Dr. April Patterson

Cosmetic Dentist and Contributing Expert

Dr. April Patterson, lovingly known as Dr. Patty, is the founder of Florida’s first dental spa. After completing her dental degree and cosmetic dentist residency at the University of Michigan, Dr. Patty immediately recognized that the negative stereotypes about dentistry needed to change. She opened her own clinic based on relation and comfort in 2012.

She is a highly trained cosmetic dentist who has worked alongside many specialists in the field, and she stays up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends. She understands aesthetics and demonstrates expertise in procedures ranging from veneers to IV sedation as part of smile makeovers.

Dr. Patty’s state-of-the-art office features innovative technology, including CAD/CAM systems that are capable of creating ceramic restorations in one appointment. She also provides specialized aesthetics training to doctors, dentists, and nurses around the country.