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Getting Dental Implants in India: What Does Dentistry in India Cost?

Amanda Napitu
Amanda Napitu
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Have you ever considered having treatments such as dental implants in India? As one of the largest English-speaking populations in the world, dental tourism in India is growing due to the highly skilled dentists and extremely reasonable prices.

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Dental implants in India are cheaper than in the US

Going to the dentist in India might seem like a challenging task, but there are many benefits to making the trip. Here we'll go through some things you need to consider before deciding about any kind of dental work in India, including:

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This guide should have all of the information you'll need to find the best dentist in India for your needs.

Why do dental tourism in India?

There are some great benefits to dental tourism in India, including getting dental implants in India. They include the low India dental implant cost and the high quality of dentistry in India:

  • A regulated training system with a minimum of five years of study
  • Dentists that likely studied in English
  • A large part of the population is English speakers
  • Great value for money

Dental colleges are regulated by the Dental Council of India. This organization monitors, inspects, and licenses all 32 government schools and 252 private colleges.

When selecting a dentist for India dental tourism, you should ask about their qualifications. Every dentist will have a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and if they have a specialism, they will have a Masters of Dental Surgery (MDS). It's perfectly normal for you to check the qualifications of your dentist, and they should be very happy to tell you where they studied.

The price of dental work in India is significantly cheaper than in the US. This is due to the much lower cost of living and cost of running a business rather than a difference in standards. For some treatments, you can pay up to 90% less than in the US; we'll give more information about prices a little later on.

How to find the best dentist in India

where is the best dentist in india
There are many cities to choose from for dental implants in India

Finding a good dentist in any foreign country can be tough, but choosing a place to get dental implants in India might be a little easier than most countries, thanks to the high standard of English that you'll encounter.

First, you can start to think about the city that you want to go to for your treatment. Would you like to plan a holiday around your dental treatment in India, or just get the work done and go home? Below is information on some of the most popular destinations for dental tourism in India.


Mumbai has a reputation as an international healthcare destination. It has some of the best dentistry colleges in India as well, so you know you will be in good hands.

The city is famed for the Bollywood movie industry as well as its medicine and dentistry, so there are plenty of high-quality hotels and restaurants. There is also colonial-era architecture and national parks not too far away to keep you busy between appointments.


Formerly named Bangalore, this city also boasts some of the top medical and dental colleges in India. It is famous for being the technology center of India and has a wealthy population that demands good quality healthcare.

While waiting for your dental implants to be made, you can explore the city. It's full of colonial-era architecture, parks and gardens, and plenty of museums.


Famed for its relaxed beaches, off the west coast of the mainland is the island of Goa. It's one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and there are plenty of great dentists that serve Western patients.

Goa would be a good destination for getting veneers or dental implants in India. Since you may have to wait a week or two for your implants or veneers to be ready, you can spend some time on the beach and enjoy the various local cultural activities.

Dental tourism in India

Once you have an idea of where you want to visit for your dental treatment, you need to choose how you want to arrange it. There are two main options: you can organize everything yourself or book your trip through an agent.

The following information will help you decide which option will work best for you:

  • Self-planned trip: If you are a confident traveler and don't get too nervous at the dentist, this could be the option for you. You'll need to arrange insurance, payments, and transport for yourself, although many clinics offer free airport pickup and hotel-clinic transfers when you book with them. Clinics may also offer to book local accommodation on your behalf.
  • Dental tourism agency: Using an agent can take the hassle out of going on a vacation to visit the dentist. They will book everything for you, including flights and accommodation. They normally handle payments to the clinic and will make sure you are looked after if you have surgery like implants when you visit India.

Dental implants cost in India

The prices of dental procedures in India can vary, mainly depending on the location you choose to visit. If you are booking through an agency, it might be worth exploring which cities have great value dentists if your budget is tight.

Teeth implants cost in india
The cost of dental implants in India is low, even while offering the best equipment

In general, prices are very reasonable, considering you'll get a high level of treatment and care. Most dentists have consultation fees of just a few dollars to get started or offer an initial consultation for free!

How much do veneers cost in India?

Veneers in India cost between $110 and $200, while in the US, the average cost is $900. That's around 80% in savings, so you can see why India dental tourism is so popular.

How much does a tooth crown cost in India?

Dental crowns are way cheaper in India than in the US; they range from $70 to $200, while in the US they come in at a whopping $1,200. That's around 90% cheaper.

How much does a root canal cost in India?

The root canal cost in India is way lower than it is in the United States, making it a popular treatment. A root canal in India costs between $90 and $120, whereas in the US, it averages $750.

How much does a tooth implant cost in India?

Dental implant costs in India are much less than in the US. The average price in the US for implants is around $4,000 per tooth, whereas the India dental implant cost is around $440–$820 per tooth.

We have a separate detailed guide to dental implants, which includes some information about what you can expect to pay in different parts of the country.

Here is a table that gives an idea of what some popular dental treatments in India cost:



Root canal


$110 - $200




Important things to consider about dentistry in India

Before you book to get dental in India or anywhere else, you need to think about certain practicalities.


As mentioned earlier, it's important that you have the right insurance for your trip. Regular travel insurance policies don't normally cover planned medical treatment, so check your policy and find one that covers your needs. Even if you need to claim for something unrelated to your dental treatment in India, by having received treatment, your policy could be invalid.


You also need to apply for the right visa before you travel. For US citizens, according to the US Passport Service Guide, you can get a medical visa if you are seeking medical treatment in India. Any supporting documents that you need should be provided by your dentist in India. Here is the link for visa application, including for medical visas.

Making payments

Payment is something else that you need to think about. Card payments by Visa and Mastercard aren't quite as common as at home, so check with your chosen dentist if they take card payments and what the extra charges might be. If you use a dental tourism agent, make sure you are clear on what you are and aren't paying for in order to avoid nasty surprises.

Reviews of dentistry in India

In this video, Susan from the US talks about the dental work she got while on vacation in India and how happy she is with her experience.


Organizing dental implants in India, or any other dental treatment, can be a daunting task. You do need to consider a few more details than if you were having treatment in the US, but the savings can really make the effort worthwhile.

Some larger airports in the US have direct flights to India, so it can be relatively easy and convenient to get there. Once in India and waiting for your dental work to be completed, there is plenty to keep you occupied, and you needn't spend a fortune on accommodation, food, and entertainment.

If you're still undecided about visiting a dentist in India, check out our dental tourism guide for information on other popular destinations for dental care abroad. Dentistry in Poland and Hungary both have a very good reputation, while Turkey and Spain are good choices for a dental holiday. Read more about dental implants in Spain and other dental treatments.

Get help planning your India dental vacation with the experience and expertise of MTC. Fill in your details below to get started.



Does the cost of dental implants in India include all associated expenses?

The cost of dental implants may or may not include additional expenses such as consultation fees, pre-surgical tests, and follow-up appointments. It's essential to inquire about a comprehensive cost breakdown from the dental clinic.

Are there different types of dental implants, and do they affect the cost in India?

Yes, there are different types of dental implants, including standard implants, mini implants, and All-on-4 implants. The type of implant chosen may impact the overall cost, as more advanced or specialized implants may be more expensive.

What factors can influence the cost of dental implants in India?

There are different factors that influence the cost of dental implants in India such as the location of the dental clinic (urban areas may have higher costs), the dentist's expertise and reputation, the type and brand of implants used, and additional procedures, such as bone grafting, if required.

Getting Dental Implants in India: What Does Dentistry in India Cost?
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