Candid Reviews: Can Candid Clear Aligners Straighten Your Teeth?

Candid teeth reviews
Candid Co reviews will help you decide

It’s time to read some Candid reviews for another popular brand of at-home clear aligners. Many adults who want straighter teeth are drawn by all of the perks that mail-order braces boast. Clear aligners in general are more convenient and less noticeable and have been found to be successful in many cases. But before you invest your time and money in this particular brand, one of the most important things you can do is read real Candid braces reviews from real customers. 

So in this article, we have a look at the experiences of real patients who used Candid, and hopefully answer all of your questions, including:

  • Are they painful?
  • Do they work?
  • Are they worth it?

So without further ado, let’s dive into some Candid Co reviews and see what customers are really saying about their experience with this relatively new brand of braces for adults.

Candid vs Candid Care Co vs Candid Co

You might get confused during your initial search for Candid reviews, because you’ll find reviews for Candid, Candid Care Co and Candid Co. But guess what? They’re all the same! According to the Better Business Bureau, Candid Care Co is the business name, and Candid Co is the alternative business name.

A quick look at press releases from the spring of 2018 shows that that’s about the time when they starting referring to themselves as the more direct “Candid”. That’s why you’ll see any of these versions of the company name used interchangeably throughout this article, and throughout the web. 

Andrea’s Candid clear aligner review: Candid Co 3 months in

“I am only 3 months into treatment, and I am already 1000% satisfied with my treatment.”

Andrea begins her blog post and Candid Co review by letting the reader know that she is not receiving money or free aligners in exchange for her review. 

Andrea has a relatively mild case of teeth crowding, and reveals that her biggest motivation for getting invisible braces is to correct the slight overlap of her front teeth. 

As of her post, she is three months into her treatment and she is happy to report that her teeth are almost perfectly straight; she can floss between her teeth now, which she never could before, and she doesn’t feel insecure in photographs anymore. Although to be honest, she had a pretty nice smile before beginning treatment too. 

Candid reviews
This candid co reviewer appreciated the included whitening foam

She also notes that her teeth are whiter, thanks to a whitening foam that comes with the clear aligners. 

A few other points she mentions in her Candid Co review are:

  • Her aligners shipped 14 days after she ordered them, and took three days to ship, so 17 in total.
  • She says Candid Co is a legitimate company, and that she has had no problems with their customer support.
  • She has submitted a coverage request to her insurance company, but isn’t sure if the aligners will be covered. 

All in all, it sounds like Andrea’s quite happy with her Candid Co experience so far, and you can read her whole article to see her full candid co review and before and after pictures. 

Jenn’s Candid aligner review: The good, the bad and the ugly

candid co teeth review
Candid can take a while to get used to

“The invisible aligners company that allows you to straighten your teeth without ever changing out of your pajamas.”

Jenn has no disclaimer at the beginning of her Candid Co review declaring any affiliation or lack thereof with Candid Co, so we’ll just have to take her word for it. 

Jenn is nearly done with her treatment, with only two more aligners to go. Her treatment plan was only six months, as she had a fairly mild case of malocclusion

One thing that Jenn mentions appreciating in her Candid review is how convenient they are. She loves that you can complete every part of the process—from the eligibility quiz to putting in the final aligner—all from the comfort of your home. 

She also says that Candid has great customer service. She didn’t really have many questions throughout the initial process, because the resources that Candid provides, including a video tutorial, and an informational booklet, make everything really easy to follow. She also received biweekly reminders of when to change her aligners, and monthly emails just checking in. 

And finally, she says that the aligners really are quite invisible. She credits that to their matte texture which doesn’t reflect light off her teeth the way it does with other clear aligners.

As far as some cons of Candid Co go, Jenn says:

  • The aligners take a while to get used to
  • At first, you will probably have a lisp
  • Your teeth will ache at the beginning
  • It’s gross taking them out in front of people

Yucelin’s Candid Co clear aligner review: Overall happy with Candid

Yucelin is a vlogger who is, in theory, nearing the end of her treatment with Candid aligners. Thus, Candid has asked her if she is ready for them to send her the retainers that she needs to wear after treatment with the aligners. 

Although she is relatively happy with her smile, she tells Candid she isn’t ready for the post-treatment retainers and wants her orthodontist to have a look at some concerns she still has, before declaring her treatment finished.

Yucelin knows what it’s like to live your whole life with crooked teeth, and she invested a lot of money into treatment with Candid. So naturally, she wants to make sure she can get the best smile possible out of the treatment. 

She says her teeth are still a bit crooked on the bottom, and she thinks that Candid can do better. She says she’s about 85% happy with her smile. She’s not happy that two teeth on her upper jaw near the front aren’t in perfect alignment, and she notices that after treatment, her bite is noticeably uncomfortable, as if her top and bottom teeth don’t line up correctly.

She has also seen other vloggers whose treatment yielded perfect results, so she’s not ready to give up.

When she told Candid that she didn’t yet want her retainers, but that she wanted to discuss refinement options, their reply was that they would check in with her after she finishes wearing her 10th and final aligner. They also said she should wear this aligner two weeks longer than initially recommended, but she’s concerned that her aligner will wear out after keeping it in for so long. 

Her final Candid aligner review is a short video that explains some of her frustrations with customer service and Candid’s unresponsiveness. She promises another update soon to fill us in on how it resolves. Check out her video of the full story!

Alix’s Candid teeth straightening review: Travelling with Candid

In her Candid aligner review, Alix details the positive and negative of her experience so far with Candid Co. She talks about some problems with fit she’s been having, and although she thinks she’s seeing progress in her bottom teeth, her top teeth have not made any very promising changes in the right direction. 

This Candid review suggests braces for severe cases

Her bottom aligners fit great and she can talk fine with them on, but she has a hard time speaking with her top aligners in. It’s pretty evident from the video that she still has a long way to go with her top teeth. 

She says she thinks these aligners work in theory, it’s just that she maybe shouldn’t have been approved for Candid Co in the first place, because the misalignment of her top teeth is too severe. 

She notes that these are the problems with having a “long-distance relationship” with your orthodontist. 

She pledges to stick with the process and follow the instructions, but she’s hoping to get refinements after her treatment. 

Watch her full Candid teeth review video to hear some more about customer service and about her general impressions of Candid Co. 

Amanda’s Candid review: Week 1 with Candid Co

In Amanda’s Candid teeth review, she describes how she has just begun her experience with Candid Co, and she shows the struggles that she faces just within the first hour of treatment. She finds it’s quite painful, and at first it was very difficult to take the aligners out.

By day three, she’s able to take the aligners out more easily, and the pain has decreased a bit. She notices a loose feeling in her teeth, but although uncomfortable, it’s not unbearable. 

She doesn’t experience as much difficulty speaking as she did when she had traditional metal braces. 

She is overall happy with the beginning of her Candid experience. Watch her full video for more information about her first week of treatment.

Not overwhelmingly positive then, but perhaps worth a try given the difference in price compared to getting braces at the dentist.

Another brand of at-home braces that is not too expensive and seems to be working for many patients is Smile Direct Club. They have been in the market a while longer than Candid, and you can take their 30-second Smile Assessment right now to see if you’d be eligible.

Extreme Candid reviews

So, while you’re on the search for honest Candid reviews or reviews for anything for that matter, you should make sure to approach each with a certain amount of healthy skepticism. For example, does the reviewer provide a promo code for the product they are reviewing? If so, that probably means they are receiving something in exchange for a review that is skewed towards positivity. Or if they have a disclaimer that says they are working with Candid Co—read the review by all means, but take it with a grain of salt. 

That being said, it’s always more fun to read what really biased people have to say, so let’s have a look at some positive Candid Co reviews taken from the Candid website, and then some rather negative Candid braces reviews on the Better Business Bureau’s site. These negative Candid aligners reviews should also be considered with caution, as people who are upset with service are much more quick to jump online and vent, than those who are at least moderately satisfied.

Positive Candid Co reviews

“Candid ended up being the perfect company for me.”

“The helpful customer service, easy to follow instructions, and fresh design of their product has made my experience excellent.” 

“Great customer service and communication!”

Negative Candid Co reviews 

“Candid Co works extremely well until a problem arises.”

“The lack of integrity and transparency is appalling.”

“My teeth, if anything, look worse. My lower teeth are in constant pain.”

Now that you’ve seen a wide range of Candid reviews, check out the following table that summarizes the pros and cons of this treatment.

Pros Cons
Nearly invisible Poor customer service
Quick treatment Painful at first
Cheaper than some other braces Not for severe cases of malocclusion
Whitening included "Long-distance relationship" with orthodontist


Candid reviews
We hope these Candid teeth reviews help you make your decision!

At-home aligners like Candid have been successful in plenty of cases, and they may also be one of the best options for you. But you should also keep in mind that at-home aligners are not meant for severe cases of malocclusion, and can only treat mild to moderate malocclusion.

But if you think you may be an eligible candidate for at-home aligners and you want to find out more, a quick way to find out is with Smile Direct Club’s Smile Assessment.

Candid Reviews: Can Candid Clear Aligners Straighten Your Teeth?
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