Find a Dental Discount Plan in Texas and Save on Dental Care Today

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Get all of the treatment you need for a more affordable price with a dental discount plan in Texas. Sign up today!

Get a Dental Discount Plan and Save on Dental Care

From dentures to routine cleanings, you can find a dental discount plan in Texas to help you save today!

  • Get a dental discount plan
  • Visit your dentist
  • Save Money

How do dental discount plans work?

Find Your Plan
See your dentist
Enjoy savings on dental care!


Are dental discount plans available in Texas?

Absolutely! More plans are available in Texas all the time. The popularity of these plans is increasing rapidly due to their affordability and convenience.

What is the difference between a dental discount plan and a dental savings plan?

There is no difference, the terms ‘dental discount plan' and ‘dental savings plan' can be used interchangeably.

What is a dental discount plan?

A dental discount plan is a way to save money on your dental work! Just find one of the many participating dentists around the country, sign up and enjoy discounted care.

What is the difference between dental insurance and dental discount plans?

Dental insurance plans cover partial or full dental expenses in return for a monthly premium and up to an annual maximum. A discount plan doesn't pay your dental expenses, instead, they provide discounted prices from participating dentists in exchange for an annual fee. Just like with dental insurance, you'll get a discount dental card that you'll need to bring with you to appointments.

Dental discount plans are useful if you can't afford a dental insurance plan, or you aren't eligible for a dental insurance plan.

Can you use a dental discount plan with insurance?

Although you can't use your dental insurance and your savings plan for the same procedure, you may be able to reduce the costs of out-of-pocket dental care once you've reached your annual insurance maximum. Your dentist can help you coordinate in this case.

Are dental discount plans or insurance better?

There is no right answer to this question. In some cases, you might have access to affordable dental insurance that covers the services you need. In other cases, you might find that a dental discount plan covers your treatment and is also much more affordable.

How do I sign up for a Texas discount plan?

It's easy! Just head to this page to search for your plans in Texas. It's as simple as entering your zip code, and you'll see all of the plans available in your area.

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Find a Dental Discount Plan in Texas and Save on Dental Care Today
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