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Best Invisible Braces: Which Clear Aligner Brand is Right for You?

Contributors:  Natalie Asmussen
Medically reviewed by:  Dr. Karen Kemp-Prosterman

What are the best invisible braces for 2024? We've taken a look at the wide range of clear aligners on the market and narrowed the list down to the clear orthodontics brands that stand out — Byte, Smileie, ALIGNERCO, NewSmile, Candid, and Invisalign.

The criteria we used to review these brands included the price of treatment, the efficacy of treatment, customer service, and customer reviews.

In this article, we'll cover the following:

  • Best invisible braces 2024
  • Cost of treatment
  • Treatment time
  • Eligibility requirements

Keep reading to find out which type of adult braces could work for you.

What is the best clear aligner company?

Byte is our top pick for the best brand of invisible braces. They offer a low price and fast treatment, in some cases as little as 3 months. They also have special technology that reduces discomfort.

There are a lot of other good options too, all of which we will cover in this article.

The best aligners on the market
There are so many companies offering remote teeth straightening with aligners! Take a look at our top picks and discover why we recommend these over any others.
  • Complete treatment 100% remotely
  • Amazing customer service
  • Nighttime-only option
  • $1,495 or $55/month
Get NewSmile aligners
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NewSmile aligners are made from the clearest Essix plastic and come with a daytime or nighttime-only option to suit you. For just $1,495 you'll receive everything you need to straighten and whiten your teeth – and maintain your new smile:

  • Home impression kit
  • Full aligner treatment
  • Free whitening
  • First set of retainers
  • A full refund if you're not a good fit

NewSmile goes above and beyond to provide a great experience to all their customers, beginning with a live video call to help you with your teeth impressions. Mail these back, and they'll send a 3D Treatment Preview for you to approve before going ahead.

Alternatively, click here for an extra $20 off an impression kit!
  • Complete treatment 100% remotely
  • 4-6 month average treatment time
  • Nighttime-only option
  • $949 or $77/month
Get this deal
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If you're looking for the best value aligner package, here it is! For just $895 you'll get:

  • Impression kit
  • Full aligner treatment course
  • Free teeth whitening kit
  • Your first set of retainers

In short, everything needed to straighten your teeth remotely and keep them looking great, with a full money-back guarantee if you're not a suitable candidate.

This low price doesn't mean you're compromising on quality of care, though. ALIGNERCO just choose not to put so much into marketing, and they pass on the savings to their customers. They are also known for their responsive and helpful customer care, which is important when you're doing things from home.

Plus, if you're in New York, you can visit their SmileStudio for a free consultation and help taking your impressions.

Nighttime-only aligners are also available for anyone who doesn't want to wear aligners during the day.

  • 3-4 month average treatment time
  • Assessed and planned by orthodontists
  • Includes whitening and first retainers
  • $1,999 or $70/month
Get faster treatment
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Byte's HyperByte technology uses High Frequency Vibration to help your teeth move faster and with minimal discomfort. Their average treatment time is just 3-4 months, compared to 6 months for most others.

Treatment includes your first set of retainers. You'll also get their BrightByte 3-in-1 foam to whiten your teeth, clean your aligners and freshen your breath. And their Byte-for-life guarantee means you'll get free adjustments if your teeth start to move again.

Begin by ordering an impression kit so their orthodontists can assess whether you're a good match.

Get 80% off with code SMILEBRYTE
  • Single-arch treatment option
  • Nighttime aligners available
  • Free refinements & 2 sets of retainers
  • $699 (single-arch) or $999 (dual-arch)
Check Smileie's offers
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Smileie's aligner treatment is not only affordable, but flexible too. You have the option of single-arch treatment for just your top or bottom teeth, as well as nighttime-only treatment. And whichever package you choose, monthly payments are available.

On top of this, Smileie offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee which includes free refinements if needed. Their aligners are made in the US and treatment takes 4-6 months on average.

Get the best discount when you purchase your aligner package up-front, including:

  • Home impression kit
  • Teeth whitening kit
  • Two sets of retainers
  • A full refund if you're not a good candidate

Packages start at $699 for single-arch treatment. Click below to check for current discounts!

At-home aligners work very much like in-office clear aligners, except that everything is done remotely. Studies have found that teledentistry outcomes could be comparable to regular braces.

Best invisible braces in 2024

As promised let's take a look at some of the best invisible aligners brands on the market today.

best invisible aligners
There are so many options!

Byte: Best overall

Byte is a at-home teeth straightening brand, offering some of the fastest treatment available — just 3 months in some cases. This is thanks to HyperByte, a device that speeds the straightening process up and decreases discomfort.

One of the things that really sets Byte apart from other brands is their HyperByte technology, which can cut treatment time down to just 3 months for some people. Check out this report for more information about the technology. Byte also offers a nighttime option, with 10 hours per night of aligner wear.

Byte pros

  • Treatment time: Shortest treatment time of all aligners — just 3 months in some cases
  • Nighttime: They offer a nighttime option
  • Support: They have great customer support
  • Tech: HyperByte technology speeds up treatment time and reduces discomfort
what is the best brand of clear aligners?
HyperByte speeds up treatment time

Byte cons

  • Byte is only meant for mild to moderate cases of malocclusion
  • Byte has no physical locations where you can go to get your teeth scanned


  • Cost: $1,999 standard; $2,399 nighttime
  • Average Treatment time: 4 months
  • Overall rating: ★★★★★

Is Byte right for me?

Choose Byte if:

  • You don't mind paying more for a nighttime option
  • You want faster and more comfortable treatment thanks to HyperByte technology

We have a whole Byte reviews article and a Byte vs Candid comparison for more information.

To get started, order your impression kit online and get 80% off your kit with code SMILEBRYTE.

NewSmile: Clearest aligners

NewSmile is another of our top picks for best teeth aligners. Their aligners are the second-fast in the industry (just behind Byte) and they also offer a nighttime-only option.

newsmile aligners
Get a kit to make your impressions

NewSmile pros

  • Clear aligner material: NewSmile teeth aligners are the clearest on the market
  • Price: Starting at just $1,495 for standard treatment, NewSmile offers a great price for high-quality treatment
  • HSA/FSA accepted: Pay for your smile as you would other medical expenses
  • Orthodontists: NewSmile orthodontists help plan and supervise your treatment
  • Night aligners: NewSmile is one of the only brands to offer nighttime aligners. These only have to be worn at night, and cost just a bit more than standard treatment
  • NewSmile Guarantee: Free refinements to perfect your smile
  • Military discount: Services members get $100 treatment
  • Extras: Teeth whitening and retainers included in price

NewSmile cons

  • There are no studio locations where you can go if you need in-person help, or to get a 3D scan instead of impressions
  • NewSmile is only meant to treat mild to moderate cases of malocclusion
best invisible braces
Get the clearest invisible aligners


  • Cost: $1,495 standard; $1,595 nighttime
  • Average Treatment time: 4-6 months
  • HSA/FSA accepted
  • Overall rating: ★★★★☆

Is NewSmile right for me?

Choose NewSmile if:

  • You want the clearest aligners on the market
  • You want a free whitening kit

Read more about NewSmile in our full NewSmile review here.

Smileie: Best single arch

Smileie is a newer brand that stands out from the crowd with its various treatment options, making it easier for you to find a plan that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

Their Daytime OneGo is the standard package that straightens both your top and bottom teeth and requires wearing 20 hours per day.

They also have a Single Arch treatment plan, ideal for people who just want to straighten their top teeth — or straighten bottom teeth if that's your case. Keep in mind that this option won't work for everybody, as dental professionals typically recommend the movement of teeth in both arches.

smileie invisible braces
You can straighten a single arch

For further convenience, Smileie also offers a nighttime treatment option so you can straighten your teeth while you sleep. With nighttime aligners you can also choose to straighten just your top or bottom teeth.

All of the treatment options can be paid for upfront, or in installments.

Smileie pros

  • Wide variety of options: Including single-arch straightening and nighttime straightening
  • Ultra clear: These are some of the clearest aligners on the market
  • Quick turnaround: Once you approve your treatment plan, you'll get your aligners in just 5-7 days
  • Free refinements: If you aren't 100% satisfied with your results, you can get adjustments for free

Smileie cons

  • Smileie is only meant to treat mild to slightly moderate cases
  • There are no physical locations or in-office meetings with your dentist — which some people may feel more comfortable with


best invisible braces 2023
Free refinements with Smileie
  • Cost: $849 standard; $1,049 nighttime
  • Average Treatment time: 4-6 months
  • Overall rating: ★★★★☆

Is Smileie right for me?

Choose Smileie if:

  • You want the option of just straightening one arch
  • You want a nighttime option
  • You want some of the clearest aligners

We have a whole Smileie article if you want to find out more.

ALIGNERCO: Best value

ALIGNERCO is another brand we recommend as some of the best clear aligners, primarily because of the cost and the fact that just like Byte, they work with orthodontists to plan and monitor your treatment.

The cost is especially appealing with ALIGNERCO as it is one of the cheapest options available. ALIGNERCO costs just $949 if you decide to purchase their standard plan called SmileAdvantage.

This includes everything for your treatment: impression kit, clear teeth aligners, retainers, the lot—even a free whitening kit!


what are the best clear aligner brands
One of the most affordable options
  • Price: It's the cheapest clear aligner on the market
  • Nighttime: They offer a nighttime option
  • Payment plans: They offer a range of monthly payment plan options


  • Lower costs mean fewer frills
  • There's only one physical location so far
  • Only meant to treat mild to moderate cases of malocclusion


  • Cost: $949 standard; $1,145 nighttime
  • Average Treatment time: 4-6 months
  • Overall rating: ★★★★☆

Is ALIGNERCO right for me?

Choose ALIGNERCO if:

  • You want an in-person consultation (NY only)
  • You are looking for the best price
  • You want a free whitening kit

You can find out more about ALIGNERCO in our ALIGNERCO review. And now there is an ALIGNERCO SmileStudio in New York for residents of the Big Apple who want to have an in-person consultation and get help taking their impressions.


best inviible aligners
Some of the best invisible aligners are from Candid

Candid is an aligner brand with a partnership with medical tech company Dental Monitoring. Through this partnership, they use AI-based remote monitoring technology, including a ScanBox that you use every 10 days to take pictures of your teeth.

This special remote monitoring system results in an average of a 20 to 30% reduction rate in treatment time.

Candid pros

  • In-office and at-home: With Candid you work with a provider in person, and do remote monitoring from home
  • Virtual check-ins: Remote monitoring means fewer office visits

Candid cons

  • Like the majority of clear aligners, Candid can only treat mild to moderate cases of malocclusion; this system is not meant for more severe teeth straightening treatment
  • Cost: $3,000+
  • Average Treatment time: 6 months
  • Overall rating: ★★★★☆
Best clear aligners
AI tech speeds up treatment time

Is Candid right for me?

Choose Candid if:

  • You want to combine hybrid and in-office treatment

Read more about Candid in our in-depth review here!


Invisalign is the poster child for invisible aligners teeth straightening. Besides their invisible and removable nature, these braces are almost more similar to traditional braces than they are to at-home options.

Invisalign treatment time can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months and these invisible braces cost between $3,500 and $8,500. Your treatment is monitored during in-person visits with your dentist, which is why Invisalign can also be used to treat more severe cases of malocclusion.

Find out more about Invisalign in our complete guide here, and see how they compare to traditional braces or Smile Direct Club in our Smile Direct Club vs. Invisalign article, or how they compare to ClearCorrect — another brand of in-office invisible braces.

best invisible aligners
Best invisible aligners for complicated cases

Invisalign pros

  • 90% of cases eligible: Since your treatment is monitored in person, these invisible braces can treat more severe cases of malocclusion

Invisalign cons

  • These invisible braces are more expensive than those with remote monitoring
  • In-office appointments may be inconvenient for your schedule


  • Cost: $3,500 – $8,500
  • Average Treatment time: 12-18 months
  • Overall rating: ★★★★☆

Is Invisalign right for me?

Choose Invisalign if:

  • You want to see a dentist in-person
  • You have moderate or severe malocclusion

Other brands of at-home clear aligners

There are myriad brands of clear aligners and teledentistry aligners options on the market today, and the offerings are bound to keep growing. Other brands that we've reviewed are Smilint, Smilelove, SnapCorrect and Smile Direct Club.

Best invisible braces 2023
Choose the best invisible braces in 2024 for you

They are quite similar with a bit of a price difference and treatment time difference, although Smile Direct Club is a bit more well-known.

Read more about Smile Direct Club here, or check out some Smile Direct Club reviews and Smile Direct Club alternatives. You may also be interested in reading our Smilelove reviews, or finding out more about SnapCorrect here.

Another brand you might be interested in is Uniform Teeth. They're a bit different since they offer a hybrid option between at-home and in-office aligners. While you do have some in-office appointments, you don't have as many as you would with Invisalign, and this helps keeps prices down. To find out more, read our Uniform Teeth reviews article.

For faster treatment time, Inman Aligners straightens only the front few teeth, which may work for some people, but not everyone. Read more about the Inman Aligner cost.

Recently, other in-office aligners have hit the market, including Six Month Smiles, a brand that focuses on only the teeth visible when you smile. They promise results in, you guessed it, six months.

Depending on the complexity of your case, you will be eligible for either clear aligners or clear braces, and these invisible braces cost between $3,000-$5,000.

SureSmile aligners are similar and are made with durable Essix Ace plastic. The cost will vary depending on the treatment time, but it averages around $4,000.

Best invisible braces roundup







Completely remote

In-office visits

Nighttime option

Treats mild to moderate cases

Treats complex cases

Before you decide to straighten your teeth with clear aligners, you should first make sure you are a good candidate — that's why all of the brands in this article offer an online assessment to determine eligibility. For more guidance, a dentist explains who might not be an eligible candidate for this type of treatment:


What are the best clear aligners in 2024
Byte is our top pick for best invisible braces 2024

Invisible braces offer a discreet and convenient way to straighten your teeth. Some are in-office brands, like Invisalign, and others offer remote treatment, like Byte.

Our top pick for best invisible braces is Byte, thanks to its fast treatment time, affordable price, convenience, and special technology that speeds up treatment and decreases discomfort.

You can order your Byte impression kit now to get started, and use code SMILEBRYTE to get 80% off your kit.


What are the most invisible braces?

According to NewSmile, they offer the clearest invisible braces on the market. NewSmile is a remote treatment brand of clear aligners that straightens teeth without in-office visits.

What are the cheapest invisible braces?

The cheapest options currently on the market are ALIGNERCO and Caspersmile, with a monthly payment plan if that works better for you. If you find options that are much cheaper, approach with caution. When in doubt, you should probably ask your dentist about them.

If budget is a concern, be sure to check out our article on cheap braces here, as well as our article on dental insurance for braces.

What is the best brand of Invisible aligners?

Byte is our top pick for invisible aligners. Thanks to their HyperByte device, their treatment is fast, comfortable, and affordable. They also offer night-time aligners for added convenience.

Best Invisible Braces: Which Clear Aligner Brand is Right for You?
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