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Best Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Review: Plastic-Free and Eco-Friendly

Simon Frers
Simon Frers
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Due to being environmentally friendly, a bamboo electric toothbrush is a popular sustainable alternative to typical plastic electric toothbrushes. This is a review of the best bamboo electric toothbrushes on the market.

We reviewed dozens of options based on bristle material and other sustainable features, brushing efficacy, motor power, and battery life.

Our top picks are:

  • Sustainable Tomorrow Bamboo Electric Toothbrush
  • Better & Better Sonic Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Fayet Bamboo Electric Toothbrush
  • M.A.K. Electric Bamboo Toothbrush

Using a bamboo electric toothbrush can help you use less plastic and reduce the amount of waste you send to the landfill. To find out more about bamboo electric toothbrushes and whether they are effective, continue reading.

Our top pick: Sustainable Tomorrow Bamboo Electric Toothbrush

Why we like it:

• All materials are either compostable, biodegradable or recyclable
• Plant-based bristles mean heads compost in 6 months (no bristle removal needed)
• 1-month battery life
• Comes with 4 heads
• 40,000 vibrations/minute

Brush with Sustainable Tomorrow

What is the best bamboo electric toothbrush?

The best electric bamboo toothbrushes currently on the market in the US include the Sustainable Tomorrow brush, Better & Better and Fayet. Keep reading for a review of each product to help you choose.

Sustainable Tomorrow Bamboo Electric Toothbrush

best bamboo electric toothbrush
FSC-approved bamboo

The Sustainable Tomorrow electric bamboo brush features replaceable heads made from compostable FSC-approved bamboo. The bristles on this eco-friendly electric toothbrush are made from castor seed oil and will compost in around six months, even in your home compost bin.

The base of the brush is made from plastic for safety and waterproof requirements, and the brush comes in zero-waste packaging.

This brush also features the following:

  • 4 included heads
  • 3 intensity levels up to 40,000 vibrations/minute
  • 4-hour charge that lasts for 30 days
  • 5 cleaning modes
  • 2-minute timer
  • Sonic technology

We like this brush because the plant-based bristles mean you can throw the whole brush head into the compost, and it's easy to use while still offering the basic features of most electric brushes.

Better & Better Sonic Electric Toothbrush

pearlbar electric bamboo toothbrush
Pearlbar electric bamboo toothbrush

The Better & Better bamboo toothbrush has recyclable bamboo electric toothbrush heads with soft, plant-based bristles. The brush heads are replaceable, and there are five modes — cleaning, whitening, polishing, mild, and sensitive — for whatever your needs may be. It features a sleek design and a small square wood-effect charging dock.

Its main features include:

  • 5 brushing modes
  • 2-minute timer
  • 38,000 pulses per minute
  • Plant-based bristles
  • Long-lasting battery

We like this brush because, in addition to offering the basic features of an electric toothbrush, it is also aesthetically pleasing, with a wood-effect charging dock to match the brush.

Fayet Bamboo Electric Toothbrush

The Fayet features a 100% bamboo head and a body made from ABS plastic to protect the electric parts of the brush — and is also recyclable. The bristles are made from nylon, so if you want the head to be compostable, you need to remove the bristles before composting it.

best bamboo electric toothbrush review
Fayet bamboo electric toothbrush

This brush is easy to use and uses the same sonic technology as other electric toothbrushes now available, but it is more environmentally friendly.

Below are its main features:

  • Charges through the included USB cable
  • Includes 3 bamboo replacement brush-heads
  • Up to 35 days battery life
  • 30-second quadrant vibrations
  • 5 cleaning settings: Clean, white, polish, gum care, sensitive
  • Waterproof ABS body

We like this sustainable electric toothbrush because it has a 30-second quadrant timer to let you know when to change sections of your mouth, and it also comes with three different replacement brush heads.

M.A.K Electric Bamboo Toothbrush for kids and adults

Both adults and kids can use the M.A.K., which has bamboo heads that are recyclable and biodegradable.


electric bamboo toothbrush for kids
M.A.K Electric Bamboo Toothbrush
for Kids and Adults
  • The electric toothbrush head is made of natural and environmentally friendly bamboo
  • The main body is made of plastic
  • Cleaning Mode: 31.000 – 37.000 – high-frequency swing, suitable for most needs
  • Bleaching Mode: 31.000 – 35.000 – fast high-frequency swing, suitable for incisor cleaning
  • Gum Care mode: 32.000 – 35.000 – a combination of clean and sensitive mode
  • 3 replaceable bamboo brush heads included
  • One button switch, simple to use for children

We like this eco-electric toothbrush because the brush heads feature Dupont bristles which are used in most dentist-recommend brushes, plus this brush has an automatic memory of the mode you last brushed in.

Benefits of electric toothbrushes

Using an electric toothbrush is a terrific method to enhance your dental hygiene. They can break up more plaque than manual brushes, and some have features that tell you how long to brush and how much pressure to apply.

Electric toothbrushes come in a variety of styles, whether you need one for sensitive teeth or one that is suited for your child or baby. You may pick from a variety of brush heads, cleaning modes, and intensity levels.

Check out our post comparing Oral-b and Sonicare electric toothbrushes if you enjoy the concept of an electric bamboo toothbrush but would also like to learn more about some of the more well-known toothbrush types to compare.

Also, take a look at our review on the FOREO ISSA line if you have sensitive teeth and are thinking about using a silicone electric toothbrush.

Why use a bamboo electric toothbrush?

best bamboo electric toothbrush
Electric bamboo toothbrushes are made
of eco-friendly sustainable material

You may want to use a bamboo electric toothbrush to reduce your environmental footprint. Bamboo is a sustainable resource that can be used indefinitely since it grows quickly. It doesn't need pesticides or herbicides and uses hardly any water. Additionally, it has antibacterial qualities, making it cleaner than materials like plastic or metal.

Bamboo's robust roots allow for yearly harvesting without causing permanent damage to the plant, so as long as you don't take too much at once, it will keep growing!

Utilizing a bamboo toothbrush also has the following advantages:

  • Bamboo has antibacterial properties, making it a more hygienic option
  • Bamboo brushes often have softer bristles, making them gentler on tooth enamel
  • The bamboo handle and sleek design make these toothbrushes more stylish than typical electric options
  • Bamboo toothbrushes weigh less, making them more comfortable to hold

Another issue that bamboo electric toothbrushes address is the amount of waste generated by the disposal of plastic toothbrushes. An estimated 23 billion toothbrushes are thrown away per year, while 55 million people use electric brushes, meaning there are plenty of electric brush heads getting tossed too.

A bamboo electric toothbrush can help reduce the amount of plastic waste — especially if the bristles are plant-based and compostable, and the body is made of recyclable plastic.

Watch the video below to learn about what to watch out for:

How does an electric bamboo toothbrush work?

Bamboo electric toothbrushes work just like standard electric toothbrushes — electronically with a motor, battery, and brush head that delivers sonic vibrations to break up plaque. The motor and the brush head are wired together, and the brush head is made of bamboo.

Most bamboo toothbrush handles are waterproof thanks to the use of recyclable plastic in their construction. As a result, even though the toothbrush is mainly made of bamboo, the electric parts within are still protected.

How to pick the best electric bamboo toothbrush

  • When selecting the ideal bamboo electric toothbrush, there are a few things to consider. You may want to consider a brush with a rechargeable battery. This makes it more convenient for travel since it doesn't need to be plugged in all the time, and more eco-friendly since you aren't using disposable batteries.
  • Secondly, check for bamboo electric toothbrush replacement heads. If your brush comes with one head and doesn't let you swap it out when necessary, it might be an issue when they start to wear out from frequent usage.
  • Additionally, having several replacement heads gives you more freedom to choose the cleaning method that works best for you; for instance, some people might prefer softer bristles while others might prefer harder ones, and some people might want more power while others might prefer less pressure applied overall.

Electric Bamboo Toothbrushes

Sustainable Tomorrow

  • 5 brushing modes

  • 3 intensity levels

  • 30-day battery life

  • 2-minute timer

  • Castor nut oil bristles

  • FSC certified bamboo

  • Head and bristles will compost in 6 months

Better & Better

  • 5 brushing modes

  • 38,000 pulses per minute

  • Plant-based bristles

  • Soft bristles

  • Long battery life

  • 2-minute timer

Briut Essentials Bamboo Electric Toothbrush

  • Charges through the included USB cable

  • Includes 3 bamboo replacement brush-heads

  • Up to 1 month battery life

  • 1-year warranty

  • 2-minute timer

  • 5 cleaning settings (clean, white, polish, gum care, sensitive)

  • Waterproof FSC certified bamboo

M.A.K Electric Bamboo Toothbrush for Kids

  • Cleaning Mode:  high-frequency swing, suitable for ordinary people

  • Bleaching Mode: fast high-frequency swing, suitable for incisor cleaning

  • Gum Care mode:  combination of clean and sensitive mode

  • One button switch, simple to use for children

  • 3 replaceable bamboo brush heads included


If you're looking for ways to be more eco-friendly, you may want to switch to a bamboo electric toothbrush.

bamboo toothbrush electric
Look after your oral hygiene and the planet by using a bamboo electric toothbrush

Bamboo is a rich renewable resource that may be used without harming the environment. It is biodegradable, which means it decomposes quickly when exposed to environmental factors like water or sunlight.

Bamboo electric toothbrushes probably won't have all of the bells and whistles that top-of-the-line electric toothbrushes have, but you can still get a great clean as long as you brush for two minutes, twice per day, using the proper technique.


Why are bamboo toothbrushes better for the environment?

Bamboo toothbrushes can be better for the environment because bamboo is a resource that may be utilized indefinitely since it grows quickly and requires little water and no pesticides or herbicides. As bamboo is biodegradable, it decomposes rapidly.

Is a bamboo toothbrush better than a plastic toothbrush?

A bamboo toothbrush is better than a plastic toothbrush if you want to reduce your environmental impact because bamboo is a sustainable, environmentally friendly material. Due to of its antibacterial qualities, it is also more hygienic than materials like plastic or metal.

Best Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Review: Plastic-Free and Eco-Friendly
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