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Can You Whiten Teeth with Banana Peels? Uncover the Truth Behind the Hack

Anne Belott
Anne Belott
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The latest TikTok trend where you whiten your teeth with banana peels may sound crazy, but does the banana peel teeth whitening myth seriously work?

Well, has the answer to whether this hack is a banana peel teeth whitening hoax or a teeth whitening miracle. 

We hope you find all the answers you’ve been looking for to decide if you want to try out banana teeth whitening.

What is banana peel teeth whitening and how do I do it?

According to the trend, you rub a banana peel on your teeth using the inside of the peel. You are supposed to do this daily before or after brushing your teeth. Supposedly, this causes your teeth to gradually get whiter over a few weeks. 

Are bananas good for your teeth?

According to banana believers, bananas are great for whitening teeth because of the high mineral value in banana peels. However, there is no scientific evidence that supports this. That being said, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, your average banana contains three main nutrients:

  • 422 mg of potassium
  • 32 mg of magnesium
  • 3 g of fiber

Obviously, bananas are a delicious, nutritional snack. In short, bananas are good for you but there isn't evidence they are good for your teeth.

Do banana peels actually whiten teeth?

There is no scientific evidence that you can use banana peels to whiten teeth. The minerals in bananas are good for dental health but they are unlikely to whiten teeth on the first try.

Even though there is no scientific evidence, India Today suggests the ripe banana peel acts as a gentle exfoliator, meaning the banana peel will remove some of your surface stains but not reach the inside pores of your enamel. 

banana peel teeth whitening
Does the banana peel hack really work?

It is safe to say that no, bananas cannot whiten your teeth alone. We suggest using another teeth whitening method in addition to banana peels to maximize your results.

How can you actually use banana peels on your teeth?

Even if you can’t use banana peels to whiten your teeth, you can use them as a gentle exfoliator with the added benefit that they may help remove some surface stains.

Try it out yourself!

Try using banana peels as a gentle exfoliation and light stain removal to determine whether you like this hack! Test it out for a few weeks and record your results. But don't expect professional results.

Can other fruit whiten teeth?

fruit whiten teeth
Acidic fruits are bad for your teeth

The American Dental Association explains why other fruits like strawberries or lemons cannot whiten your teeth. People also try apple cider vinegar to whiten teeth but this is also not recommended. But why is that?

Fruits and vinegar contain acid, which is bad for your teeth. Acid wears down your enamel, which is the thin outer coating of your teeth that protects you from tooth sensitivity and cavities.

Still want those pearly whites? 

The best way to naturally whiten your teeth is by including these habits in your daily routine:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day. The most important time to brush your teeth is at night. Don't skip this one! We recommend using mouthwash with fluoride 30 minutes after brushing your teeth. 
  • Cleaning between your teeth once a day
  • Not smoking or using tobacco products 
  • Limiting sugar-filled drinks like soda, coffee, or tea that stain your teeth
  • Use whitening toothpaste

Alternative Teeth Whitening Methods:

  • Professional teeth whitening at the dentist – Professional teeth whitening options include laser whitening and zoom (LED) whitening. Laser whitening uses special teeth whitening lasers to accelerate the bleaching effect of a concentrated gel that is applied to the teeth. Zoom (LED) whitening is similar to laser whitening but instead uses LED lights to accelerate a whitening agent. These options are pricey but results are fast!
  • Professional teeth bleaching kits – The best way to whiten teeth professionally at home is with a take-home kit provided by your dentist. Take-home bleaching kits might be the best teeth whitening method for you if you want the benefit of safe professional supervision but you don't need the instant results provided by more expensive in-office teeth whitening treatments.
  • Teeth whitening strips – Teeth whitening strips are thin, flexible, transparent or translucent strips that are coated on one side with a tooth whitening gel.
  • Smile bars – A smile bar is a great place to go to get your teeth whitened. Smile bars are like hair salons but for teeth whitening.
  • Teeth whitening pens – Teeth whitening pens are an easy-to-use and cheaper option but may not be as effective. All you have to do is squeeze the gel out and then apply it to the teeth using the brush of the pen. 


To answer your question: “Can banana peels whiten teeth?”, the answer is no. Sorry banana enthusiasts, but unfortunately, bananas cannot be used to whiten teeth on a deep cleaning level. We do recommend using other whitening methods such as whitening kits, strips, and professional whitening!

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