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Does Red Wine Stain Your Teeth? Enjoy Wine Without Staining Your Teeth

Simon Frers
Simon Frers
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Does red wine stain your teeth? It's the weekend, after all. Perhaps you're out to eat or just hanging out with friends. But after having one or two glasses of wine, your smile begins to take on the appearance of the rim of your glass: lightly stained but all too noticeable.

If you drink red wine often enough, the wine stains may become permanent.

Thankfully, there are a few reliable ways to avoid stains. Enjoy your beautiful white teeth and your cabernet sauvignon. With these 10 tips on how to drink red wine without staining your teeth, you may have your wine and a lovely smile.

How to drink red wine without staining your teeth

1. Brush your teeth before drinking wine. (Not after!)

Food particles that attach to teeth have the ability to absorb liquids. When you consume red wine, the food particles in your mouth might take on the color of the wine, giving your teeth a purple appearance.

wine stained teeth
Does red wine stain your teeth?

This issue may be avoided by brushing your teeth before consuming red wine. Brush the tricky places in the lower teeth with care. Flossing may also aid in the removal of food particles trapped between the teeth.

Brushing after a glass may seem like common sense to prevent stained teeth, but the effects may be very unexpected.

Because of the acidity in wine, your teeth become very sensitive. Brushing your teeth immediately after drinking wine may damage the enamel and leave permanent stains. Therefore, brush your teeth 20 to 30 minutes after your last glass of wine.

2. Don’t drink any white wine before drinking red

We've been there before: we begin with white wine to “ease into it,” and before we realize it, we start drinking red wine like it's no big deal.

is wine bad for your teeth
How to drink red wine without staining your teeth

Avoid this, mostly because white wine's acidity erodes your enamel and may function as a foundation, causing red wine tannins to “cling” to your teeth even more.

3. Drink sparkling water in between

You may want to try drinking sparkling water in between sips of red wine. It may prevent discoloration by washing the stain away before it has a chance to completely settle. Allow the bubbles to loosen and clear away the stains by swishing them around in your mouth.

4. Eat cheese to avoid wine stains on teeth

Red wine and cheese go together like a dream. Not only do the two go well together, bringing out delicate tastes you would otherwise miss, but the cheese also includes calcium, which is good for your teeth. Calcium builds up on the surface, closing micro-pores and preventing wine stains. Cheese is similar to waxing your teeth in that the wine easily glides off.

5. Red wine and high-fiber foods are a good match

High-fiber meals that include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains may help to clean and brush away the stain. Broccoli, lettuce, and spinach are also rich in fiber and are perfect to wipe away the wine strains. Eating while drinking wine activates your saliva flow, which is your closest friend when it comes to fighting off those red wine strains.

6. Use a straw to drink

You may feel a bit silly sipping red wine with a straw, but it lowers the amount of wine that reaches the surface of your teeth. If it all seems a little too ridiculous, try a red wine sangria instead.

7. Chew gum

Chewing gum during the night helps to enhance saliva flow and provides a natural wash for your teeth. It also aids in the elimination of bad breath caused by alcohol or other substances. Before drinking red wine, chewing sugarless gum is also a great way to keep your teeth clean and free of food.

8. Eat crunchy foods while drinking red wine

Eating carrots while drinking red wine can help keep your teeth free from stains. Keep carrots on hand if you often drink red wine at home. Or bring a veggie plate with you if you're heading to a friend's place to drink. This will guarantee that you have some crisp veggies to eat when you arrive, as well as provide you with something lovely to give to your friend.

9. Use lip gloss or chapstick

Red wine may also stain your lips along with your teeth, particularly if they are cracked and dry. Apply chapstick, lip gloss, or Vaseline to your lips daily to keep them moisturized. This not only prevents your lips from drying out but also acts as a barrier against red wine stains.

red wine teeth stain removal
How to remove red wine stains from teeth?

10. Post-wine: make use of wine wipes

Keep a supply of wine stain removal wipes in your handbag or jacket pocket if you intend on drinking wine. To prevent unpleasant stains, use them on your teeth and lips all night. Apply the wipes throughout the night, maybe after each glass, to remove the tannins before they get deeply embedded.

Be careful when using tooth whitening products for red wine stains

There are plenty of tooth-whitening solutions on the market. Some of these products are effective, while others harm teeth by removing enamel, making them more susceptible to stains. If you're considering using a tooth-whitening product on your teeth, check with your dentist first to be sure it's safe.


You don’t have to skip your favorite beverage. Just make sure to remember these tips on how to drink red wine without staining your teeth.

If you already have permanent stains from drinking red wine, contact your dentist for a safe teeth whitening procedure or buy an over-the-counter product that is proven and recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA).

There are plenty of other foods and beverages that can stain your teeth as well. For example, does turmeric stain teeth? The answer is yes. And what about tea? Read our guides to find out more.


Is red wine bad for your teeth?

Red wine may be harmful to your teeth. When you consume red wine, your teeth might become a light purple color. This sort of beverage may turn your teeth blue, gray, brown, or purple over time.

How do I remove red wine stains from teeth?

Drink a glass of sparkling water after drinking red wine. Before swallowing, swish the water around in your mouth. You can also buy special teeth wipes for cleaning wine stains.

Does white wine stain teeth?

Unlike red wine, white wine does not discolor your teeth. However, because it is highly acidic, it can damage the enamel, making your teeth more vulnerable to staining from other meals and beverages.

Can I drink white wine after teeth whitening?

Following professional teeth whitening, you should abstain from consuming white wine and other acidic drinks for at least a few days, because your teeth will be more susceptible to stains.

Does Red Wine Stain Your Teeth? Enjoy Wine Without Staining Your Teeth
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