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Burst Sonic Toothbrush: Reviews and Product Comparison

burst toothbrush
The Burst sonic toothbrush in black.

After all the recent hype, are you considering trying the Burst sonic toothbrush? Maybe you are considering switching from a different brand of electric brush. Maybe you finally want to make the change from a traditional brush to see for yourself if it really makes a difference. No matter what reason you may have for thinking about acquiring a Burst sonic toothbrush, we are here to help you decide if it's the right toothbrush for you and answer a few questions you probably have, like:

  • Do I really need an electric toothbrush?
  • Is Burst worth the price?
  • How does it stand up to the competition?

In this article we are going to go over the features of the Burst sonic toothbrush to give you our impressions and compare its specs with similar products. With our analysis alongside Burst oral care brush reviews from other users, you'll hopefully feel informed enough to decide whether or not to order a Burst sonic toothbrush to try for yourself.

Electric vs. manual toothbrushes

burst electric vs manual
You may be wondering, is there really a difference between manual and electric brushes?

First things first. It should go without saying that a manual toothbrush is a perfectly appropriate tool for brushing your teeth. If you think you need to switch to an electric brush because otherwise your teeth won't be adequately cleaned, that's not necessarily true. The quality of your oral hygiene routine will vary more depending on your habits, such as time spent brushing every day and how often you replace worn-out brushes, rather than whether or not your toothbrush uses a battery.

However, electric brushes are considered by many dentists to be an improvement on the traditional toothbrush thanks to features that improve efficiency, user experience, and make it easier and more convenient for you to brush properly every day. In fact, several studies do show an improvement in plaque removal when switching from a manual toothbrush to electric.

Therefore, an electric toothbrush may not represent a change in the way that we think about brushing our teeth, but it can provide a more efficient cleaning and be very useful in forming better habits.

Our Burst sonic toothbrush review

The Burst sonic toothbrush has many standard characteristics of an electric toothbrush like replaceable heads and a charging station, among others. However, there are several unique features that distinguish it from other similar products, as well as a lifetime warranty and a subscription to new brush heads delivered by mail every 90 days.

These things, combined with a significantly lower price point ($70 for a standard kit vs. $200+) than many other electric brushes, are the main selling point of Burst. So, let's have a closer look to determine whether it's as good a value as many say.

Features of the Burst toothbrush

activated charcoal
Burst's bristles are infused with activated charcoal, which is said to have purifying qualities

Charcoal-infused bristles

The bristles on a Burst toothbrush are infused with a special type of charcoal known as Binchotan, or white charcoal, which has been used in Japan for centuries for cleaning the air and purifying drinking water, among other things. This infused charcoal is said to help naturally whiten your teeth every time you brush.

33,000 sonic vibrations per minute

Unlike some other electric models, Burst toothbrushes don't have a rotating head. Instead, it provides a deep clean through a powerful motor that vibrates the bristles 33,000 times every minute. Although there are other electric toothbrushes that use sonic vibration, none currently on the market operate at such a high rate.

Two-minute timer with quad interval technology

One of the main problems people have when brushing their teeth is time. Most people don't brush for long enough, and even if they do, it's likely that they focus more on some parts of their mouth than others. Burst's timer is designed to inform you when to change from one quadrant of your mouth to another so you can clean all of your teeth evenly for the full time necessary.

Different intensity settings

The motor has three different modes that you can use when brushing:

  • Whitening: The strongest setting delivers the promised 33,000 vibrations per minute to remove staining in addition to plaque.
  • Sensitive: This mode is for users with sensitive teeth, vibrating at a much lower rate than whitening mode.
  • Massage: Finally, the lowest setting causes the bristles to vibrate in pulses for sore areas and to improve gum circulation.

Four-week battery life

Although the charging stand is fairly sleek and takes up minimal space on your counter, you can just as easily keep it in the cabinet, as a Burst toothbrush can be used every day for four weeks on a single charge. When the battery is running low you will see an indicator light up. Just plug it in overnight and you'll be ready to go for another month.

burst oral care
A standard Burst sonic toothbrush kit

What do I get when I buy a Burst toothbrush kit?

Basic Burst sonic toothbrush kit

A standard Burst toothbrush kit contains the following items:

  • The Burst sonic toothbrush
  • One replaceable brush head
  • USB charging base
  • USB wall adapter

Subscription service & lifetime warranty

When you purchase a Burst toothbrush you also sign up for a subscription service that will send you replacement heads for your toothbrush every three months. You can choose to opt out of the service after you order the toothbrush and instead order a replacement online when you want one, but it is a convenient way to ensure that you aren't brushing with a worn-out head.

There are additional subscription services that you can choose to add on as well, including whitening strips, charcoal floss, and toothpaste. These will be sent to you every 90 days, along with your new toothbrush head.

Another feature that stands out is the lifetime warranty. As long as you subscribe to their service, Burst will send you a brand new toothbrush at no cost if the one you have stops working. There is also a two-year warranty after purchase regardless of whether or not you subscribe.

What does a Burst sonic toothbrush cost?

The Burst toothbrush kit is available online in black or white at a recommended retail price of $69.99 and comes with everything listed above, including an automatic subscription to the replacement brush head service. These heads cost $6 and are sent to you every three months.

The limited-edition rose gold version is a bit more expensive at a recommended $99.99, though it does come with a travel case which is not included with the black and white models. Replacement brush heads in rose gold also cost slightly more, at $7 per head instead of $6.

Besides what comes in the box, there are all sorts of other goodies you can purchase separately at the following prices:

  • Charcoal expanding floss: $12.99 one-time purchase (including dispenser), then $6.99 for refills with subscription.
  • Fluoride toothpaste: $9.99 one-time purchase, or $6.99 with subscription.
  • Whitening strips: $19.99 one-time purchase, or $14.99 with subscription.
  • Travel case: $12.99 (included with rose gold brush)

Burst often run special offers and discounts, so it's worth checking their site to see what the current prices are. They also offer bundle deals from time to time, where you can pick up a variety of items at a big discount. Find the best deals here!

Competitor comparison

burst tooth brush
Now that there are so many options to choose from, you should do some comparison before buying an electric brush.

Now let's take a look at how it stands up to similar products from competing brands. An important note to consider is that, as a new company, Burst currently only has one model of electric toothbrush available, while more established brands like Oral-B and Sonicare have various models with different features and price points.

There are models like the Sonicare DiamondClean Smart, which has a wealth of additional features like interchangeable brush heads, various sensors, a stylish charging station and even an app that helps you track how well you are brushing. However, a toothbrush like this will cost almost three times as much as a Burst sonic toothbrush that, for all intents and purposes, performs just as well.

Therefore it's safe to say that unless you are looking for the most interactive toothbrush available, you'll probably be shopping in a more reasonable price range. For our purposes we'll concentrate on toothbrushes that are similar in their power, features, and price range in order to focus a bit more on the details.

Burst vs. Oral-B Pro 3000

The Oral-B Pro 3000 is similar to the Burst in that it has three modes and an automatic brushing timer. It differs significantly in that it is not a sonic toothbrush but rather one with a head that oscillates 8,800 times per minute—much less than Burst's 33,000. Its battery life (at ten days) it is significantly shorter than the Burst's. It is worth mentioning that the Oral-B charging base must be plugged into the wall, while that of the Burst is USB compatible.

Some of its features not found on the Burst include a pressure sensor, indicator bristles, and Bluetooth connectivity accompanied with an app. The indicator bristles are meant to inform you when it's time to buy a new brush head. Since Burst delivers your replacement brush heads automatically, it's not something that really is missing, and in fact we would say that the convenience of a new head arriving to your home is better than being told to go buy one.

The pressure sensors do provide something that Burst does not, indicating when you are pressing too hard while brushing in order to protect your enamel. You can also connect the toothbrush with a free app for daily monitoring and personalized brushing routines. The app definitely allows for a more interactive experience though may only make a difference to serious techies.

With a higher initial price tag and replacement brush heads at $7–$10 each, it's a bit more expensive than the Burst. In the end, the biggest positive you get for that price increase is the pressure sensor and the app, which (if you are excited about analyzing your oral hygiene routine) could be worth it. Otherwise, if you prefer a lifetime warranty or are more concerned with power and basic functionality, you may prefer to save a few bucks now and a few more every time you get a replacement head.

Burst toothbrush vs. Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100

Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 in black

Like the Burst, the Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 is a sonic toothbrush, vibrating at a slightly lower rate of 31,000 times per minute. It, just as the other two models we are looking at, features three brushing modes as well as an automatic timer. The charger also requires a wall socket. Although its two-week battery life is slightly better than the Oral-B, it still only measures up to half of Burst's four weeks.

Similarly to the Oral-B Pro 3000, it features a pressure sensor to tell you when to brush more softly. It also employs BrushSync technology, which uses a microchip to identify when it's time to replace your brush head. Once again, this is arguably the same as Burst's new head subscription service, if not slightly less convenient.

With a recommended retail price of about $80 for the brush and about $10-$15 per replacement head, the price is slightly higher than the Burst. Although the battery life and price are both an improvement on the Oral-B, the comparison to a Burst is less impressive. With a lesser (two-year) warranty and similar features, the best reason that you would want to buy this model over Burst's toothbrush is for the pressure sensor because you are concerned about removing your tooth enamel while brushing.

For a quick look at how these three electric toothbrushes compare, check out the table which we have put together:

Toothbrush Recommended Retail Price Brushing Modes Vibrations per Minute Approx. Price per Replacement Head Battery Life
Burst Sonic Toothbrush $70 3 33,000 $6-$7 28 days per charge
Oral-B Pro 3000 $109 3 8,800 $7-$10 10 days per charge
Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 $80 3 31,000 $10-$15 14 days per charge

Burst sonic toothbrush reviews from other users

So now you have seen our look at this toothbrush and its close competitors. What about other Burst oral care reviews from customers? For a wider perspective on the Burst electric toothbrush, take a look at this video review from popular dental hygiene YouTuber David Prater.

David seems quite impressed by the Burst brush:

“My teeth feel super super clean, like more clean than they probably should, given that I brush twice a day every day. They feel polished too, if that makes sense; very very clean.”

Here is another Burst toothbrush review from Erin with Tech Gadgets Canada:

Erin recommends Burst and really enjoys several of its features, including:

  • Super soft bristles
  • Sleek look
  • Brush head replacement service
  • Long battery life

Written reviews

If you're still left wondering after the videos, here a few reviews from Burst's own website by people who have bought the Burst toothbrush and tried it for themselves.

These two are totally in love with the Burst toothbrush:

“My teeth have never felt so clean from just a sonic oral care toothbrush. I’ve been using this toothbrush for a few weeks now and I could already see a huge difference. My teeth are visibly whiter. I’d recommend BURST to anyone. My teeth feel like I just went to the dentist for a cleaning!”


“I love everything about this brush! The color, the tapered bristles that reach between my teeth, it’s ability to whiten my teeth, the 4-6 week battery life and the lifetime warranty but my favorite part is my teeth feel squeaky clean after I use it! This brush really is the best at removing plaque!”


Another user thinks it's a good brush, but doesn't consider it to be among the best:

burst brush reviews
There are tens of thousands of reviews on Burst's website and other places on the web.

“This brush is no Sonicare, so don’t go in thinking you’ll be able to stop using it if it’s what you currently use. It is more gentle than the Oral-B.
I have patients who don’t want to spend the money to get a great TB, but for whom I strongly suggest one since their home care is less than adequate. This is the kind of patient I’d recommend this brush to. It’s a good first step toward electric brushes for a patient who has never used an electric brush and to whom it has been suggested.”

-Kunjal W.

Another reviewer says that even though the brush itself works well, it's annoying that there's no way to tell different heads apart. Other brands of electric toothbrush have colored bands or icons that can distinguish your head from the others.

“While I really enjoy this brush I do have one issue. Basically if you want to have 1 brush but swap heads (like if you are married as I am) there is no way to tell the heads apart…”



So what is the final word on the Burst sonic toothbrush? Here's one last look at the pros and cons, and our analysis.


  • Powerful motor delivers 33,000 vibrations per minute
  • Battery charges very quickly and lasts four weeks on a single charge
  • Lowest price among similar products
  • Replacement heads delivered to your door every 3 months
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Frequent deals to lower the price


  • Simple interface lacking features such as pressure sensor or bluetooth connectivity.
  • Warranty only good during subscription.
  • Does not yet have the ADA seal.
  • Only one type of brush head available.
final thought
So, is Burst the brush you've been waiting for?

Our Take on Burst

We say it's a great buy for anyone who wants to try using an electric toothbrush for the first time. If you aren't looking for high-tech features and interactivity in your oral hygiene routine, the Burst sonic toothbrush will be a solid workhorse for you, offering a powerful motor and impressive battery life after a short charge. The warranty shows that Burst has confidence in their product, and there are lots of user reviews to back it up.

If you are someone who already owns a high-end electric toothbrush, you may not need to run out and buy Burst right away. For anyone who is used to having lots of features, various brush heads, and apps to track your oral health, Burst won't be an exciting change, nor will it likely improve your routine. However, even some toothbrush techies will probably be interested in Burst's four-week battery life and want it as a travel sonic toothbrush, or perhaps just the convenience of having a new brush head delivered every 90 days.


Are electric toothbrushes better than manual toothbrushes?

The quality of your oral hygiene routine depends more on your habits than whether your brush is electric or not. However, there is a difference in the efficacy with which electric brushes clean your teeth, and some even have features that encourage good habits. So, yes an electric toothbrush has an advantage over a manual, though either is perfectly capable of cleaning your teeth.

Is Burst recommended by the ADA?

As it is still a relatively new product, Burst does not yet have the ADA's official seal of approval. Although it is possible this is due to some aspect of the design, it could also be for other reasons unrelated to the brush itself.

How many brush heads are included in your first Burst purchase?

The standard Burst kit comes with a single replaceable brush head, though you are certainly able to order more online for delivery before the first replacement comes via the subscription service.

Can I use a Burst electric toothbrush in the shower?

Yes. Burst toothbrushes are water-resistant, and it it both safe for you and the brush to use it in the shower. However, it is still not advisable to submerge the toothbrush in water.

Does the Burst come with a travel case?

If you order a Burst in the limited edition rose gold color, it will come with a travel case as part of your kit. Kits in the standard black and white colors do not come with a travel case, but you are able to purchase one separately online for about $13.

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