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Candid Aligners: Cost, Materials and Efficacy of Clear Teeth Braces

Candid aligners
Show off your beautiful smile with Candid

What are Candid aligners and are they the best adult braces for you? This brand has made a name for themselves as one of the best at-home teeth straightening options available. But even knowing that, it's good to do your due diligence and thoroughly research any big decision you make about your oral health before you commit.

That's why in this article, we'll fill you in on all you need to know about Candid teeth aligners including some basic but super important information like:

  • How do they work?
  • How much do they cost?
  • How do I begin the process?

Our goal is for you to have all of the information you need in order to make the best decision for your situation.

How does Candid teeth straightening work?

The Candid clear aligners company was founded in 2017, with the aim of giving patients a way to straighten teeth without going to the orthodontist, and without having to pay as much as you would for in-office clear aligners like Invisalign.

If you're thinking that this sounds like a service that multiple companies already offer, you'd be right, except that Candid is a bit different. They put more of a focus on quality and effective treatment than do other similar companies.

The main areas in which this extra quality treatment is apparent is in the fact that with Candid, you will only be working with a certified orthodontist, not a dentist, and they have an online video chat as well as a contact option. But more on that later.

Their diagnostic process is also more thorough than a lot of brands out there. Where some companies only ask for three photos of your teeth, Candid requires eight, and they also ask for more details of medical and dental history than many of their competitors.

Are you interested in this type of treatment? Compare offers from Candid and more of the best invisible braces brands:

Find the right clear aligners for you
There are so many companies offering remote teeth straightening with aligners! Take a look at our top picks and discover why we recommend these over any others.
  • Advanced remote monitoring technology
  • Visit a Studio or take impressions at home
  • Monitored exclusively by orthodontists
  • $2,400 $2,100 or $79/month
Get $300 off Candid!
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Candid are leading the way in remote monitoring technology, ensuring your treatment is efficient and effective. Their orthodontist-only team follow rigorous checks when planning and conducting your treatment to give you the best results.

To get started, you can visit one of Candid's Studios for a free dental scan. Alternatively, purchase your aligner package up-front and you'll get:

  • A free impression kit
  • Free whitening foam
  • $300 off for a limited time
  • A full refund if you're not a good candidate

Finance is available from $99/month, and you can also buy just the starter kit to begin with.

Discount available for a limited time
  • Complete treatment 100% remotely
  • Amazing customer service
  • Nighttime-only option
  • $1,295 or $77/month
Check out NewSmile
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NewSmile aligners are made from the clearest Essix plastic and come with a daytime or nighttime-only option to suit you. For just $1,295 you'll receive everything you need to straighten and whiten your teeth – and maintain your new smile:

  • Home impression kit
  • Full aligner treatment
  • Free whitening
  • First set of retainers
  • A full refund if you're not a good fit

NewSmile go above and beyond to provide a great experience to all their customers, beginning with a live video call to help you with your teeth impressions. Mail these back, and they'll send a 3D Treatment Preview for you to approve before going ahead.

Use code DENTALYDEAL for an extra $100 off!
  • Complete treatment 100% remotely
  • 6 month average treatment time
  • Nighttime-only option
  • $1,145 or $95/month
Save $150 now
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If you're looking for the best value aligner package, here it is! For just $1,145 you'll get:

  • Impression kit
  • Full aligner treatment course
  • Free teeth whitening kit
  • Your first set of retainers

In short, everything needed to straighten your teeth remotely and keep them looking great, with a full money-back guarantee if you're not a suitable candidate.

This low price doesn't mean you're compromising on quality of care, though. ALIGNERCO just choose not to put so much into marketing, and they pass on the savings to their customers. They are also known for their responsive and helpful customer care, which is important when you're doing things from home.

Plus, if you're in New York, you can visit their SmileStudio for a free consultation and help taking your impressions.

Nighttime-only aligners are also available for anyone who doesn't want to wear aligners during the day.

Use code SAVE150 for an extra $150 off!
  • 3-4 month average treatment time
  • Assessed and planned by orthodontists
  • Includes whitening and first retainers
  • $1,895 or $83/month
Get faster treatment
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Byte's HyperByte technology uses High Frequency Vibration to help your teeth move faster and with minimal discomfort. Their average treatment time is just 3-4 months, compared to 6 months for most others.

Treatment includes your first set of retainers. You'll also get their BrightByte 3-in-1 foam to whiten your teeth, clean your aligners and freshen your breath. And their Byte-for-life guarantee means you'll get free adjustments if your teeth start to move again.

Begin by ordering an impression kit so their orthodontists can assess whether you're a good match.

Get 75% off with code 02DENTALY100TS

The Candid process

Candid clear aligners
Straighten your teeth from home

Your teeth straightening process with Candid involves many of the same steps as other at-home aligner brands. The general process is as follows:

  • Eligibility: Take a quick assessment to see if you're eligible for treatment.
  • Molds or scans: Order your complete kit and take the molds of your teeth from the comfort of your home. You can also go to a Candid Studio to get 3D scans of your teeth if you'd prefer to do it in person.
  • Get your aligners: An orthodontist will plan your treatment and you'll receive all of your aligners in the mail at once.
  • Remote care: You'll be in contact with your orthodontist remotely. And with Candid, as part of your treatment, you also get their exclusive Remote Monitoring feature which allows you to check-in with your orthodontist with scans you can take from your smartphone, every 10 days.
  • Whiten your teeth: Candid treatment includes a free bottle of Candid's whitening foam, so you can get whiter and straighter teeth.
  • Follow-up care with retainers: Just like with regular braces, you'll have to wear a retainer for the rest of your life after your treatment with Candid aligners.

Candid orthodontics technology

Candid is currently the only at-home braces company that lets you virtually check-in with an orthodontist using AI, your smartphone and a special scanner through a partnership with Dental Monitoring. This technology is easy to use, and it also makes treatment more accurate and reduces treatment time. You used to have to purchase it separately, but now it's included with everyone's treatment. Check out the video below to see how it works!

Monitoring your patients has never never been easier with Dental Monitoring. With the announcement and release of the ScanBox at the #AAO2019, your patients now have the ability to send more consistent scans to your practice, truly enhancing the "Patient Experience!"

For more Candid reviews, you can read our full Candid reviews article.

Candid braces treatment time

According to their website, treatment with Candid takes an average of six months, and rarely exceeds 11 months. Also with the Candid Remote Monitoring program, you do virtual check-ins with your assigned orthodontist every seven to 10 days, as opposed to the standard check-in frequency which is every two weeks. By checking in more frequently with your orthodontist, they will be able to see if you are ready to move on to your next aligner trays without having to wait until the full two weeks is up. That's a 20 to 30% reduction rate in treatment time. Remote Monitoring also helps reduce treatment time because it keeps you accountable and wearing your retainers during all of the time you're supposed to. When patients don't wear their aligners for all of the hours they are supposed to, treatment time oftentimes needs to be extended.

How much do Candid braces cost?

Candid braces cost $2,400, but there are also payment plans available. Have a look at the list below where we break down all of the Candid teeth costs.

  • Complete Candid package: Everything you need to straighten your teeth, including a free impression kit.
  • In-studio scans: In-studio scans with Candid are free.
  • Impression kits: Another option is to first buy an impression kit. You can purchase one online and with promo code DENTALY50 you can get it for 50% off. Additionally, if it turns out you don't qualify for treatment with Candid, you get a full refund.
  • Treatment: If you would rather spread your payments out, you can pay $399 down and then $99 per month.
  • Retainer: After your braces, you should continue to wear retainers for the rest of your life (this is the same as with any at-home or in-office braces). A set of Candid retainers costs $99.

How Candid dental care is different

With so many at-home and in-office clear aligner options out there, your first impression may be that Candid is one of many. But it's really not. Candid is one of the better options for clear aligner treatment for a variety of reasons. Let's have a look at what most stands out about Candid:

The care

With many clear aligner brands, even Invisalign, both dentists, and orthodontists can plan and supervise your treatment. But Candid works exclusively with orthodontists.

Why is this important?

Because while dentists are totally awesome and are absolutely essential to oral health, orthodontists are dentists who have additional training in how to correct cases of teeth misalignment and malocclusion. Both dentists and orthodontists are in fact dentists and licensed to provide general care. However, orthodontists are dental specialists who go on to study full-time in an accredited program in their specialty area, in this case, straightening teeth. Another brand that we like that works only with orthodontists is Byte, which you can read more about in our Byte reviews article.

The diagnostic process

In general, Candid invisible aligners have a more thorough diagnostic process than other clear aligner brands. While some require as few as three photos of your teeth, Candid requires eight, and these are accompanied by either your PVS impressions or intraoral 3D scans. They also do a thorough dental and medical history check so they know better how to tailor your treatment to you.

SureSmile aligners are similar in that they combine in-office and at-home treatment, while providing advanced care and scans to determine progress. Read more about SureSmile here.

In-studio locations

Candid has a growing network of physical Candid Studios, where you can go for an in-person consultation and have trained representatives and technicians take your 3D scans. You can book your Candid Studio appointment online, but ordering your complete kit online is also a great option.

Customer service

Candid's customer service consistently receives positive reviews from their patients. One of the reasons is that they offer online video chat so you can actually talk to someone in real-time about your issue.

The Candid patient in the following video describes her experience with Candid customer service and clear aligners overall. Her journey begins with an initial problem with her address and the shipment of her kit, but customer service got it figured it out really quickly. She says that Candid's customer service reputation is actually one of the reasons why she was interested in trying.

You can watch her full journey below, where she talks about the bumps along the way, but that she is ultimately very happy with the results and would recommend treatment with Candid.

Want to discuss candid? join my candid discord server channel DISCLAIMER *** At the time of making this video in 2019, I was not sponsored at all. Since Candid loved my video and my results I granted them permission to use this video in their ads! soooo cool ! 🤩 *** I tried Candid Co. clear aligners (Not sponsored) | Full Journey + Before & Afters Instagram @Jenniferomaly TikTok @Jenniferomaly Hi loves! I tried the Candid Co invisible Aligners and vlogged my whole experience. Timestamps below: 00:00 Beginning 01:28 Starter Kit Unboxing 04:46 Aligner Unboxing 05:53 Step 1-10 15:13 Retainers Candid // What some of my previous videos I tried curology for a month If you are a company interested in working with me, email me at [email protected] FTC this video is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. The description may contain some affiliate/referral links marked with a ★

The technology

Candid has partnered with Dental Monitoring, a multinational medical tech company that is elevating patient care and results for orthodontists around the world. Dental Monitoring has created AI-based remote monitoring technology, specifically for doctors to use with their patients.

One of the reasons that this technology is so important and places Candid on its own level in the at-home braces department has to do with patient compliance.

One of the biggest barriers to fast and successful treatment with at-home braces is that many patients don't wear their aligners as often as they should. This ends up slowing down treatment and can even have harmful effects on your teeth. This new partnership with Dental Monitoring is aimed at providing a solution to this problem, as it sends reminders to patients to follow their program. Not to mention that with more frequent check-ins with your orthodontist (every 10 days) you're held more accountable.

Dental monitoring candid
Dental Monitoring can shorten treatment time

So how does it work?

Every 10 days, you open the Dental Monitoring app and slide your phone into the slot at the back of the ScanBox (this will have come with your treatment plan). You then follow the instructions to take pictures of your teeth (as outlined in the video earlier on in the article). The AI technology then analyzes the images of your teeth and sends that information to your orthodontist, who will at that point be able to tell you if you're ready to move on to your next aligner trays.

As you can see, there are some important differences between Candid and other teeth straightening options. Have a look at the table below for a summary of some of the greatest differences between Candid and other types of braces like Smile Direct Club, Invisalign and traditional braces.

Candid Smile Direct Club AlignerCo Invisalign Traditional braces
Average treatment time 6 months 6 months 6 months 12–18 months 18–24 months
Cost Normally $2,400, but $2,100 now $1,895 $1,145 $3,500–$8,500 $2,500–$7,500
Orthodontist or dentists Orthodontists Either Orthodontists Either Orthodontists
For... Mild to moderate malocclusion Mild to moderate malocclusion Mild to moderate malocclusion Mild to severe malocclusion Mild to severe and beyond
AI tech? Yes No No Depends on your dentist No
All prices correct at time of writing but subject to change

How do I get started?

Getting started with Candid is a relatively simple and fast process. All you have to do is purchase your treatment kit. This kit includes your impressions and your aligners.

You can also book an appointment at a Candid Studio, where you can get 3D scans of your teeth for free. But, if you'd prefer to just get started with the impression kit, you can then order your impression kit online and use promo code DENTALY50 at checkout to get 50% off your kit price.


Candid offers a safe and effective way to straighten your teeth from the comfort of your home, and for less than you would pay for other in-office brands. They have great customer service, a thorough diagnostic process and advanced technology that makes treatment faster and more effective.

If you are ready to start your journey with Candid, order your aligner package online or check your nearest Candid Studio location.


How much is Candid?

Candid aligners cost $2,400, but you can also pay in installments of $99 per month. This makes them potentially thousands of dollars less than leading brands of invisible braces.

How are Candid and Invisalign different?

Candid and Invisalign are more similar than they are different, especially in terms of esthetics, comfort, and convenience. But there are four main differences between Candid and Invisalign:

  • Candid works exclusively with orthodontists, whereas Invisalign works with dentists and orthodontists.
  • Candid is cheaper! It costs $2,400 and Invisalign costs between $3,500 and $8,500.
  • Invisalign requires in-office appointments with your orthodontist and Candid can be completed entirely remotely.
  • Invisalign can treat mild to severe cases of malocclusion, while Candid is for mild to moderate cases.

Are Candid aligners better?

Candid aligners offer convenience and lower price of remote treatment, without sacrificing the quality of care. But at-home aligner treatment is meant for cases of mild to moderate malocclusion. If you have a severe case of teeth or jaw misalignment, you will most likely have to opt for treatment with in-office braces like Invisalign or even more traditional methods.

Is Candid legit?

Candid is definitely a legitimate at-home braces brand. They've helped many people achieve a straighter smile without breaking the bank — the lower costs making them more accessible.

Candid Aligners: Cost, Materials and Efficacy of Clear Teeth Braces
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