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Snow Teeth Whitening Reviews: Does Snow Work and Is It Safe?

Natalie Asmussen
Natalie Asmussen
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Dr. Karen Kemp-Prosterman
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In this Snow Teeth Whitening review, you'll learn all about how Snow Teeth Whitening is the best dual-peroxide whitening kit on the market. But you don't need to take our word for it because the science and the myriad positive Snow Teeth Whitening reviews say it all.

We'll go over all of that and more so you can see for yourself why Snow Teeth Whitening kits are the most popular and effective way to whiten teeth at home.

Get Professional Results at Home with Snow

You can save more than 100% when you choose Snow over expensive in-office whitening — a difference of over $1,000! Plus, Snow actually works, thanks to the combination of hydrogen and carbamide peroxide that makes up their signature whitening gel.

If you want to see real results, but don't want break the bank, Snow will get the job done.

Save money on professional whitening with Snow!

How does Snow Teeth Whitening work?

Snow Teeth Whitening is an all-in-one, LED-activated teeth whitening kit that whitens teeth in as little as nine minutes per day. Activating LED technology is one of the newest ways to whiten teeth. And studies show that it can indeed be effective in home teeth whitening.

The Snow whitening serum contains hydrogen and carbamide dioxide. To use Snow, you brush the serum onto your teeth, then insert an LED mouthpiece while you whiten for 10 to 30 minutes.

You should use the whitening kit for 21 days to achieve the best results.

Snow works thanks to the hydrogen and carbamide peroxide in the whitening gel. The LED mouthpiece may speed up the whitening process, but it won't actually make teeth whiter.

Snow Teeth Whitening kits review

Snow uses activating LED light technology, which has been demonstrated in some cases to accelerate the whitening process – although it should be noted that there are other studies that don't show the same results.

It works in as little as nine minutes per day. It targets all sorts of stains, from coffee, wine, tea, tobacco, and really anything else you can think of.

But it's not just about getting whiter teeth. When you buy Snow teeth whitening, you're:

  • Buying local: The product was developed in California. Each kit is made in the US and ships from Arizona.
  • Using fewer chemicals: Keeping in mind that peroxides can cause sensitivity, the Snow whitening system is safe to use and is designed for all types of teeth, making it good teeth whitening for sensitive teeth.
  • Taking a stand against animal testing: Snow whitening products are never tested on animals.

With Snow Teeth Whitening, you have two kits to choose from: the Original kit and the Snow Wireless Kit. Both receive positive reviews, but let's have a look at the differences between these two systems so you can decide which one is best for you personally.

Original Kit

This is the original Snow Whitening system that rocketed the Snow name to the top of whitening kit brands around the world.

You'll see results from using it for as little as nine minutes a day, although you can use it for up to 30 minutes twice daily for stronger results.

When you order the Original Kit, you will receive:

does snow teeth whitening work  snow teeth whitener
Everything you need to whiten teeth
  • 1 mouthpiece with patent-pending LED technology
  • 3 silver (standard) whitening wands with advanced whitening serum to erase stains
  • 1 gold (extra-strength) whitening serum wand
  • 75 treatments at just $1.60/treatment
  • 1 teeth whitening progress tracker
  • Wire for connecting to iPhones, USB, and other smartphones
  • An app that lets you control just how much you whiten your teeth (although one review we include mentions that it didn't work)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not happy with the results
  • 5-year warranty

Snow Wireless Kit

The Snow Wireless Kit has a re-engineered, ultra-sleek design and more whitening power than ever.

As the name suggests, the Wireless Kit is, well, wireless. It includes all of the same great features as the Original Kit, plus the following that add extra convenience and reassurance to your whitening:

snow teeth whitening reviews
The 2nd Generation Wireless Kit is sleeker than ever
  • Water-resistant – Save time during your morning routine, and whiten while you shower.
  • Dual-light therapy – The mouthpiece uses blue LED light to whiten teeth, and red LED technology, which Snow says will support gum health, although it's not clear if the Snow red light is the same used in studies that show that red light LED can improve oral health.
  • Cordless charging – Just place your mouthpiece in its carrying case when you're finished whitening to charge.
  • Self-sanitizing – An automatic UV light sanitizes your mouthpiece while it's charging.
  • Portable – The new design is sleek and fully portable, so you can whiten wherever you go.

It also comes with:

  • 2 silver (standard) whitening wands
  • 1 gold (extra strength) whitening wand

The 2nd Generation Wireless Kit is yours for $299. Included in the price is a 5-year warranty—that means you get at least five years of whitening by purchasing this kit—just order refills of the whitening gel when you need a touchup.

So, if the idea of whitening your teeth while you check your email wasn't convenient enough for you, with the Wireless kit you may be able to reduce bacteria in your mouth, get a whiter smile faster, and take a shower all at the same time. Find out more in our Snow wireless teeth whitening kit review.

How does snow teeth whitening work?

Apart from the app and the fact that it lasts a whole year, one of the best things about Snow is that you brush the whitening serum directly onto your teeth. This has several benefits over other whitening kits where you apply the gel to a mouth tray:

  • You get completely even coverage
  • It's less messy
  • The gel lasts longer because you're only using what you really need
  • There's no risk of excess gel squirting out onto your gums and causing irritation or sensitivity

The original kit is the most popular, normally sold for $149. But right now, it's discounted by $50, so you can get it for just $99. Click here, to get your Original Kit at this special rate.

So, if you're ready to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home and for an affordable price, the Original Kit is a great option.

It comes with everything you need to get that white smile you've always dreamed of, with results lasting more than a year with continued use.

Not in the US? No problem! Snow whitening kits ship to wherever you are around the world. So don't let borders stop you from getting whiter teeth.

Snow refills

One of the things we really love about Snow is that, unlike some other whitening kits, with Snow, you can purchase whitening serum refills.

is snow teeth whitening safe?
You can get gel refills

That means you can use the same kit for years to come – it comes with a 5-year guarantee, after all – and purchase the refills you need whenever you want to do a whitening touchup.

The wands come in two sizes:

  • Standard: 21 treatment sessions
  • Large: 42 treatment sessions

Snow Teeth Whitening subscription

Snow has just launched their Smile for Life Club, a teeth-whitening subscription service. If you sign up for this when you buy your kit you get:

  • The Original kit discounted to $129
  • 1 Free Extra Strength Serum worth $29
  • 1 Free Charcoal Whitening Floss worth $15

The subscription costs $29 every three months, and for this, you'll get a new Extra Strength whitening wand plus free floss. This great deal continues for as long as you keep the subscription active.

Here is a video about the snow wireless teeth whitening kit:

How to use Snow Teeth Whitening

To use your Snow Teeth Whitening kit, follow the instructions included with your kit, or the ones provided on the Snow website. The general instructions are as follows:

how does snow teeth whitening work
Twist until the gel comes out
  • Brush the whitening serum onto your teeth using the applicator wand.
  • Insert the mouthpiece into your mouth and turn it on.
  • Keep it in for 9 to 30 minutes (depending on if you want to whiten more or less or if you are concerned about sensitivity).
  • After your whitening time is up, rinse your mouth and the mouthpiece with warm water.

Snow also recommends:

  • Brushing your teeth before you whiten.
  • Repeating twice a day for the fastest results.
  • Storing the whitening wands in the fridge so they keep their potency.

Here is a video showing how to use the Snow whitening kit:

You also may need to twist the whitening wand as many as 30 times during the first use, until the whitening gel comes out.

How long does it take for Snow teeth whitening to work?

Looking at Snow teeth whitening reviews, some people notice their teeth looking whiter after just one or two uses. For others, it might take a few days longer to start seeing results.

A lot depends on how white (or not) your teeth are to begin with and what type of staining you have.

To keep track of your results, a shade guide is included in your whitening kit. It has a space to write the date you begin your treatment, and boxes to check the shade of your teeth before and after whitening.

You can purchase more shade guides when you repeat your treatments.

The recommended treatment course is 21 days, and by the end of this, you should definitely see a difference. If not, you're covered by Snow's 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Snow whitening ingredients

The ingredients used in Snow's safe whitening serum are:

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Carbamide peroxide
  • Glycerol
  • Deionized water
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Carbomer
  • Potassium nitrate
  • Peppermint oil

More from Snow

Before we get into Snow teeth whitening reviews from real customers, you can also read about other products from Snow!

Now let's have a look at Snow teeth whitening reviews.

Snow Teeth Whitening reviews

Snow Teeth Whitening reviews tend to be positive. Many customers now rely on this system as their go-to for perfectly white teeth. Let's have a quick look at what just some of them have to say. Product Reviewer

We had one of our Product Reviewers try the Original Whitening Kit. She used the kit for just under 21 days and found it to be easy to use.

She even looked forward to seeing her results at the end of each whitening session. She didn't notice any tooth sensitivity, but she didn't have any sensitivity issues to begin with.

Throughout the sessions, she did notice a progressive whitening of her teeth, estimating that they went from a 7 on the shade guide to about a 3.

Her conclusion? If you want to make your teeth a few shades whiter for less money than you would with in-office professional dentistry procedures, then Snow is definitely a good choice.

Sher's Snow Whitening review

Sher has a lovely smile but off-white teeth due to her daily coffee habit. She decides to take the Snow 21-day challenge and takes us with her on her journey.

By day 5 she uses the Snow shade guide (included in the kits) to track her progress, and by the end of the 21 days, she says her teeth went from about a 5 on the shade guide to a 2. She never reaches 1, but she notices a marked difference in the whiteness of her teeth and highly recommends the kit.

This next YouTube reviewer has been using Snow for two weeks so far and sums up her experience so far by saying “So far, so good!” She also shows us some Snow teeth whitening before and after images.

She takes us through all of the products that come included with the kit, including those she loves and those she doesn't. She also covers how to use Snow teeth whitening.

This next reviewer is coming to us from across the pond and is no stranger to at-home teeth whitening kits. Even with all of the kits she's tried, she really likes Snow and the different products that come with the kit, especially the sensitivity pen, since she often gets sensitive teeth after whitening treatments.

Find out more about why she recommends Snow for whitening teeth in her full review below, and have a look at her Snow teeth whitening before and after pics.


snow teeth whitening
Get whiter teeth fast

Snow Teeth Whitening offers a fast way to whiten your teeth at home. Their special formula is made without any harsh chemicals and is perfect for people who have sensitive teeth.

They've helped nearly 1 million people get whiter smiles and that number promises to keep rising.

Snow is making their teeth whitening products even more accessible now by offering payment plans so you can spread out the costs. Read more about the Snow Teeth Whitening payment plan.

And remember, you don't have to be in the US to get whiter teeth with Snow. They ship internationally, to any country in the world.

If you haven't yet, have a look at why celebrities are big fans of this convenient and effective whitening system.

Not convinced yet? Check out some of the other best teeth whitening options. One in particular that we recommend is the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system.

Their custom-made trays and dentist-grade whitening gel mean you get the exact same treatment you'd get at the dentist, from the comfort of your home, and for a fraction of the cost. Read our review here to find out more!


Is there a Snow Teeth Whitening coupon or discount code?

Yes! There are frequent promotions and discount codes for a variety of products on Snow's website, including the wireless and original whitening kits.

Does Snow Teeth Whitening hurt?

The Snow teeth system doesn't hurt. Even people with teeth sensitivity can use it. One of the reasons why it's good for people with sensitive teeth is the way the gel is applied.

You apply the whitening gel to your teeth by brushing it on with a wand; this ensures that the gel only goes where you want it to—on your teeth, and not on your gums.

Does Snow Teeth Whitening work?

The Snow Teeth Whitening system uses hydrogen and carbamide peroxide in their whitening formula — both ingredients which have been proven to whiten teeth, and are used by dentists.

Can you buy Snow's products on Amazon?

Yes, you can, but we recommend buying through their website where you can access exclusive discounts. Click here to check Snow's best prices before you order on Amazon.

Snow Teeth Whitening Reviews: Does Snow Work and Is It Safe?
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