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Best Dental Insurance in Arkansas: Dental Plans Review and Comparison

Simon Frers
Simon Frers
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Do you need dental insurance in Arkansas? We recognize how challenging it may be to navigate through all of the possibilities.

We've compiled information about the best dental insurance plans in Arkansas in this article, so you can get a sense of what’s out there and start narrowing down your choices. We’ll go over the following:

  • What types of dental insurance are available in Arkansas?
  • How to find dental insurance in Arkansas with no waiting period?
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • What is the best dental insurance in Arkansas?

It's well worth your time to thoroughly investigate your alternatives before committing to a dental insurance plan.

Selecting the correct dental insurance may help you save a lot of money in the long term. We hope after you read this post, you can make a wise decision and choose a dental insurance plan in Arkansas that fits your needs.

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Types of dental insurance in Arkansas

There are plenty of different dental plans on the market. They can be divided into three categories:

cheap dental insurance in arkansas
What type of dental insurance is the best?
  • PPO plans provide the most flexibility while also providing the most comprehensive coverage. They do, however, offer the most expensive premiums.
  • DHMO plans provide you with less flexibility than PPO plans. The advantages of DHMO plans include that they often have no waiting periods and lower premiums.
  • Dental discount plans: This type gets you 10-40% savings without a waiting period. However, you have to pay the dentist directly without insurance paperwork.

Dental and vision insurance

If you're searching for dental and vision insurance in Arkansas, you may want to look into the dental insurance providers Delta Dental, Humana, or Blue Cross Blue Shield. It can be a great idea to get all insurance policies with one provider.

Free dental insurance in Arkansas

If you qualify, free dental insurance in Arkansas, which is referred to as “low-income dental insurance,” is determined by your income level and family status. To apply for Medicaid dental coverage, go to a DHS county office near you.

What to consider when choosing dental insurance in Arkansas

Apart from the cost, there are a few other factors to consider while searching for affordable dental insurance in Arkansas:


The cheapest dental insurance in Arkansas isn't necessarily the most cost-effective or wisest option. Aside from the monthly payment, there are a few additional financial considerations:

  • Maximum annual limit: A dental insurance plan's annual maximum benefit is the absolute maximum it will pay toward the cost of dental care in a given year.
individual dental insurance arkansas
How to find the best affordable dental insurance in Arkansas?
  • Premium: Your yearly premium is the amount you pay for your insurance coverage, regardless of whether you submit a claim or not. If your dental insurance permits it, you may be able to pay this amount monthly.
  • Co-payment: This is the sum of each dental procedure that you must pay before your insurance will cover the remaining amount.
  • Deductible: The amount you must pay out of pocket each year before your dental insurance provider will begin to cover you.


Most plans include comprehensive coverage for preventative and diagnostic dental procedures, including exams, cleanings, and x-rays, but double-check to make sure the dental plan you choose covers it.

If you want more significant treatments like teeth whitening, dental implants, or orthodontics, you should choose a plan that covers these since they may be extremely expensive.

Waiting period

You may be required to wait a certain time before accessing particular procedures under most dental insurance policies. If you want immediate dental care, your priority should be to find dental insurance in Arkansas with no waiting period.

Best dental insurance plans in Arkansas

Dental insurance is offered through a variety of healthcare providers in Arkansas.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arkansas

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross of Arkansas has a variety of dental insurance plans available. These options include individual and family dental insurance, Medicare advantage plans, and dental and vision insurance.

Blue Cross “Dental Silver”

This dental insurance plan, provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield in Arkansas, gives you a plan year maximum of $1,000. A $50 deductible will be charged per person per calendar year.

Diagnostic and preventive services require only a 10% co-payment. Minor restorative services have a 75% copay after a 6-month waiting period and the deductible is met. These services include fillings, root canals, and extractions.

Blue Cross Gold Plan dental and vision insurance

The benefits of this dental plan are comparable to those of “Dental Gold.” However, this is a dental and vision insurance policy, and it includes benefits for eye exams, lenses, frames, and other vision services.

The dental benefits include full coverage on preventive services and up to 80% coverage on restorative services such as fillings, endodontics (root canals), and extractions. Major services such as inlays, crowns, bridges, dentures, implants, and surgical periodontics are covered by 50%.

Cigna dental insurance
Cigna dental insurance Arkansas


Cigna offers a few individual dental plans in Arkansas.

Cigna Dental Preventive

Preventive treatments are fully covered by this Cigna plan. There are no basic or major services covered, though. The preventive plan has no annual maximum and no deductible.

Cigna Dental 1000

Cigna Arkansas offers full coverage for preventative care. Basic treatments are covered by 80%, and major procedures by 50%. There is a $50 deductible per individual every calendar year, with a $1,000 yearly maximum benefit.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental provides a range of family and individual dental plans in Arkansas. You can also get dental and vision insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans, but we will only cover the individual dental insurance in this post.

Delta Dental 500

dental insurance from Delta
Delta Dental of Arkansas

This dental plan, provided by Delta Dental Arkansas, gives you a $500 annual maximum benefit. Deductibles are $50 per person. Diagnostic and preventive services, such as cleanings, exams, and x-rays, are fully covered with no waiting period. After a 6-month waiting period, you have access to 60% coverage on fillings, scaling, root planing, root canals, and tooth removal.

Delta Dental 1000

This Delta Dental insurance plan gives you an annual maximum of $1,000 and a $250 annual carryover per person. Preventive care is fully covered, like with the Delta 500. Additionally, fillings are covered by 80% and major services by 50%, including prosthodontics, such as crowns, dentures, and bridges.

Humana dental arkansas
Humana dental insurance Arkansas


Humana of Arkansas offers a variety of PPO plans; however, we'll cover only one:

Humana Loyalty Plus

The Humana Dental Loyalty Plus plan gives loyal members increasing benefits from plan years one to three. This gives you increasing coverage percentages, no waiting periods, and a one-time deductible.

Exams and cleanings are fully covered (limit two per year). X-rays, fillings, and extractions are covered by 40–70%, while crowns, root canals, dentures, and deep cleanings are covered by 20–50%.

This is a great dental insurance plan in Arkansas with no waiting period, as all of the mentioned services are immediately available. Humana also offers dental and vision insurance and a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Get a quote for insurance near you

We know it can be difficult to wade through the plethora of plan options. That's why we've created this easy-to-use insurance comparison tool. Just enter your DOB and zipcode, and in seconds you'll see the best plans in your area.

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Type of plans offered


Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • PPO

  • Dental and vision insurance

Great variety of plans available for every need and budget; affordable dental and vision insurance


  • PPO

Clear structured and affordable dental plans

Delta Dental

  • PPO

  • Combination plans

Large network of dentists; very flexible dental plans


  • PPO

Affordable dental insurance plans with "loyalty" benefits; increasing annual maximums and yearly decreasing copayments

Details correct at time of writing; check with the insurer for current and complete policy details.


When looking for dental insurance in Arkansas, begin by considering what dental services you may need in the future, and then seek dental plans that cover them as much as possible.

Depending on your personal requirements, also keep in mind that there are special plans such as dental insurance for seniors, Invisalign dental insurance, and braces dental insurance plans available. The more precisely a plan suits your unique requirements, the more cost-effective it will be.

Here’s a basic rule:

If you've only required a few dental procedures in the past and your teeth are in excellent condition, a low premium will be enough. On the other hand, if your teeth are in bad shape, and you anticipate expensive procedures, paying a larger premium with better coverage may be more cost-efficient.

We investigated the top dental plans and double-checked their availability in Arkansas' largest cities, including Little Rock, Fayetteville, Fort Smith, and Springdale.

Depending on where you live, other dental insurance providers may be available, including Metlife, Ameritas, Nationwide, Guardian Direct, or Renaissance Dental. can help you find the best dental insurance for your requirements. By entering your ZIP code and date of birth, you can begin comparing dental insurance options in Arkansas. To get started, just click the button below.

Alternatively, if you want to read about the best insurance options in any other state, please select from the list below.

Best Dental Insurance in Arkansas: Dental Plans Review and Comparison
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