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Can You Eat Chips With Braces? (Everything You Need To Know)

Simon Frers
Simon Frers
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When getting braces, it's crucial to know what things you may eat and what you shouldn't consume while wearing braces. Some foods and snacks (including certain types of chips) may quickly damage your brackets and wires.

Chips can be delicious and tempting. So, after starting your orthodontics treatment, you may be wondering what kind of chips can you eat with braces?

can you eat chips with braces
What type of chips can you eat with braces?

Unfortunately, while wearing braces, you should stay away from any food that is hard and crunchy. This includes pretzels, other hard bread, certain types of chips, and other hard foods.

View our article on the foods to avoid with braces to get a full list of things you should stay away from, and more specifically, check out our article ‘can you eat popcorn with braces?

Also, read our other article on the best soft foods for braces to learn what types of foods you can eat instead.

What chips can you eat with braces?

There are certain types of chips you can eat with braces. These chips are often baked rather than fried, giving them a softer and not-so-crunchy texture. In general, it's safer to eat chips with braces if they're softer in texture and break into larger pieces.

chips you can eat with braces
What kinds of chips can you eat with braces?

Here are some kinds of chips you can eat with braces:

  • Sweet potato fries
  • Pringles
  • Kale chips
  • Carrot chips
  • Baked chips
  • Cheese puffs
  • Veggie sticks
  • Cheetos

Eat each food, regardless of what kind it is, one at a time (rather than a handful all at once).

Not only will you avoid a stomach ache, but it might also prevent an accident involving your braces, such as a broken bracket or a bent wire.

What happens if you eat chips with braces?

The main danger of eating chips while wearing braces is that you can get a piece of crunchy, hard, or sticky food trapped in between the wires of your braces. The brackets can actually break off your teeth with enough force (or an overly passionate bite). Your orthodontist would need to make an emergency repair in this case.


It's best just to avoid eating most kinds of chips that your orthodontist advises against. Your brackets may break off if chips get lodged in your braces. This might lead to a longer time you spend wearing braces, and you may need additional orthodontist appointments.

We have another article on what foods to eat with braces, if you would like to learn more on this topic.

If you're unable to live without your favorite chips, think of unique ways to prepare them. Watch this video by Youtuber “Eddygol” to learn his method how to eat chips with braces.

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Can you eat tortilla chips with braces?

The short answer is no. Due to their crunchy texture, tortilla chips should not be consumed when wearing braces. It may break your braces' wires, even if you're cautious.

Can you eat potato chips with braces?

If the potato chips are hard and crunchy, it’s best to avoid them while wearing braces. Baked potato chips are generally OK to eat. Remember to eat one chip at a time, not a handful at once.

Can you eat Lays chips with braces?

No, you can't eat Lay's chips with braces since, as with most other chips, biting into them would possibly break off a bracket. Furthermore, small pieces could get stuck under the braces' wire.

Can you eat kettle chips with braces?

Despite your desire to bury your bracket-covered teeth in a bag of kettle-cooked potato chips, you should resist that temptation since they are quite hard and could harm brackets or wires. 

Can you eat Cheetos with braces?

You can, in fact, eat Cheetos while wearing braces. In contrast to regular chips, they are relatively soft, requiring less chewing force. However, only eat one Cheetos at a time!

Can you eat Takis with braces?

Takis cannot be consumed when wearing braces. They can get stuck between your braces and knock off brackets. It's better to stick with soft chips like Pringles, or baked chips.

Can you eat Pringles with braces?

Despite how odd it may sound, you can eat Pringles while wearing braces! Pringles are significantly softer than traditional chips. However, never eat more than one at a time.

Can you eat Doritos with braces?

Unfortunately, you can't eat Doritos while wearing braces since the pressure needed to bite into one might break a bracket as well as damage your wire because of how crisp they are.

What junk food can you eat with braces?

Generally, stay away from anything crunchy, sticky, or hard. Some junk foods you can eat are pizza, burgers, and fries. Pringles, baked chips, and other soft chips are ok to eat with braces.

Are fries OK for braces?

You can eat French fries while wearing braces. French fries are okay to eat with typical metal braces as long as they are not burned. When eating fries that are difficult to chew, be cautious.

Can You Eat Chips With Braces? (Everything You Need To Know)
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