known as sodium bicarbonate

barrier membrane

A thin layer of material used in certain tissue regeneration procedures


A medical term used to describe a non-cancerous growth or lesion


The fourth and fifth teeth toward the back of the mouth in each arch; see also premolars.


The ability to be tolerated by living tissues, bones, organs etc.


A procedure that involves removing a small amount of tissue in order to diagnose a condition


A type of medicine that makes bones stronger


A type of dental x-ray characterized by showing upper and opposing lower teeth in a single photo film to identify decay


A procedure that makes teeth whiter in color


The process of adhering materials to teeth, such as porcelain or composite resin

bone augmentation

The building up of the bone around dental implants.

bone loss

The decrease of bone supporting a tooth or implant.

bone resorption

Deterioration of the bone that keeps teeth in place; often associated with gum (periodontal) disease


An orthodontic device composed of brackets and wires that is gradually adjusted to straighten misaligned teeth | Read more…


An appliance that can replace missing teeth and spans multiple teeth to create better support; sometimes called a fixed partial dentureRead more…


The condition of teeth grinding, which often occurs at night | Read more…


A general term relating to the cheek or mouth (e.g. the buccal side of the tooth)

bulimia teeth

Tooth decay that results due to bulimia, an eating disorder | Read more…



A calcium-based deposit that can be yellow or brown in color and is the result of poor plaque removal; another term for tartar


See cuspid.

canker sore

A type of mild mouth ulcer that is common in adolescents and young adults


See crown.


A medical term for cavities or tooth decay


Missing tooth structure from caries, erosion or abrasion; also known as a carious lesion


A type of mineralized tissue that protects the root of the tooth and helps anchor it in place

cervical area

The location of the gum line in between the tooth crown and the root; sometimes called the cervical margin


The process of removing plaque and tartar from the teeth above the gum line

cleft lip

A birth condition that results in a split lip and may be associated with a cleft palate

cleft palate

A birth condition that results in a split in the roof of the mouth | Read more…

clinical trial

A study conducted to test the efficacy of a new treatment or medication


A pain-relieving medication that requires a doctor’s prescription; can have many side effects including mental dependence

composite resin

A dental material used in restorations (e.g., fillings) that is tooth-colored and composed of plastic and blended with glass or ceramic particles for added strength | Read more…

cosmetic dentistry

Services that improve the aesthetics of your teeth or mouth instead of your oral health.


A dental misalignment where the top and bottom teeth sit unevenly, resulting in an asymmetrical face | Read more…


1) The part of the tooth above the gum line; 2) A covering for part or all of a tooth to restore the tooth to its original shape and size | Read more…


The pointed tip(s) of the tooth


A tooth with a rounded or pointed tip; the third tooth from the center; also known as canines


A sac that can contain fluid, soft material, or gas and can be benign or malignant; may be accompanied by inflammation



A barrier used during dental care

dead tooth


The process of removing damaged tissue or debris as part of treatment


Tooth destruction that happens due to bacterial buildup; see also tooth decay.

deciduous teeth

The first teeth that children get; also called baby teeth


The amount you have to pay out of pocket before your dental insurance kicks in.


Erosion of the enamel that covers the tooth surface | Read more…

dental erosion

The thinning of dental enamel.

dental lab

A facility where dentures and other dental prosthetics are created and repaired | Read more…

dental tourism

A general term for traveling abroad to receive less expensive dental care | Read more…


The layer of the tooth just underneath the enamel


The development and arrangement of teeth


An old word for toothpaste.


A removable or fixed replacement for damaged or missing teeth; complete dentures replace the entire set of teeth, and partial dentures replace some teeth but not all | Read more…

denture adhesive

A type of glue used to temporarily hold dentures in place.

denture cleansers

Solutions such as creams, pastes, and gels that are used to clean removable dentures.


A gap between the upper front teeth | Read more…


The side of the tooth away from the midline of the mouth

dry mouth

A medical condition where not enough saliva is produced; may be due to medications, other medical ailments, tobacco use, and certain medical treatments; also called xerostomia | Read more…

dry socket

A complication that can result after a tooth extraction when a blood clot either doesn’t form or comes loose, which leaves the socket and bone unprotected | Read more…



Swelling and inflammation


The condition of having no remaining teeth


Having no teeth


The ability of something to work as it was designed.


The hard, mineralized external layer of the tooth above the gum line



A dental specialist who focuses on the treatment and study of dental pulp and teeth roots, particularly root canal procedures | Read more…


The process of teeth emerging through the gums


Related to appearance and beauty. Also spelled ‘aesthetic.’


Surgical removal


Tooth removal | Read more…



A type of tooth restoration where lost tooth portions are filled with metal, composite resin, or porcelain | Read more…

first molars

The molars that are closest to the front of the mouth.


A naturally existing groove on the surface of a tooth

fixed denture

A dental prosthesis that cannot be removed

flap surgery

The process of lifting gum tissue away from the tooth for deeper cleaning


The process of using a thread-like material to clean in between teeth and keep the contact points between teeth free of debris and plaque | Read more…


A mineral that makes tooth enamel stronger | Read more…

fluoride varnish

This liquid contains fluoride and is painted onto the teeth for extra protection.


A condition that results in tooth discoloration due to ingesting too much fluoride during the first 8 years of life | Read more…



See gums.


A type of surgery done to remove gum tissue


Inflammation of the gums and a type of gum disease caused by the accumulation of plaque and food debris | Read more…

glass ionomer

A type of material used for restorations (like fillings) that is partially composed of silicate glass powder

guided tissue regeneration

A procedure that encourages the growth of new gum tissue

gum disease

gum graft

A procedure where tissue from the roof of the mouth is surgically attached to an area that needs gum tissue

gum recession


Oral tissue that covers the jaw and surrounds the base of the teeth; also known as gingiva



The clinical term for chronic bad breath that does not resolve with basic oral hygiene | Read more…

hard palate

The roof of the mouth


A dental procedure where half of a tooth is removed; this procedure can only be done on teeth with multiple roots (molars)

hepatitis C

An infection of the liver.

holistic dentistry

A form of dental treatment that seeks to treat total body wellness instead of treating isolated disease; also known as natural dentistry | Read more…

hydrogen peroxide

A chemical compound sometimes used in dentistry as a mouthwash or for teeth whitening | Read more…


A specialist who focuses on cleaning and polishing teeth; also known as a dental hygienist


A congenital condition where a person has more than the normal number of teeth | Read more…


A condition where the teeth are more sensitive to pain, cold, heat, and other stimuli | Read more…


A congenital condition where a person has fewer than the normal number of teeth | Read more…



Pain reliever that you can buy over the counter; examples include Motrin and Advil


A general term for the process of taking internal pictures of the teeth and mouth; many imaging techniques are radiographs.

impacted tooth

A dental condition where the tooth has either partially grown (erupted) from the gums (partially impacted) or has not grown from the gums at all; this may be due to crowding (like wisdom teeth); impacted teeth are sometimes surgically removed.


A type of dental prosthesis that replaces a missing tooth root and crown | Read more…


The front teeth (upper and lower); humans have eight incisors


A type of indirect tooth restoration that is formed outside the mouth and attached to the inner surfaces between the tips of the teeth

interdental brushes

Small dental tools composed of bristles and wire that are designed to clean in between teeth | Read more…

interproximal reduction

The process of slimming and creating gaps between teeth in preparation for braces, abbreviated as IPR; this will allow teeth to align properly without crowding. | Read more…


Inside the mouth.

intrinsic staining

Discoloration of the internal tooth structure



Pieces of bone that make up the mouth and contain the teeth



A protein that is present in the body’s cuticular structures, like hair and skin. Tooth enamel also contains some keratin.



1) The surface that faces the lips; 2) Related to the lips

laughing gas


An area of disease or injury, such as an abscess, tumor, or ulcer


A condition where thick, white patches form on the tongue and inside of the mouth, sometimes due to smoking; leukoplakia is usually benign


1) The surface of the tooth facing the tongue; 2) Related to the tongue


When the dentist attaches the crown to an implant.


See trismus.



A medical term used to describe a cancerous growth or lesion


A misaligned bite in which the upper and lower teeth do not come together correctly | Read more…


The lower jaw


The upper part of the jaw that is attached to the skull


A general term referring to the face and jaw

maxillofacial surgeon

A dental specialist who focuses on surgery related to the face and jaw


A minimally invasive procedure that involves using mild abrasive material to restore and shape teeth


The large, multi-rooted teeth in the back of the mouth

mouth breathing

Inhaling and exhaling through the mouth instead of the nose, which can lead to dry mouth, potentially causing gum disease or decay | Read more…


A removable dental device that can be worn to prevent teeth grinding or worn during contact activity to prevent injury


A product used to rinse the mouth to freshen breath and kill bacteria; also known as a mouthrinse | Read more…


natural dentistry


A body system component that sends signals to and from the brain, such as pain

night guard

A removable dental device that can be worn at night to prevent teeth grinding, often made from flexible acrylic | Read more…

nitrous oxide

A chemical compound used to sedate patients and provide some relief from pain; also known as laughing gas


A group of over the counter medicines that are anti-inflammatory and nonsteroidal, used to relieve pain.



The general term referring to the contact/alignment between the teeth


Also known as recontouring, this mostly cosmetic procedure reshapes the teeth


A tooth restoration created in a dental lab that covers most/part of the tooth

open bite

A type of misalignment that exists when the jaw is closed and the upper teeth do not overlap over the bottom teeth | Read more…


A type of prescription pain reliever that is known for causing addiction


Related to the mouth.

oral and maxillofacial surgeon

A dental specialist who focuses on surgery related to the inside of the mouth, as well as the face and jaw | Read more…

oral candidiasis

See thrush.

oral cavity

The inside of the mouth

oral herpes

A condition caused by the herpes simplex virus-1 that results in lesions inside and outside the oral cavity | Read more…

oral hygiene

The practice of keeping the teeth and mouth clean to prevent disease; includes brushing and flossing | Read more…

oral lichen planus

A condition that can cause burning or pain, appearing as white patches or swollen sores in the mouth.

oral mucosa

The lining, or ‘skin’, of the inside of the mouth

oral surgeon

A dental specialist who focuses on surgery related to the inside of the mouth

orthodontic appliances

The general term for fixed and removable devices used with issues related to misaligned teeth and jaws

orthodontic treatment

Treatment to straighten teeth and fix alignment problems, like braces.


A specialist who focuses on issues related to misaligned teeth and jaws | Read more…

orthognathic surgery

Jaw surgery

osteonecrosis of the jaws

Severe jaw bone loss.


A disease that causes bones to become weaker.


Medications that you can buy without a doctor’s prescription.


A teeth alignment condition where the upper jaw overlaps the lower jaw | Read more…


An alignment condition where there is not enough room in the mouth to accommodate tooth growth; also known as crowding or dental crowding | Read more…


An alignment condition where the upper teeth extend outward; sometimes called ‘buck teeth’


pacifier teeth

An alignment condition that can result from long-term pacifier use or thumb-sucking | Read more…


The roof of the mouth that extends into the sinus cavity


A method of treatment that typically eases discomfort but may not treat the root cause

pedicle graft

A type of gum tissue graft that takes gum tissue from near the area of gum surgery to cover areas of lost tissue


Pediatric dentistry | Read more…


A dental specialist who focuses on treating child and adolescent teeth; also known as a pediatric dentist


An infection that develops around implants and that can cause bone loss.


The area and tissue surrounding the tip of a tooth root


The tissues and structures that surround and support the teeth (gums)


A branch of dentistry that deals with gum disease and other gum issues


A dentist who specializes in treating gum disease and gum-related problems | Read more…


Also known as gum disease and periodontal disease, this condition refers to the inflammation and infection of gum tissue

permanent teeth/dentition

Adult teeth; adults have 32 permanent teeth


A sticky film that forms on the surface of the teeth, which can eventually harden into tartar and lead to decay | Read more…


A type of restoration material (like crowns) that is strong, stain-resistant, and tooth-colored and composed of lab-made ceramic


A metal shaft that is implanted in the jaw and forms the base for dental implants and bridges


A general term referring to the rear/back; premolars and molars are considered posterior teeth


The tooth that is located in between the canine and the molar; adults have four premolars

primary teeth/dentition

Baby teeth; these are the first teeth to emerge in human development, and children have 20 primary teeth | Read more…


Teeth cleaning performed by a dentist that removes plaque and calculus from teeth.


A replacement for missing teeth; dentures, veneers, crowns, implants, and bridges are types of prostheses


A branch of dentistry that deals with dental prostheses and missing teeth


A dental specialist who focuses on missing teeth and dental prosthetics


The inner part of the tooth structure that contains blood vessels and nerves

pulp necrosis

A dental condition where the pulp (part of the tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves) dies; also known as a dead toothRead more…


A dental condition that causes pain, swelling and sensitivity in the dental pulp, the tissue that surrounds the root of the tooth | Read more…



One of four sections of the mouth that begins at the midline of the arch and goes to the back tooth.



A type of image created by x-rays or other types of radiation (like gamma rays)


A specialist who focuses on taking and interpreting x-rays and other radiographic images


A denture replacement procedure where the denture base is replaced, but not the teeth

receding gums

A type of gum disease that occurs when gums pull back, or recede, away from the teeth, exposing more teeth surfaces and roots; usually affects the smile | Read more…


The process of reshaping the outer edges of the teeth; sometimes called odontoplasty, enameloplasty, stripping, or slenderizing | Read more…


The process of refitting the dentures to fit the gums correctly; this is done when gums recede or dentures become loose in some way | Read more…



A general term for techniques used to preserve or replace teeth, such as fillings, implants, bridges, and root canals

restorative dentistry

A branch of dentistry focused on preserving tooth structure and restoring damage | Read more…


A type of orthodontic device used after orthodontic treatment to keep the teeth in position | Read more…


See mouthwash.


The bottom part of the tooth, including the bottom tip, that anchors the tooth in place

root canal

1) The passageway into the root of the tooth that contains pulp, blood vessels, and nerves; 2) Root canal treatment (also known as endodontic treatment) involves cleaning the root canal and repairing damage in the area in order to protect the tooth | Read more…

root planing

A process where rough root surfaces are smoothed to remove bacteria; also known as deep cleaning | Read more…



The fluid produced by the salivary glands, which keeps the oral cavity moist


A dental procedure done to clean calculus and plaque from the teeth


A type of thin dental coating meant to cover the teeth to prevent tooth decay; applied during a dental cleaning | Read more…


The general term for the tools and techniques meant to cause relaxation and drowsiness

sedation dentistry

A branch of dentistry that focuses on providing medication to patients to encourage relaxation and drowsiness | Read more…


The general term for a medication administered to cause relaxation, drowsiness, and pain relief

sensitive teeth

A dental condition where more pain or sensation in the teeth is felt due to stimuli such as cold or heat

sinus lift

A surgical procedure where bone is added to the upper jaw that is often done in preparation for dental implants | Read more…


Spaces in your facial bones, in the forehead on either side of your eyes.

Sjögren syndrome

An illness where the immune system attacks itself. It can cause dry mouth and dry eyes, along with other symptoms.

smile design

A cosmetic consultation to develop a plan to whiten, straighten, and overall improve one’s smile

smile makeover

The process of using one or more cosmetic dental procedures to improve one’s smile | Read more…

smokers' teeth

A condition involving teeth staining and possibly gum disease or tooth decay as a result of smoking | Read more…

socket graft

A type of graft procedure done in the ‘hole’ from a tooth extraction to keep the bone intact for a dental implant

soft palate

The flexible part of the roof of the mouth


A small rubber band or ring that is placed around teeth to create a gap; this is done during dental procedures and to help make room for braces


Tooth discoloration due to food, drink, and tobacco, and even medications; intrinsic staining refers to discoloration of the internal structure of the tooth


Irritation of the soft tissue in and around the mouth

supernumary teeth


A stitch or series of stitches used in surgical procedures to hold the edges of a wound or incision together



Hardened plaque on the surface of the teeth that contributes to tooth decay

teeth grinding

See bruxism.


The process that young children undergo when teeth first emerge from the gums | Read more…

temporomandibular joint

The joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull

temporomandibular joint dysfunction

Issues related to pain, clicking, stiffness, and locking of the jaw; sometimes called TMJ or TMJ syndrome

tetracycline teeth

Teeth discoloration due to the antibiotic tetracycline | Read more…


A therapy or treatment to help control or eliminate illnesses or other health problems.


A condition caused by yeast overgrowth, specifically Candida albicans; thrush can be caused by illness, certain medical conditions, and smoking; also known as oral candidiasis | Read more…

tongue scraper

A tool used to clean the tongue in order to reduce bacteria; a tongue scraper is used in addition to brushing. | Read more…

tongue tie

A condition in young children where the frenulum linguae (the tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth) is shorter or tighter than normal | Read more…

tooth decay

The damage to the tooth surface or enamel caused by bacteria | Read more…

tooth resorption

A rare dental condition where the body starts to absorb part of the tooth | Read more…

topical anesthetic

A medication placed on a tissue surface (like skin or gums) to numb an area before a procedure


The general term for any sort of injury or damage to the teeth, bones, or nearby tissues


A condition where the jaw cannot be opened completely; this can be temporary or permanent; also known as lockjaw



A benign lesion inside the mouth; also known as a canker sore | Read more…


A tool that uses high-frequency waves for imaging and dental procedures (such as cleaning)


An alignment condition where the lower teeth extend further forward than the upper teeth | Read more…


A general term for when a tooth does not emerge from the gums



A type of dental restoration that involves placing a thin shell over the tooth enamel; often used in cosmetic dentistry | Read more…



A natural or synthetic product used to cover the pointed edges of orthodontic devices (like braces) to prevent damage to oral tissues | Read more…


A dental treatment that involves using bleaching elements to reduce discoloration | Read more…

wisdom teeth

The most posterior teeth in the mouth, which emerge in adolescence; also called third molars | Read more…



A type of radiographic image commonly used in dentistry | Read more…


See dry mouth.
There you have it! A digital dental dictionary packed full of all of the dental terminology you could possibly want to know. In our dental glossary, we cover:  
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  • Parts of the mouth: We get into the nitty-gritty of dental nomenclature with definitions including the medical terminology for the mouth, the medical term for teeth, and other basic dental terminology.
  • Tooth anatomy: We provide special tooth nomenclature and obscure dental definitions like the medical term for missing teeth,
  • Dental professions: Let this also serve as your dentistry dictionary to expand your dentistry vocabulary with the various medical terms for dentists, such as endodontists, periodontists, orthodontists, and more!
We hope all the dental jargon in our digital dentistry dictionary not only widens your dentistry vocabulary but that it also helps you take amazing care of your oral cavity, from your incisors to your molars and your gingiva to your oral mucosa!