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Call an Emergency Dental Clinic in Aurora, CO for Pain Relief Now

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Contact an emergency dentist for urgent care in Aurora, CO
Click here to get connected or call 888-210-4695 (toll-free)
  • Pain relief from toothache, abscesses and dry socket
  • Repair a chipped, cracked or broken tooth
  • Emergency dental surgery
  • Dentists accept PPO private insurance, cash or credit card
  • Live operators available 24/7
Call an Aurora Dentist

Do you need emergency dental care in Aurora, CO right now? Dental emergencies like broken teeth, or damaged dental work can happen 24 hours a day, so it's important to know where in Aurora you can find a dentist open and available to treat you as soon as possible. That's why has put together this handy list of emergency dentists in Aurora, CO, to make it easier for you to get the care you need right away.

Don't just take pain medication and hope your symptoms go away. If left untreated, many dental problems like abscesses and broken teeth can become increasingly dangerous and possibly even life threatening, so it's best to make an appointment with one of the Aurora emergency dentists listed below.

Emergency Dentists in other Colorado cities

When might I need an emergency dentist in Aurora, CO?

Most dentists in Aurora, CO have regular hours like any other business, often closing for the evening at 4:00, but dental emergencies requiring urgent care can arise 24 hours day. For someone suffering from severe tooth pain, or any other dental emergency, it's necessary to know where you can call to schedule urgent care as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, there are several dental clinics in Aurora, CO which offer emergency services, including either walk-in visits, urgent care appointments open on short notice, or availability on Saturday and Sunday. You can find out which emergency dentist is best suited to your needs by contacting the offices listed below, or by dialing 888-210-4695 for the 24-hour emergency hotline.

Anyone who simply can't take time off work to visit the dentist can even use this service to find a clinic that is open for out-of-hours appointments, so they can get preventative care when it's convenient and avoid a dental emergency in the future.

emergency dental aurora co

Emergency dental clinics in Aurora, CO

You don't have to live with dental pain and sensitivity. Get back to your day-to-day life by scheduling an appointment with an emergency dentist in Aurora, CO and start enjoying your favorite foods, drinks and activities again.

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, or you have damaged teeth or dental work, don't wait until your symptoms become worse. Find the most convenient dental clinic below for you, then call to make an appointment right away.

Alameda Dental

Alameda Dental's team of dentists are dedicated to providing quality care to patients in the Aurora area while maintaining a fun and glamorous atmosphere. Affiliates of the American Dental Association and the Colorado Dental Association, among others, each dentist makes use of the latest technology to offer a wide range of dental procedures to every person who walks through the door, from cosmetic to emergency dentistry.

Location: 14591 E Alameda Ave, Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: (303) 343-7072

Monday: 8am-5pm
Tuesday: 10am-7pm
Wednesday: 8am-5pm
Thursday: 9am-7pm
Friday: 8am-3pm
Saturday: 8am-2pm
Sunday: Closed

Map & Directions

Aurora Family Dentistry

Associates of the ADA, CDA, and more, the dentists at Aurora Family Dentistry take pride in developing relationships with members of the Aurora community through comprehensive and compassionate treatment. Offering the full range of oral care, from routine to cosmetic dentistry, their team strives to stay at the forefront of dentistry through continued education and state-of-the-art technology. Aurora Family Dentistry also makes sure to keep emergency availability for at least two appointments per day. For emergencies outside regular hours, they have a phone line open Saturdays, Sundays, and late at night, which you can call to be put in touch with a staff member and schedule a dentist appointment in Aurora as soon as possible.

Location: 13700 E Colfax Ave., Suite M, Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: (303) 997-1405
Emergency Phone: (720) 445-4486

Monday: 8am-5pm
Tuesday: 8am-5pm
Wednesday: 8am-5pm
Thursday: 8am-4:30pm
Friday: 8am-2pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Map & Directions

Meadow Hills Dental | Dr. Mark Braasch

Previously voted the best dentist in Omaha, NE, Dr. Mark Braasch now proudly serves residents of the Aurora area, offering the full spectrum of dental care including general, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry. Working hard to make each patient's experience as comfortable as possible, the Meadow Hills staff of friendly professionals are trained to attend to the needs of each individual who walks in the door. Dr. Braasch makes time in his schedule for urgent care, welcoming walk-in patients and providing same-day emergency appointments when possible, even on Saturday and Sunday.

Location: 5001 S. Parker Road, Suite 106, Aurora, CO 80015
Phone: (303) 694-0028

Monday: 8am-4pm
Tuesday: 9am-6pm
Wednesday: 7am-5pm
Thursday: 7am-5pm
Friday: 7am-3pm
Saturday: Emergency availability only
Sunday: Emergency availability only

Map & Directions

Gateway Park Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Zenon and the team at Gateway Park Dental strive to make your dental visit as comfortable as possible. Their philosophy of biomimetic dentistry, or dentistry that imitates nature, is focused on restoring damaged and decayed teeth in such a way that mimics the strength, appearance, and function of a natural tooth, while altering the original tooth as little as possible. Using the latest technology to provide minimally invasive and long-lasting treatment, they are one of the few dentists in Aurora open every Saturday and some evenings for emergency treatment.

Location: 3471 N Salida St #60, Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: (303) 307-8282

Monday: 10am-7pm
Tuesday: 10am-7pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 8am-5pm
Friday: 9am-4pm
Saturday: 8am-12pm
Sunday: Closed

Map & Directions

Michael Dougherty Dentistry

Dr. Michael Dougherty and his team of professionals are always trying to create the most positive experience possible for every patient who walks into the office. Using the latest technology, they offer all standard dental procedures, including emergency dentistry. If you have an emergency after hours you can call their office number and be put in contact with an on-call staff member. Putting patient satisfaction first, Dr. Dougherty and his team proudly serve all residents of the Aurora community.

Location: 1550 South Potomac, Suite 220, Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: (303) 369-1069

Monday: 8am-5pm
Tuesday: 9am-7pm
Wednesday: 8am-5pm
Thursday: 8am-5pm
Friday: By appointment only
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Map & Directions

24-Hour Referral Hotline

If you are unable to reach any of these emergency dental clinics in Aurora, CO, or if they do not have appointments available soon enough, you can always call the 24-hour emergency dentist referral hotline. By calling this number you will be referred to a Colorado dentist near you who can provide you the treatment your require, at the time you need it.

Need immediate dental care? Call an emergency dentist in Aurora, CO now!

Click here to get connected or call 888-210-4695 (toll-free, 24/7)

Call A Dentist

How do I know I need an emergency dentist in Aurora, CO?

The symptoms that indicate you need urgent care can be put into two general categories. The first is when your teeth are visibly damaged, most frequently due to a sports injury or other sudden impact. The second is severe mouth pain, which can indicate an underlying issue such as an infection or a tooth abscess. You may need emergency dental care if you have any of the following symptoms:

dental emergencies no insurance aurora
  • Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Trauma to soft tissue (e.g. gums, lips, cheeks) even if the teeth are healthy
  • Loose permanent tooth
  • Damaged or lost crown, bridge or other dental work
  • Missing filling
  • Severe pain after an injury or impact
  • Severe pain, accompanied by swelling and possibly an unpleasant odor
  • Drainage or bleeding from gums
24 hour urgent care aurora co

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you can decide on one of several courses of action. If you are suffering greatly from your symptoms, visit a dentist immediately for a walk-in appointment, or go directly to the ER. If you are worried, but think that your condition is stable and the symptoms are bearable, then you can schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist and wait until your appointment. This is best for anyone missing a filling, bridge, or crown, as exposed nerve tissue can be very sensitive. Although it may not hurt, you should avoid any further damage to your nerves.

If your tooth is chipped or you are experiencing minor pain, you probably don't need emergency treatment, but should rather schedule a regular dentist appointment. Slight pain can be an early sign of decay or infection and should not be left untreated for long. With time, very minor conditions can become serious if left untreated.

What to know before your emergency dental visit in Aurora, CO

Before you receive emergency dental care, you should know how you are going to pay for treatment. It's a good idea to call the office ahead of time to learn if they belong to your PPO, or whether or not they accept your insurance. Beyond insurance you can ask your emergency dentist if they accept medicaid, or if they have payment plans for those in Aurora who have no insurance in case of dental emergencies. You can also ask to know the price of the treatment you will receive or, if you don't know what procedure you require, you can request a general list of prices to have a better idea of what your dental care may cost.

If it is your first time visiting, most dentists will ask you to fill out some forms on your medical history in order to provide you with the best care possible. It's best to arrive ten to fifteen minutes early so that you can fill out any forms you need to before your appointment is set to begin. When it's time to start your treatment, be sure to make the staff aware of any allergies or conditions you have that may negatively affect treatment and recovery. For anyone who experiences dental anxiety, this would be a good time to inquire about sedation or other options which that dentist may offer, as well as the price for those options.

Why not just go to the emergency room?

Many people's first instinct in a dental emergency is to go straight to the ER. This is not always the best choice because hospital staff aren't normally equipped or trained for dental procedures, and will often only be able to stop any bleeding, prescribe pain medication, and then recommend that the patient visit a dentist as soon as possible.

Emergency dentists set aside time for urgent care on short notice, are trained specifically for dental emergencies, and have all the equipment needed to provide you long-term solutions to your dental problems. therefore, you can save yourself time and the cost of an ER visit by first contacting an emergency dental clinic in Aurora, CO to schedule urgent care.

In some cases involving dental emergencies, it is better to visit the ER than to see an emergency dentist, at least at first. If you have had an accident, head trauma, are experiencing extreme pain or other severe symptoms and are not sure of your current condition, you should go to the ER where they can stabilize you and make sure you aren't in serious danger.

Emergency dentists in other Colorado cities

If none of the Aurora dental clinics listed can see you when you require, you can always try an emergency dentist in another nearby city, or simply dial 888-210-4695 to reach the 24 hour emergency dentist hotline for Colorado.

Additional advice

You can visit the Colorado Dental Board‘s website to verify the credentials and licensing of any Colorado dentist before you go in for treatment. If you intend to pay for your emergency dentist visit with medicaid, it's a good idea to check the Health First Colorado page to learn if your treatment will be covered.

It's important to note that all the information provided here by is meant to help you assess your needs and find an emergency dentist quickly. It is not intended to be a substitute for advice from a medical professional. If you think you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact an emergency dentist in Aurora, CO now.

If you have sever symptoms and cannot be seen quickly by an emergency dentist, or if you have had an accident or head trauma, call 911 right away.

Call an Emergency Dental Clinic in Aurora, CO for Pain Relief Now
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