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Best Whitening Toothbrush: Do These Toothbrushes Really Whiten Teeth?

Contributors:  Simon Frers

Looking for the best whitening toothbrush? The truth is that a toothbrush can only do so much when it comes to whitening, but it can certainly supplement your whitening routine.

Knowing how to brush effectively and maintaining excellent habits are essential for keeping your teeth clean and white. While a manual toothbrush can accomplish this, the functions found on many modern electric toothbrushes can be quite beneficial.

But, with whitening toothbrushes ranging in price from $5 to $200 or more, how can you choose the right one for you?

In this article, we analyze the features, reviews, and customer reports of some of the best electric whitening toothbrushes available in the US.

Best Whitening Toothbrush



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Best LED whitening toothbrush

Snow LED Toothbrush

"Whitening toothbrush with LED technology built-in"

Best ultrasonic whitening toothbrush


"good all-round toothbrush with whitening mode"

Best luxury toothbrush

Philips Sonicare Prestige

"Excellent product in all aspects"

AquaSonic Black Series

"Budget-friendly whitening toothbrush"

Why use a whitening toothbrush?

best whitening toothbrush
What are the best whitening toothbrushes to get a bright smile?

Before we begin, you should know that it doesn't matter how much money you spend on the latest whitening toothbrush; if you don't clean your teeth properly, you won't have good oral health, and you’re not going to have white teeth.

Even if you have the best whitening toothbrush on the market, you're still likely to develop dental issues like brown stains on your teeth.

The following are some of the most common concerns that influence oral hygiene:

  • Not brushing your teeth twice per day
  • Not brushing for a minimum of 2 minutes
  • Ignoring the importance of thoroughly cleaning each area
  • Brushing too forcefully (which could damage gums or enamel)
  • Not using a water flosser or an interdental brush to clean between teeth
  • Not visiting the dentist regularly

Some, but not all, of these issues may be prevented with the use of an electric whitening toothbrush, which has been shown to potentially be better at removing plaque than manual toothbrushes.

Best whitening toothbrushes

When searching for the best electric toothbrush for whitening teeth, you’ll find that there’s a huge variety available. We'll review several models and evaluate if they're worth a try.

Snow LED whitening toothbrush

snow whitening toothbrush
The Snow toothbrush uses blue LED light and sonic technology for an improved whitening result

Did you know there's a Snow LED toothbrush in addition to the Snow at-home teeth whitening kit? This toothbrush uses blue LED light and sonic technology to whiten and clean your teeth.

The new Snow LED electric toothbrush is designed specifically to clean plaque from teeth and give effective whitening technology. That's a result of its built-in blue LED light, which has been shown in tests to help speed up the teeth-whitening process.

For individualized care, this LED toothbrush also includes 4 cleaning modes: clean, whiten, polish, and sensitive. It also uses sonic technology, which has been proven to remove plaque more efficiently than a manual toothbrush.

The Snow LED toothbrush is a sonic toothbrush that successfully removes plaque from your teeth and gums by vibrating at 30,000 times per minute. Additionally, it has a blue LED light that might aid in tooth whitening.

There isn't much proof that LED lights can whiten teeth on their own, but they can activate whitening agents and quicken the bleaching process when combined with whitening gel.

If you're interested in having your teeth whitened using Snow's tooth whitening kit, strips, or other products, the Snow toothbrush may be a wonderful addition to your oral hygiene regimen.

Read our full review of the Snow LED toothbrush here.

cariPRO ultrasonic toothbrush

The cariPRO ultrasonic toothbrush, which cleans with 40,000 vibrations per minute, contains everything you need to maintain healthy, clean teeth.

caripro whitening toothbrush
cariPRO ultrasonic toothbrush

It is offered by the same company which provides the Smile Brilliant professional at-home teeth whitening system. This toothbrush removes plaque from teeth using sonic vibrations, which has been shown in research to considerably lower plaque reduction compared to manual brushing.

It features five cleaning modes for individualized care: clean, whiten, massage, gum care, and sensitive.

Using the cariPRO, according to Smile Brilliant, will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Enhance your oral health: The cariPRO may improve gum health in only two weeks and eliminates 7 times as much plaque as a manual toothbrush.
  • Brighten your smile by using the cariPRO every day to eliminate surface stains from your teeth.
  • Save money: cariPRO is a quality toothbrush that costs half as much, ships for free, and offers complete returns within 60 days.

Read our full review about the cariPRO ultrasonic toothbrush.

Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige

The Sonicare 9900 Prestige is the latest Sonicare release, and is a top-of-the-line luxury toothbrush for those really looking to maximize their oral care routine.

Philips sonicare prestige whitening
Special bristles remove more stains

It has a lot of stand-out features, like its SenseIQ technology, which senses the pressure, motion, and coverage of your brushing up to 100 moves per second, and adapts the intensity mode accordingly.

But it's the A3 Premium All-in-One brush head that takes it to the top of our list as one the leading toothbrushes to supplement your teeth whitening routine.

The brush heads feature angled bristles that remove up to 20x more plaque than regular brushes, with triangular tips that have been shown to remove up to 100% more stains than a manual toothbrush in less than two days.

The bristles are also extra long, helping to clean gums better — resulting in better gum health in just two weeks.

This brush of course features all of the other perks that a luxury brush has — timers, various brushing modes and intensities, app connectivity, brushing guidance, and more.

It also comes with an elegant frosted glass charging dock and a sleek travel case to take with you on the go.

AquaSonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush

The ADA-approved AquaSonic Black Series whitening toothbrush offers good package contents and initial value for money. It also includes eight replacement brush heads and a travel case.

aquasonic black series ultra whitening toothbrush
AquaSonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush
  • Warranty: There is no warranty support page accessible at the time of publishing this article, and there is not much information on how to contact the manufacturer.
  • Cleaning and settings: The AquaSonic Black Series Ultra whitening toothbrush features four different modes: clean, soft, whitening, and massage.
  • Design and Quality: It looks quite appealing with its clean black finish. However, we think the quality of the materials fall short of the premium products of more well-known brands.
  • Battery lifetime: It has a lithium-ion battery built-in, and the company claims that a full charge will last up to 30 days. So might be able to leave the charger at home when traveling.
  • Teeth whitening: As the name implies, the manufacturer included a “whitening mode” in the AquaSonic Black Series Ultra whitening toothbrush. But when reading some reviews, you'll notice that many customers don't notice any differences when using the whitening mode instead of the cleaning mode.

3.0 out of 5 stars: Okay. Guess this product works, it's just not for me. I didn't find the experience significantly different from my regular brushing, the whitening aspect doesn't really do anything different. The timer works as described.

Review by Juicyp

As a result, the AquaSonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush is not our top recommendation. If you feel it’s good value for money, you can check for discounts on Amazon by clicking the button below.

Keep in mind that a toothbrush, even one marketed as a whitening toothbrush, isn’t going to affect your tooth color that much; it’s more important that you brush properly at the recommended time twice a day.

best whitening toothbrush
What is the best whitening toothbrush?

Investing in a good premium toothbrush is the right choice to achieve proper teeth cleaning and good oral health, ultimately resulting in a bright white smile. The toothbrush at the top of our charts is the Snow LED Whitening Toothbrush.

It leaves your smile whiter and more radiant thanks to its blue LED whitening support and sonic cleaning technology. It also adapts every brushing session to your specific needs thanks to its four distinct modes: Clean, Whiten, Polish, and Sensitive.

Read our full review of the Snow Whitening Toothbrush here.

Do electric toothbrushes whiten teeth?

If you are wondering if electric toothbrushes make teeth whiter, also watch the following video to learn what cosmetic dentist Dr Chhaya Chauhan thinks about it.


When searching for the best whitening toothbrush or the best electric toothbrush for whitening, you’ll discover a range of devices. These toothbrushes are good products, but we think it’s better to search for a good quality electric toothbrush instead. Every toothbrush will make your teeth whiter eventually when it properly removes plaque.

If you have brown stains on your teeth, and you’re looking for a teeth whitening solution, here are the options we recommend instead:

  • One cost-efficient and fast way to whiten teeth is using home teeth whitening kits. There are a great variety of options available.
  • Teeth whitening pens might be a fantastic option if you're seeking for a quick and simple method to whiten your teeth on the go.
  • Another way to improve the shade of your teeth can be teeth whitening toothpastes. Even though they might not deliver fast results, they may also help with brightening your smile over time.
  • However, if you have severe stains on your teeth, professional teeth whitening, done by a dentist, might just be the best option for you.

In addition to using a high-quality whitening toothbrush, here are some of our product recommendations that can assist you in getting the white teeth you really want:

Other teeth whitening methods

Snow whitening kit

  • Best for whitening on the go

  • Wireless, portable charging case

Smile Brilliant whitening kit

  • Best for professional results

  • Dentist-grade quality whitening gel

  • Custom whitening trays

  • Whitens teeth up to 8 shades whiter in one treatment

Hismile whitening kit

  • Best non-peroxide whitening kit

  • Whitens teeth without causing sensitivity

  • You may see full results after just 1–2 treatments

  • Hydroxyapetite aids in the remineralization of enamel.

Teeth whitening pen

  • Natural whitening

  • Get 10% off your order with code DRBRITE10

Teeth whitening toothpaste (Colgate Optic White)

  • Hydrogen peroxide

  • For daily use


Are whitening toothbrushes good?

Electric toothbrushes help remove stains and may make your teeth appear whiter. But, it is not as effective as professional teeth whitening, bleaching, or a whitening kit.

Do LED whitening toothbrushes work?

teeth whitening toothbrush
What is the best teeth whitening solution?

LED whitening toothbrushes have the same LED whitening technology built in that is also found in LED whitening kits. However, it might be better to purchase separate devices.

What is the best Sonicare toothbrush for whitening?

Philips offers the new 9900 Prestige. It’s a premium-quality electric toothbrush that also has a whitening mode built in. It's a bit pricier, but may deliver results.

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