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Best Dental Insurance Plans in Connecticut: Review and Comparison

Simon Frers
Simon Frers
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Are you looking for the best dental insurance in Connecticut? Choosing the ideal dental insurance plan may be tricky because there are so many options.

On the other hand, picking the best dental insurance might significantly reduce your out-of-pocket dental spending, so properly researching your options is well worth the time.

In this article, we'll go through the many kinds of dental insurance plans available in Connecticut, including:

  • The types of dental insurance available in Connecticut
  • Family and individual dental insurance
  • How to find the most affordable dental insurance
  • The best Connecticut state dental insurance options

We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to make an informed decision and choose the dental insurance plan that best suits your requirements.

If you're from another US state you might want to review our nationwide dental insurance guide.

Different types of dental insurance plans in Connecticut

dental ct scan insurance coverage
Dental insurance plans in Connecticut for individuals and families

Every dental insurance plan has the same purpose: helping you save money on dental bills.

However, not all dental insurance policies are created equal. Here we will go over the different types of dental insurance in Connecticut:

Family, group, and individual dental insurance

Individual dental insurance and group health insurance work in the same way. The only difference between them is how you pay for it.

Dental insurance for multiple individuals from the same family is known as family dental insurance. The policy is acquired individually by the family, unlike group dental coverage provided via work or a union, and is similar to individual dental insurance.

PPO, DHMO, and dental discount plans

  • A DHMO plan often requires you to choose a dentist from a network who will coordinate all your treatment. This sort of dental insurance normally has the lowest rates and usually provides preventive treatment at little or no cost.
  • PPO dental insurance allows you to choose your dentist more freely and generally offers higher levels of coverage. These dental insurance policies, on the other hand, are often more costly.
emergency dental care no insurance ct
Get dental insurance quotes for Connecticut
  • Dental discount plans, also known as dental savings programs, aren't insurance, but are a great way to save money on dental treatment. The coverage is typically quick and can be compared to dental insurance with no waiting period. Unlike with dental insurance providers, you will have to pay the dentist directly, and you will get a predetermined discount on the services of selected dentists.

Dental insurance for seniors

Dental insurance for seniors focuses on procedures that are more likely to be required by the elderly. Apart from that, it works in the same way as individual dental insurance does for young people. Dental implants, dentures, root canals, crowns, and tooth replacements are among the treatments covered by dental insurance for seniors.

Features of an affordable dental insurance plan


The cheapest dental insurance in Connecticut isn't necessarily the most affordable plan, nor is it usually the best. Apart from the monthly fee, there are numerous financial elements to consider while looking for a cost-effective dental insurance plan:

  • Annual premium: Your yearly premium is the amount you pay for your insurance coverage, regardless of whether you submit a claim or not. Some dental insurance companies allow you to pay this amount monthly.
  • Co-payment: the amount of each treatment that you must pay before your insurance will cover the remainder.
  • Deductible: The amount you must pay out of pocket each year before your insurance provider begins to reimburse you.
  • Maximum benefit: A dental insurance plan's annual maximum benefit is the dollar limit it will pay toward the cost of dental care in a given year.

As you can see, there's a lot to consider when determining which dental plans in Connecticut are ideal for you, and the fact that you can't forecast all of your future dental requirements doesn't exactly help.

dental insurance ct no waiting period
What is the most affordable dental insurance in Connecticut?

If you have a history of excellent dental health, you may choose to go with a basic plan that includes free preventive care and a low premium.

However, if you know you'll need a lot of dental work, it can be worth paying a more expensive premium in exchange for more favorable discounts and smaller deductibles.


Many plans offer preventative care but always double-check to see whether the one you choose does. If you desire more significant procedures, like dental implants or orthodontics, you should choose a plan that covers these expenses because they may be rather costly.

Waiting period

You may be required to wait a particular period of time before receiving certain procedures under most dental insurance plans. If having fast access to dental care is crucial to you, finding dental insurance in Connecticut with no waiting period should be a top priority.

If you require immediate care, there are several options like signing up for a dental discount plan, a DHMO plan, or a higher premium PPO plan.

List of the best dental insurance providers in Connecticut

Many healthcare providers are offering dental insurance in Connecticut. We've put up a list of the most popular so you can get a feel of what's out there and start narrowing down your options.

humana dental insurance ct
Humana dental insurance of Connecticut


Humana offers one PPO dental insurance plan in Connecticut, which gives you a $1,250 annual plan maximum. Preventive care, such as exams, cleanings, and x-rays, is fully covered in-network and up to 70% out-of-network. There is a $50 deductible to pay, but this fee will be waived for preventive care at in-network dentists.

Fillings and extractions require a 90-day waiting period and are covered by 60% in-network and 50% out-of-network. This dental plan also has a teeth-whitening allowance of $100 per year.

Humana's dental discount plan

Humana also offers a dental discount plan in Connecticut. This dental plan has no waiting periods and no deductibles. You can save around 20%–40% on select treatments.


Cigna ct state dental insurance
Cigna dental insurance

Cigna offers a variety of dental insurance plans in Connecticut. This includes one DHMO plan and two PPO plans.

Cigna Basic Plan (PPO)

With this Connecticut dental insurance plan, preventive and diagnostic services are fully covered with no deductible, regardless of whether you go to an in-network or out-of-network dentist.

Basic restorative services, such as dentures, crowns, bridges, endodontics, and fluoride, are covered by 80%. Major restorative services like porcelain crowns and space maintainers are covered by 67%. Periodontics and root planing are covered by 50%.

The calendar year benefits are unlimited.

Cigna Enhanced Plan (PPO)

This plan provides dental care both within and outside of Cigna's “State of Connecticut Network.” It gives you a generous calendar-year maximum benefit of $3,000. The annual deductible is $25 per person and $75 per family, but it will be waived for preventive and diagnostic services.

Preventive and basic restorative service coverage is the same as with the basic plan. With this dental insurance plan, you also get 50% coverage on orthodontics, bridges, dentures, and implants.

Cigna Dental Care (DHMO) Plan

This DHMO is less flexible than the PPOs and provides only in-network dental services. All treatment must be coordinated by a network general dentist (NGD) whom you select, and all specialized services need referrals.

With this dental plan, there are no annual deductibles for in-network services, and there is no calendar year maximum.

Cleanings, x-rays, exams, and sealants are fully covered, while all other treatments have a set fee instead of a percentage. As a result, you'll always know how much your dental services will cost with this plan.

Anthem BlueCross

anthem dental insurance ct
Anthem BlueCross dental insurance

With Anthem dental insurance in Connecticut, you can choose between five different PPO plans. Each plan gives you a different level of coverage, but also a different price when it comes to the annual premium.

Preventive services have no waiting period. These include routine exams, teeth cleanings, and x-rays.

Basic services are subject to a 3-month waiting period and include fillings, extractions, and crowns.

Major services include root canals, dentures, deep cleanings, implants, braces, orthodontics, and teeth whitening. To obtain major services, you need to wait six months.

All plans have a deductible of $50 per individual.

Bronze Plan

This Connecticut dental insurance plan covers preventive services 100% in-network and 80% out-of-network. Basic services are covered by 50%, while major services are not covered by Anthem’s basic plan. The annual plan maximum is $1,000.

Silver Plan

Preventive services are fully covered, regardless of whether you go to an in-network or out-of-network dentist. Basic services are covered at 50% in-network and out-of-network. Additionally, this plan also covers deep cleanings, dentures, root canals, crowns, and teeth whitening with 50% after a 6-month waiting period.

Gold Plan

With the Gold Plan, you get similar coverage as with the above-mentioned plans, with the exception that extractions and fillings are covered at 80%, and you have an annual maximum benefit of $1,500.

Platinum Plan

Anthem’s Platinum Plan gives you a yearly maximum benefit of $2,000. This dental insurance plan also covers implants with 50% in-network and out-of-network coverage after a 6-month waiting period. Braces are also covered at 50% after a $150 deductible and a 12-month waiting period.

Incentive Plan

This dental plan is structured differently than the other plans. The coverage percentages will increase from year one to year three to reward loyal plan members.

Fillings and extractions are covered by 60–80%, while crowns, root canals, dentures, deep cleanings, implants, and teeth whitening are covered by 30–50%. Just like in the platinum plan, orthodontics is covered at 50% after paying the deductible of $150.

aarp dental insurance is provided by delta dental
AARP dental insurance (provided by Delta Dental)

AARP (provided by Delta Dental)

AARP dental insurance is provided by Delta Dental. With AARP Connecticut, you can choose between two PPO plans.


This dental insurance plan has a $40 annual deductible and gives you a calendar-year maximum benefit of $1,500. Office visits, exams, cleanings, and x-rays are fully covered and have no waiting period. Teeth whitening is also fully covered but has a 6-month waiting period.

Fillings are covered by 80%, while tooth removal and root canals are covered by 50%. These dental services also have no waiting period. After a 12-month waiting period, you have implants, crowns, gum treatments, complete dentures, and veneers available with 50% coverage.


AARP's Plan B has a lower monthly rate than Plan A but also has slightly lower coverage for some services. The annual maximum of this dental insurance plan is $1,000. You have to pay a $90 deductible per year.

Office visits, exams, cleanings, x-rays, and fillings are covered at 80%, while tooth removal, root canals, gum cleanings, and denture repair are covered at 50%. All of these mentioned dental services have no waiting period. After a 12-month waiting period, you will get access to 50% coverage on implants, crowns, complete dentures, and gum treatments.


guardian dental insurance ct
Guardian dental insurance Connecticut

Guardian dental insurance Connecticut offers a variety of PPO plans.

Guardian Advantage Starter PPO plan

With this Guardian dental insurance plan, you get immediate full coverage on exams, cleanings, and x-rays after paying a $50 deductible. Fillings and extractions are covered by 50% after a 6-month waiting period. The plan maximum is $500 in the first year, $750 in the second year, and $1,000 in the third and subsequent years.

Guardian Advantage Core PPO plan

Guardian’s Advantage Core plan gives you 80% coverage for preventive care with no waiting period. Fillings and extractions are covered by 50% after a 6-month waiting period. With a 12-month waiting time, this Connecticut dental insurance gets you access to 50% coverage on crowns, root canals, dentures, deep cleanings, and implants.

The annual plan maximums are the same as with the Advantage Starter plan.

Guardian Advantage Achiever PPO plan

This Guardian dental insurance plan gives you an annual maximum of $1,000 in the first year, $1,250 in the second year, and $1,500 in the third and subsequent years.

The coverage is 100% for preventive care, 70% for fillings and extractions, and 50% for crowns, root canals, dentures, deep cleanings, and implants. You also have 50% dental insurance coverage on braces with this plan.

Guardian Advantage Diamond PPO plan

The Guardian Diamond plan is comparable to the Achiever but with 80% coverage on fillings and extractions. Teeth whitening and orthodontics are covered at 50% after paying a $50 deductible.


Type of plans offered



  • PPO

  • Dental Discount Plan

Well structured and affordable dental insurance plans; Great dental discount plan with no waiting periods


  • PPO

  • DHMO

Great variety of dental insurance plans; DHMO dental insurance plan with no waiting periods and no annual limits

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • PPO

Large variety of dental plans for every requirement and budget; Yearly increasing benefits

AARP (provided by Delta Dental)

  • PPO

Great dental plans backed by the Delta Dental insurance network; Large network of dentists to choose from


  • PPO

Great variety of PPO plans; yearly increasing maximum benefits

Details correct at time of writing; check with the insurer for current and complete policy details.

Get a quote for insurance near you

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It can be difficult to choose which dental insurance plan in Connecticut provides the greatest value, and you might still be confused about which plan to pick.

However, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all dental insurance plan, as much as we'd want to make a recommendation. Because everyone's requirements are different, the best plan for each individual will be different.

If you need dental treatment right now and are seeking a dental insurance plan in Connecticut with no waiting period, we recommend choosing one of the following:

  • A dental discount plan: These are not dental insurance, but they provide you with savings on treatments, similar to dental insurance with no waiting period. Humana offers a great dental discount plan in Connecticut.
  • Anthem BlueCross Incentive plan
  • Cigna DHMO plan

But there might be many more alternatives available depending on where you live.

We looked for the top dental insurance plans in Connecticut and checked their availability in the state's major cities, including Bridgeport, Stamford, New Haven, Hartford, and Waterbury.

Several other dental insurance providers, such as Access Health, Metlife, Nationwide, Renaissance Dental, Delta Dental, Ameritas, or the Connecticut state dental insurance may be available depending on your area and your eligibility. will guide you in selecting the best dental insurance plan for your needs. By entering your ZIP code and date of birth, you may compare the best dental insurance plans in Connecticut. Simply click the button below to get started.

If you want to read about the best insurance option in any other state, please select from the list below.

Best Dental Insurance Plans in Connecticut: Review and Comparison
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