Read Reviews from Patients who got Dental Implants in Hungary and Other Dental Work


If you’re researching your options for dental work in Hungary, reviews are an important part of this process. You want to know what the experience was like for other people who got treatment such as crowns, veneers and dental implants in Hungary.

But with so much information available online (and not all of it honest), you might feel a little overwhelmed. To make your decision that bit easier, we have compiled some helpful reviews and advice from people who have visited Hungary for dental work. Here you’ll find information on:

  • The kind of dental work people have in Hungary
  • Benefits of booking through an agency
  • What to expect when you arrive
  • How to choose a clinic
  • Potential downsides

These are all good things to consider as you research whether dental tourism is right for you. If you haven’t already read our guide to dental work in Hungary, check it out for some more tips and information.

“It felt as though I had been treated in a spa rather than a dentist”

Matthew first started taking dental tourism seriously after a colleague mentioned the idea to him. He had a painful tooth infection and was facing a three-month wait in the UK for the operation he needed. Plus, he needed other work (including a crown and implant) that was going to work out very expensive with his local dentist.

dental tourism Hungary reviews
Low-cost flights make Hungary a popular dental tourism destination for Brits

Matthew was apprehensive at first but a little online research put him at ease. He chose Budapest because of its established reputation for dental tourism and its cultural sightseeing opportunities. With flights costing $100 return, it was a very cost-effective alternative to private treatment in the UK.

In a review of his Hungary dental experience, Matthew explains how impressed he was with his treatment, the staff and the clinic (which felt like a spa). He booked a package which included accommodation conveniently located just two doors down from the clinic.

Writing his review three months on, he says the trip was definitely worth it to skip the three-month wait and avoid private dentistry prices in the UK.

If you’re visiting Hungary for dental work involving surgery like wisdom tooth removal or implants, consider getting accommodation close to the clinic like Matthew did. You’ll probably appreciate being able to go right back to your room to recover.

“All the staff spoke perfect English and were very friendly”

This video documents the experience of a patient who traveled with his wife to Budapest. She wasn’t planning to have any treatment because she hates going to the dentist, but when she saw the facilities she felt comfortable enough to book to get her own teeth whitened.

Because this couple booked through a dental tourism company, their five-star accommodation was included and they were provided with maps and a phone to help them get around. They were very happy with the standard of dental care and the overall service they received.

They plan to go again when they need more dental treatment. The only thing they would change is to stay somewhere a little more central, with easier access to shops and sightseeing.

Dental work in Hungary review: “I felt in safe hands”

Helen needed to replace old veneers and was quoted £10,000 – £12,000 ($13,000 – $16,000) by a UK dentist for work including teeth whitening and a dental bridge. She researched dental tourism in Hungary and chose a clinic based in Budapest which treats mainly British patients.

prices for dental implants abroad
Your clinic may offer a consultation in the UK

Helen’s first step was to have a consultation at the company’s London clinic. This cost a reasonable £25 ($33) which was refundable against any treatment she had. The estimated cost of the work was £4,700 ($6,000). She had to make three separate visits to Hungary, but even factoring in the cost of flights and accommodation, she saved a huge amount.

She says she felt reassured about her decision when she reached the clinic and found it was equipped with modern technology and the staff spoke good English.

“After many hours of discomfort and a little pain, I emerged with a mouth full of teeth to be proud of,” says Helen.

Dental implants in Hungary review: “It was a decision that I was a bit wary about”

David, from London, explains that he was concerned about getting dental work abroad but he decided to go ahead because of the money he could save on his four implants and five crowns. Now, 18 months on, he is still very happy that he chose to get dental implants in Hungary.

He mentions that the clinic he visited was full of Brits getting dental work. He was pleasantly surprised to find that not only was the treatment much cheaper than in the UK; the quality of the work and the level of service were better than he’d experienced back home.

It’s just a shame the video quality is so bad you can’t appreciate the smile he is so happy with!

“Treatment may work out more expensive than you had planned”

John was attracted to his clinic in Hungary because of the six-year warranty they provided on his crown. In the UK, the same work was only guaranteed for one year.

A representative in the UK answered all John’s questions and gave him a cost estimate. He flew to Hungary for a full consultation which included transfers, accommodation for one night, and x-rays – and he only had to cover the cost of the flight.

root canal treatment
Root canal treatment extended John’s stay

Once he got there, though, he found out his treatment was going to cost more – and take longer – than expected because he needed a root canal. On speaking to some other patients at the clinic, he discovered it was pretty common for treatment to cost more than originally quoted. Plus, because the clinic was so busy, there were long waits between appointments and the extra work doubled the length of his trip to two weeks.

John’s blog post is an interesting read if you want to know more about his experience. If you need unplanned treatment, you can easily blow your budget through:

  • Paying for the extra treatment
  • Extended time off work (if you are working)
  • Re-scheduling flights
  • Extra nights in your hotel
  • Additional food and travel costs

John’s final tip is to consider bank charges if you pay for your treatment by credit card. It could even be worth applying for a card with no overseas transaction fees – especially if you’ll be paying thousands of dollars.

Summary of Hungary dental reviews

One thing that stands out in many reviews is people’s surprise at how professional, pleasant and friendly the dental clinics in Hungary are – especially compared to what they are used to back home. It’s not, as one reviewer joked, a case of a dingy back-street dentist pulling teeth with pliers.

Hungary dental reviews
Research reviews and testimonials for your chosen dentist

Many people choose to book through an agency so everything is arranged for them. If you’re wary about travelling overseas for dental care, this peace of mind could be just what you need. However, if you’re used to planning your own travel, it’s quite straightforward to book your own flights and accommodation and navigate Budapest yourself. If you choose a clinic away from the city, check whether transport is provided.

We hope you have found these Hungary dental tourism reviews and tips helpful. We’d recommend you do as much research as possible into your chosen clinic and dentist before you commit to anything. Don’t forget, you’ll find lots more information on visiting Hungary for dental work here.

If you decide Hungary isn’t right for you, there are plenty of other locations you might consider.

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